Stihl Wood Boss VS. Farm Boss

Are you on a chainsaw lookout for the first time and yet to decide what model to buy? Many first-timers struggle with that, given that there are a lot of variations and options to choose from. But, tell you, Stihl wood boss and farm boss are two of the best in the market right now.

For almost 100 years, Stihl has produced sturdy and versatile chainsaws, the number one selling brand in the US.

Thus, its wood and farm boss are in-demand, especially first-time users. Both MS 251 Wood Boss and MS 271 Farm Boss have uses and specifics that separate them.

However, you can guarantee that these two 2015 generations of Stihl chainsaws are crafted with advanced technology and materials.

The MS 251 Wood Boss will superbly be of help, especially in your small-time property projects or landscapes. But if you need something that can serve you in more extensive tasks, you might opt for MS 271 farm boss.

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The MS 251 Wood Boss, also known as the “hardworking homeowner chainsaw,”  is perfect for home-related works and tasks. It has an engine power of 2.95 bhp and weighs 4.9 kg. With its improved air filtration, toolless fuel caps, and auto bar oiling, it can make your work more efficient and fast.

Meanwhile, the MS 271 Farm Boss offers a different usage. This “fuel-efficient farm and ranch chainsaw” can chop off bigger and more mature trees. With longer run times between cleaning, it will serve your immense tasks effectively.

The MS 271 also has better engine power, proving that it is more heavy-duty. Both of these models have reduced emissions and fuel-saving features, which help protect the planet.  

Keep on reading for more specifics and features of the MS 251 Wood Boss and MS 271 Farm Boss. This article will guide you through each difference, pros, and cons and help you decide what to get.

Stihl MS 251 Wood Boss


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This lightweight yet efficient chainsaw parades itself with pre-separation air filters for longer run times between filter cleaning. The toolless caps of the 6.07oz oil and 13.02oz fuel capacity of MS 251 wood boss also offer fast refills.

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Stihl MS 251 wood boss’ other key features are an automatic bar oiling and a steady Swiss-made chain. Forget about having a hard time felling, these advancements are advantageous for effortless cutting. Hence the constant praise for making the work easier and faster.

Homeowners and landscapers alike also pointed out the innovative master control lever, making it unchallenging to navigate. True enough, with the Stihl MS 251 wood boss, you can find the choke, throttle, on, and off switch in a single lever.

You also don’t need to worry about headaches and loss of balance leading to injuries due to intense vibration. MS 251 wood boss has a reduced vibrations feature for better comfort and safety.

Compared to Stihl’s previous model, MS 251 wood boss can save up to 20% fuel and reduce 50% emission. These eco-friendly specifics help you relish more time with the chainsaw and be at ease knowing that you are protecting the planet.

The Stihl wood boss produces up to 2.95 horsepower. And has a 45.4cc engine with a cutting arm length of 16 or 18 inches. Electric ignition, superb lubrication system, and easy chain adjuster are other minor yet relevant features of this chainsaw.  


  • It has ergonomic features that give better comfort, uncomplicated use, and an excellent overall experience.
  • MS 251 wood boss is lightweight, making it easier to carry around.
  • Good for simple outdoor projects and basic property maintenance.
  • The reduced emission engine technology and fuel-saving features are environmentally friendly.  
  • From a good manufacturer thus, sturdiness and long-life are guaranteed.


  • Not designed for constant heavy use.
  • Some consumers may find this chainsaw slightly expensive.

Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss


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From the moniker “Fuel-efficient Farm and Ranch chainsaw,” this another Stihl’s work proves to be for heavy-duty use.

The MS 271 farm boss has a powerful engine with a 20% longer run time between fuel refills. Thus, without worrying about constant stops to refuel, you have a faster and more efficient working time.  

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You might expect that having a great engine might affect the environment. But, no, this farm boss, like the MS 251 wood boss, cuts emissions in half compared to its predecessors, MS 270.

Compared to most farming chainsaws, the Stihl MS 271 also has 20% less-consuming fuel. This feature, aside from the eco-friendliness, aids in cost.

This MS 271 farm boss has a specific use: it’s best in farmland, harvesting huge firewoods and huge landscaping. The side-chain tensioner equipped in this model will help you swiftly adjust the tension needed for a specific work.

David Borgogni’s review mentioned MS 271 farm boss’ 50.2cc engine delivers just over 3.5 horsepower. He furthermore claimed that it is “more than enough to tackle the agriculture and horticulture work it’s designed for.”

The Stihl MS 251 wood boss and MS 271 farm boss also have many similar features that differ in load.

Examples are the anti-vibration system, pre-separation air filtration, and ergonomic lever. These main components will make your work easy, safe, and comfortable.

Indeed, this MS 271 farm boss, just like any other Stihl product, is reliable and sturdy.


  • It can perform more heavy-duty tasks than other chainsaws.
  • Wise design features that bring comfortable usage.
  • Modern lubrication systems and carb warmer features showcase supreme reliability.
  • Robust and long-lasting since a trusted manufacturer, Stihl, makes it.
  • Received many good reviews.


  • Heavy in size at 5.6kg.
  • It can be expensive as it comes from a premium brand.
  • The model can be hard to find in your local market.

Stihl Wood Boss And Farm Boss Difference

The key difference between these chainsaws is their usage.

Generally, MS 251 wood boss is a perfect chainsaw if you want to trim small trees in your backyard. To simply put, the wood boss is more of a home maintenance tool. It’s perfect for projects that require small backyard trees, cutting firewood and trimming.

On the other hand, the MS 271 farm boss is mainly used by small-scale farmers to do the work for them.

Far heavy-duty chainsaws are available in the market, but this MS 271 is already an excellent homeowners’ tool. Especially when felling vast trees, maintaining farmlands, and cutting an enormous chunk of woods.

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For a more comprehensive comparison, MS 251 wood boss has a 3.0 brake horsepower engine. In contrast, MS 271 farm boss has a greater engine power at 3.49. With its heavy capacity, it’s needless to say that the latter is heftier.

When it comes to chain oil and fuel capacity, the MS 271 also has more space. It has an 8.12 oz chain oil capacity and a 16.9 oz fuel space. Meanwhile, MS 251 only has 13.2 oz and 6.7 oz fuel and chain oil storage, respectively.

The price point of the two chainsaws is another distinction.

How to Maintain Stihl Chainsaws?

No matter what model of Stihl chainsaws you choose to get, one thing is common for everything: maintenance. Of course, if it’s your first time purchasing a chainsaw, grasping the basics should be part of your priorities.

By cleaning and taking care of your chainsaws properly, you avoid future damage. Read on to find tips that will help you keep your chainsaw at its peak performance.

Check-up Before Use

Before starting the project with your chainsaw, make sure that you check on the necessary parts for safety reasons. You should look into the power switch to see if it’s working. The chain breaks should also be properly working before use. Testing it on a stable surface first is advisable.

Other parts that you should also check are the following:

  • Throttle
  • Oil levels
  • Chain drive
  • Screws
  • Side plates
  • Drive bars

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Chainsaw

Part of the work when using a chainsaw is the cleaning part. After your rigorous labor with trees, woods, and farm grounds, it is expected that dirt piled up is present. Thus, you must take time and effort to wipe all debris and other particles.

You must ensure that your chainsaw is completely cooled down to start the cleaning process. Ready your warm soapy water and brush and start scraping off dirt out of the chainsaw. Focus first on the guide bar and bar nose; these parts are the most exposed.

Also, you have to remove the clutch cover, make sure to wash the air filter and check up other parts. AT Wilde And Son LTD’s blog noted that high-pressure cleaner is not advisable.

Maintenance Tools for Chainsaw

Aside from the chainsaw, you’ll need more tools to help you maintain and ensure that it works properly. Stihl released a list of tools that are a must at your disposal for a well-kept and safe use of your chainsaw.

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A few tools on the list are filing tools to make sure your bars are sharp. You must also store at least 2-cycle engine oil or gas and a bar and chain oil for lubrication.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is The Difference Between Stihl Professional And Farm?

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These two chainsaws are often compared because they both have 50.2 cc engines. However, there are many key differences between the two. For one, the Stihl MS 261 is a pro-level chainsaw and is much more heavy-duty than the farm or ranch saw.

The frames of these two chainsaws are also drastically different. For instance, the MS 261 professional saw’s side panel is made of magnesium. Meanwhile, MS 271 is made of polycarbonate materials, which can explain why it is heavier than MS 261.

Also, the MS 261 is easier to repair since its cylinder has two holes which give you better access to the bolts. On the other hand, MS 271 farm saw is easier to clean since air filters are uncomplicated.

In addition, the Stihl professional saw is more lightweight yet heavy-duty than the farm saw. However, both are still great chainsaw models. It just depends on where you are going to use them.

Is Stihl Farm Boss A Pro Saw?

No. The Stihl farm boss models are upgraded versions of the entry-level homeowner chainsaws. It’s the most popular choice among consumers looking for a higher-powered chainsaw for property-based projects.  

MS 271 is Stihl’s most considered farm boss model. However, there are also other chainsaw models in the farm boss range. FireAndSaw article revealed MS311, MS291, and MS391 as other farm boss models. But, compared to the MS 271, the latter products are less available and well-known.

What Does The MS Mean On Stihl Chainsaw?

In the model name of the Stihl chainsaw line, MS is a German term Motorsäge, meaning chainsaw. Some units start with MSE or MSA, which only indicate electric or battery chainsaw, respectively.

What’s The Difference Between Stihl 250 And 251?

The main difference between Stihl 250 and 251 is weight and capacity. In fact, the 250 model is lighter than the 251 but can hold more fuel and oil. But, model 251 is more eco-friendly as it has reduced-emission engine technology, which the 250 lacks entirely.

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Since the Stihl 250 is an older model, it sells lower.

Will An Oregon Bar Fit A Stihl?

Yes. Oregon offers many bars that are compatible with Stihl chainsaws. But there is a challenge. In the wide selection of Oregon bars, it can be difficult to find compatibility for your Stihl chainsaw model.  

To be successful in finding a match, you should be knowledgeable about specific bar mounts that fit each other. And you can find a detailed table discussing the specific Oregon bars and Stihl chainsaw here in the Workshoppist article.

Pick the Right Boss

There are more similarities when comparing the Stihl MS 251 wood boss and MS 271 farm boss. These chainsaws have shared great qualities and features that result in comfortable, easy, and efficient work.

Stihl’s farm boss and wood boss are both eco-friendly, robust, and ergonomic, to summarize a few features.

The clear choice depends on how rigorous your usage is, as both can perform specific tasks. Stihl both designed the MS 251 wood boss and MS 271 farm boss to fit various needs of the customers. Hence the indication of the specific things on where you can use it.

However, if you look and analyze the specifications, the farm boss has upgraded features to perform tougher work. But, again, if you just need the chainsaw for simple landscaping and small property projects, the wood boss can deliver.

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