Single vs Double Electrode Spark Plugs

A double platinum spark plug has increased durability with minimal gap growth and can last up to 100,000 miles.

Double platinum spark plugs have a significant advantage in terms of longevity.

Generally, a double-platinum spark plug is similar in design to copper and a single platinum spark plug, except they feature a platinum disc on the center and side electrodes. 

Single & Dual Electrode Spark Plug. Used Experience & Benefits Explained

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Iridium Or Platinum?

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Comparing another spark plug type may help you determine how long a platinum spark plug will last.

An iridium spark plug is another long-lasting spark plug that is often compared to its platinum counterpart.


Iridium differs significantly from platinum in terms of strength and durability.

With a higher melting point of around 700 degrees and a durability of 25%, it is more powerful and long-lasting than platinum spark plugs.


Platinum is an excellent material used in advanced types of spark plugs, making them superior to standard spark plugs.

However, iridium is harder and more durable metal than platinum.


Iridium is more efficient than platinum, with numerous advantages demonstrating its superiority.

Platinum spark plugs have a lifespan of up to 100,000 miles, while iridium plugs have between 100,000 and 120,000 miles.

If you use iridium, you may no longer need to change your spark plug.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it simple to remove platinum spark plugs?

Not all of the time. Your spark plug would’ve been in the cylinder head for a long time – even a standard spark plug would last at least 20,000 miles in the cylinder head.

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Carbon and rust would have formed during that time. It may be tough to loosen the spark plug due to this.

In addition, if you’re not careful, the process might damage the threads in most current cars’ aluminum cylinder heads.

Fortunately, many spark plugs now come with zinc or nickel-plated threads to prevent corrosion between the steel spark plug threads and the aluminum cylinder head threads.

How often should double platinum spark plugs be replaced?

The replacement intervals for platinum spark plugs differ depending on the vehicle type.

Some high-performance vehicles may require more frequent spark plug replacements than standard-performance vehicles.

To be sure, platinum spark usually needs to be changed every 60,000 to 150,000 miles. Sometimes, it may need to be replaced much sooner if it fails or has a problem.

What is recommended for double Platinum spark plugs?

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Double platinum spark plugs are recommended if your distributor ignition system is a wasted spark system.

A double platinum spark plug will spark twice in the exhaust stroke cylinder. 

Those sparks will jump from the center electrode to the side electrode. But the second spark is wasted because there is no ignition.

However, a double-platinum spark plug may not be compatible with electronic DIS.

What are the pros and cons of a platinum spark plug?


  • Recommended for waste spark systems and are reliable
  • Double platinum spark plugs ensure that there is no gap erosion
  • Improve engine performance for longer engine life and better fuel economy
  • Electrodes fire faster and cleaner with less voltage, resulting in easier starts and faster acceleration
  • Can generate more heat, resulting in less debris buildup
  • Retains its sharp edge for a much longer period than a conventional spark plug
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  • Not recommended for electronic distributor Ignition System (DIS)
  • Compared to other plugs, it is less powerful

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