Top 25 Best Hand Tool Brands (All Made in the USA)

Each time you are looking for a top hand tool, you would be thinking about the best quality. The last thing you need is to buy a new hand tool every few months. It is for this reason you might consider buying hand tools made by American brands.

We all know that American made tools are designed to meet the best standards as set up by the industry regulations. That might not be the same for those looking to buy hand tools from other countries.

So, what are some of the top hand tool brands in the USA? That is what we want to look at below to help you choose the best hand tools.

25 Best Hand Tool Brands (All Made in the USA)

1. Channellock

Channellock TOOL ROLL-3 5 Piece Pliers Set | Fast Release Handy Vinyl Pouch Features Long Nose, Diagonal Cutter, Slip Joint, and Tongue and Groove (2) Pliers | Forged from High Carbon Steel | Made in the USAChannellock is a brand known for making some of the best hand tools in the market. One that probably stands out should be the pliers.

Considering that the company was founded in 1886, it has come a long way from making simple hand tools to now multiple crucial tools you might need.

The company right now makes tools for various sectors. Some of these sectors include automotive, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, linemen, first responders, metal fabrication, and agriculture. It should be easy to see why it appeals to many Americans.

Channellock makes more than 140 different types of pliers. If you thought you knew about pliers, then visit the company’s official website to see which other types you have never come across.

Other than pliers, the company also makes screwdrivers, wrenches, tool sets, and many other specialty tools.

2. Stanley Black & Decker

STANLEY Mechanics Tools Kit / Home Tool Kit, 65-Piece (94-248)The Stanley Black & Decker brand has been around since 1843. All this time, the brand has evolved to become one of the most sought after because of the many products it can offer.

It is known for making the best tools for builders and other basic hand tools professionals need today.

That is not all, as the brand owns other many brands in the same industry. Such include DeWalt, Craftsman, Irwin Tools, Porter Cable, and more. With such a brand recognition in the industry, it is easy to see why it will have some of the best hand tools.

If you are in the market for the brand’s hand tools, some of the options include saws, rulers, try squares, screwdrivers, chisels, hand planes, and more.

By checking out their official website, you can learn a lot more about the various hand tools available for sale.

3. DeWalt

DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit and Socket Set, 142-Piece (DWMT73802)Each time someone wants a top-quality hand tool, DeWalt is likely to be on their mind. This is because they know that DeWalt offers the best hand and power tools in America.

As much as their tools sometimes can be expensive, they always live up to the needs of many users.

The company was founded in 1923 and ever since, it has pioneered some of the best technologies in the hand and power tools industry. As of today, the brand is loved by professionals. They know that whichever tool they get from DeWalt, it will last for years.

So, what kind of hand tools can you get from DeWalt? The list is quite impressive and it should be good for people from different fields.

Some of their tools include axes, hammers, pry bars, torque wrenches, knives, blades, manual fastening tools, ratchets, clamps, and more.

Having their lifetime warranty should be good enough to tell you that the company makes durable tools you could use.

4. Snap-On

Snap on 3pc multi tool knife & flashlight setSnap-on has its roots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company was founded in 1920 and has grown to be a household brand in America. Today, the company has a wide reach considering that it operates in more than 130 nations around the world. It also has 4,900 mobile stores worldwide, making it easy to access.

We must point out that the brand is known for being quite innovative. This is because it has 3,300+ pending and active patents. This shows that the brand is always coming up with new ways to make their tools better.

The company makes tools for different sectors in the world. Some of them include automotive, collision, mining, aviation, construction, agriculture, and more. It is easy to see that it is a versatile company.

For those who might want to get some of their hand tools, options include pliers, hammers, general hand tools, service tool sets, pry bars, and more.

5. Craftsman

CRAFTSMAN Home Tool Kit / Mechanics Tools Kit, 102-Piece (CMMT99448)Even from the name of the brand, you would have confidence that it is the best brand for hand tools. Craftsman is an American icon that has been around for nearly a century.

All these years, the company has worked to serve homeowners, builders, master mechanics, and auto enthusiasts with their tools.

Over the last few years, the company has embarked on refining their tools to make them even better. With the long history of making high quality products, there is no doubt you would feel comfortable buying them. The company also offers an impressive warranty period to ease your mind about durability.

For those who need the Craftsman hand tools, the options are many. Some of them include hand saws, hex keys, pliers, nut drivers, wrenches, ratchets, finishing tools, and more.

It does not matter the field you are in, as you can always get something appealing with this brand.

6. Estwing

Estwing Tomahawk Axe - 16.25" Lightweight Hatchet with Forged Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip - EBTA,Black

This is another American hand tool company that is almost a century old. Since its inception in 1923, the brand has focused on designing and manufacturing durable tools you might need at a worksite. Their tools are also known for being comfortable and generally attractive.

Because of their reputation, some of their hand tools are easily bought by professionals such as those in the firefighting department.

Talking of their hand tools, the most common options include prybars, axes, claw hammers, and many other specialty tools.

In 2001, the brand introduced an improved shock reduction grip on all their hand tools. The aim was to keep their customers comfortable while using the tools in areas with high vibrations.

The result is that you can work for longer without worrying about the vibration impact.

Estwing continues to come up with new tools every year. The aim is to solve any new problems that people might be having and to stay relevant in the sector.

7. Klein

Klein Tools 92906 Tool Kit, 6-Piece Basic Tool Kit for Apprentice or Home Use with 3 Pliers, Wire Stripper and Cutter, 2 ScrewdriversIf you want a brand that has the longest history, then Klein is the brand for you. This company was founded back in 1857. It now has over 160 years of experience making different types of tools.

So far, the brand has remained a top choice for professionals who are looking for quality and durable tools.

The company also owns other brands that make important tools you possibly need at home or at a worksite. Such brands are Civitella, Alco, CBS productions, Klein cutlery, and more.

From just one brand, you can access the many others available under it.

If you are looking for Klein hand tools, the good news is that the company has a wide network of distributors. It is not just in the US, but rather worldwide. This should make it easy for those who want to experience the hand tools from this company.

8. Lenox

Lenox Industrial Tools 14788 Plumbers Bi-Metal Utility Bit Kit, 5-PieceEver since the founding of Lenox in 1915, the company has always strived to make the lives of professionals easier.

Some of the early tools that the company was making include long lasting hacksaw blades. This made them to be liked in America and around the world.

This passion for making quality tools has not changed all these years considering it is over 100 years. Other than making simple hand tools, the brand now makes industrial saw blades, and power tools. Their products are in more than 70 countries to make it easy for enthusiasts to access them.

Hand tools are always interesting to use because of their versatility. Some of the top options from Lenox include hand saws, snips, HVAC tools, tool storage, screwdrivers, utility knives, and more.

If you want to confirm any other tool availability, consider checking out their official website.

9. Dalluge Tools

Dalluge 16oz DDT16 Titanium Hammer, Smooth Face with Nailoc Magnetic Nail Holder, Straight Handle

Dalluge Tools is a brand that promises its users accurate and durable tools. There is no doubt that is what you would want when working on various projects that require the use of hand tools.

The brand is good when it comes to innovating new hand tools that professionals need. Most of their hand tools will be common among firefighters, carpenters, and DIYers. It is always good to get some of their tools as you never know when you might need them.

Their hand tools feel well balanced and sturdy in the hand. This is because the brand aims for quality and durability. Even if you might be using their hand tools for hours, you do not have to worry about strains on your arm and shoulder.

Some of the common hand tools from the brand are pry bars, finishing hammers, nail puller, framing hammer, and more. If you are a professional or DIYer, the company always has a hand tool you could use.

10. Vaughan

Vaughan 452-01 B215L Original Superbar, 21-Inch

This is another American brand that boasts of making high quality hand tools you need for any worksite. Since 1869, the company has been a leader in making innovative and superior products compared to other brands.

Considering it has maintained the quality all these years, many professionals are likely to feel comfortable getting a product from the brand.

From the reviews about their products, it is easy to see that the brand focuses on building some of the best tools that last a long time.

You can buy them knowing you would not need any new tools soon. Even if they have adopted new manufacturing methods, the quality remains the same.

As for the hand tools available, the options include bear saws, pry bars, soft face hammers, replacement handles, and a lot more. It is from their website that you can learn a lot more about the brand.

11. Wright Tool

Wright Tool 715 12 Point Combination Wrench Set, 5/16"-1-1/4

Wright Tool was founded in 1927 with the vision of making high quality hand tools in the market. So far, the company has managed to maintain this image all these years. It is why many professionals would recommend that you own at least one Wright tool.

Even if the company makes some of the most durable hand tools, it is worth noting that their tools are affordable. You would not have to spend too much to end up with the right tools.

It is why many would feel that their products offer the best value for money.

Professionals in any industry will always demand a tool that stands up to the harshest environment. Any of their hand tools will be built for such. Also, the company makes tools that live up to the safety needs that professionals want.

12. Kraft Tool Co.

Kraft Tool Co. GG244 Kraft Tool  18-Inch Squeegee TrowelAnyone who is in the construction industry will recommend that you check out the tools from this brand. It was founded in 1981. As much as it is not as old as some other brands on this list, the company has managed to create a niche for itself faster than expected.

Over the course of all these decades, the company has maintained quality each time they come up with a new tool.

We all know that anyone who works in the construction industry needs a quality and durable tool to live up to the harsh construction environments. Well, getting their tools should keep you going on any project.

The company also has a presence in many countries and has a wide distribution network. The aim is to get their products to many professionals who might need them.

Some of the hand tool categories they have include concrete, masonry, levels, plaster, Asphalt, flooring, tiles, and more. Depending on the hand tool that you need, check them out under these various categories.

13. Empire

Empire Level EM81.9G 9 Inch Magnetic Torpedo Level w/Overhead Viewing Slot (Made in USA)

This is another brand that specializes in making tools for the construction industry. Ever since it was founded in 1919, the company has continued to deliver on quality hand tools that workers in the construction sector need.

We all know that the construction industry could use newer and better tools. Do not worry about that as Empire engineers are always coming up with new tools that users need to work better.

Accuracy is also important when working on a construction project. You should easily find several hand tools to improve your accuracy.

Some of the product options the company offers include levels, squares, marking and layout tools, measuring, and safety & utility tapes. As such, whatever you might need as a construction tool will be available at Empire.

14. Big Gator Tools

Big Gator Tools MDG1000NP V-Drill Guide

This is one of the newest brands on this list as it was started in 2005. Do not let its new age fool you, as the brand is now one of the most sought after in the market.

Being leaders in innovation, precision, and high-quality tools has made it gain favor among professionals quickly.

The company specializes in designing and manufacturing of drill and tap guides. Since it is American manufacturing, there is no doubt you would want to invest in it knowing that the final product will be great. Each of their tools carries a lifetime warranty to keep your mind at ease.

It should not be a problem accessing their tools. This is because the brand has distributors and wholesalers around the world. These are people who will easily get you the right tool you need from the brand.

Another option would be ordering your hand tools online. Yes, the brand can sell directly to the customers. The best part is that you get free shipping if you are in the US. This should be more reason you get yourself the tools from this brand.

15. Chapman Tools

Chapman MFG #8900 Slotted Hand Tools Screwdriver Kit USA Made Gun Kit Firearm Kit Dental Equipment Kit Lab Equipment Kit Slotted Screwdriver SetThis brand is a top consideration for anyone who is looking for quality and perfection. The company has been making hand tools since 1936 and thus, it has over 80 years of experience. There is no doubt that every tool that you get from the brand is built to perfection.

Even if the company makes hand tools, it also makes sure to use green manufacturing too. Considering that we are all looking for ways to keep the environment safe from pollutants, it is good to know that several manufacturers are taking it seriously.

The various branches of the military have embraced the hand tools from Chapman. This shows that their quality and workmanship is good enough that the military also uses their tools.

From the various testimonials about their tools, you would buy them knowing that they are good in performance.

Chapman makes specialty hand tools for various industries and they include sewing machines, military, bicycle, industrial machinists, automotive, and more.

Whichever industry you might be working in, the brand will have a set of hand tools you can use.

16. Grace USA

Grace USA - Steel Roll Spring Punch Set - RS7 - Gunsmithing - Steel Punches - 7 piece - Gunsmith Tools & Accessories

Ever since its founding in 1941, Grace USA has always championed for buy America policies. This is because the company prides itself in making some of the best quality hand tools you will ever need.

We know that in the world of mass production, there have been challenges with quality. However, Grace USA has maintained its quality over time.

This is one of the few brands that still offer precision handcrafted tools. Handcrafting means that the quality remains impressive over the years.

It might be the reason various industries trust the brand to offer them quality tools they can use for years to come. On their website, you will notice that the brand makes tools for gunsmiths, woodworkers, military, mechanics, and industrial applications.

To highlight just a few, the hand tools you can buy from the brand include hammers, screwdriver set, brass punches, hook and pick sets, and more.

17. Loggerhead Tools

LoggerHead Tools 8 Inch Bionic Adjustable Wrench | 14 Wrenches in 1 | Grabs Bolt On All Six Sides | Patented Design Multiplies Gripping Force | Great Gifts for Men, Dad, Gadgets for menThis brand’s vision is all about making your work easier. They do this by creating some of the best hand tools in the market right now. Also, the company has over 35 patents in the U.S. which are all about the various innovative tools the company has made over the years.

All the tools the company makes are done in America. The aim is to keep them uniform and maintain the quality standards even better.

Because they are the most durable tools, your kids are likely to use them when they grow older too.

Good work cannot easily go unnoticed. It is why the brand has got multiple awards over the years. Some of them include Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Awards, Chicago Innovation Awards, and more. You can always check out their website to see what more awards they have won.

The company has interesting hand tools anyone would want to get. Some of them include the bionic wrench, bionic grip, bit dr., and more.

18. Wilde Tool

Wilde Tool 544.Z 7-inch Cotter Key Extractor and Trampoline Install ToolOver 95 years ago, two brothers thought of how to make the normal pliers be a better tool. That is how they ended up forming their company Wilde Tool and made a new set of pliers.

This time, the pliers had a nose angle of 32 degrees to offer more leverage and power to make your work easier.

Other than pliers, the company has become an innovation leader when it comes to making other tools. These hand tools include chisels, pry bars, punches, scrapers, screwdrivers, service tools, and more.

Under each of the mentioned categories, you can get the different types of the tools. It should be easy to get a tool tailored to your needs.

All these years of making hand tools, the company has maintained quality. Even if it means changing their manufacturing methods, the company has kept the quality high to appeal to more customers.

It is common that when other brands change their manufacturing processes, they tend to make weaker tools, but not this one.

19. Council Tool

Council Tool 1.7# Wood-Craft Camp Carver Axe, 16" Curved Handle Axe Model - USA Made

Every fire department in the US is likely to have a Council Tool product in their arsenal. The relationship between these departments and the company can be traced back to the 1930’s.

This is when the forestry service contracted the company to make high quality tools to fight forest fires and other emergencies.

So, the company decided to specialize in such tools. Right now, it is known for making innovative fire tools that various people could need. Some of its tools include the first ever fire rake, the fire swatter, and more.

Their tools are not used by fire departments alone, as you can also order a nice tool for home use. This is because their tools now cover a wide range of departments.

Such will include brush cutting, yard and gardening, outdoor and camping, digging, prying, hammers, and more.

Depending on what you might need as a hand tool, expect that Council Tool will have an option for you to consider.

20. Eklind

EKLIND 53168 Cushion Grip Hex T-Key allen wrench - 8pc set SAE Inch Sizes 3/32-1/4 (6In shaft)

Founded in 1923, Eklind has always maintained its reputation for making high quality tools anyone would want. The company prides itself in being one of the most highly rated hand tool brands in America.

Each time you want quality, there is no doubt you would want to invest in American made tools.

The company makes different types of hand tools ranging from L-Keys, T-Keys, fold up tools with Hex, screw drivers, TORX, and tamper resistant tips. As such, you will get access to different tools that will make your work easier.

The company serves both consumer and professional tool users that might want great tools in the market. Having multiple channels of distribution for their tools makes it easier for you to buy their tools.

It is not just in the US, but also worldwide. You can buy their tools anywhere in the world and enjoy their craftsmanship and quality.

21. Leatherman

LEATHERMAN, Surge Heavy Duty Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters and Spring-Action Scissors, Black with Premium Nylon SheathThis is a top choice for those who might be in the market for the best hand tools. One thing you will get with this brand is that the quality remains the same regardless of the tool that you pick.

Their tools are also within the affordable range making them attractive to many users.

The company has been around for over 35 years now. All this time, the company has evolved and adapted to suit the needs of their customers.

It is why you are likely to find different types of the same product with some being an improvement of the other.

For a hand tool company, having a blog goes a long way to modernize it. The blog is where you can learn more about the company and the possible tools it might bring in future.

The company offers tools such as wearables, knives, multi-tools, and accessories. Checking out their website should help you learn more about them.

22. SK Hand Tool

SK Hand Tool 80019 12 Piece X-frame 6 Point Metric Fractional Combination Steel Ratcheting Wrench Set, Chrome, 1.7° Arc Swing, 216 Positions, Made in AmericaThe company boasts of providing the end user with premium quality and precision crafted tools they need for various applications. It might be the reason the brand is rated so highly.

Since all its products are made in America using American steel, there is no doubt that durability will not be an issue.

So far, the company has nearly 100 years of making the best tools. At first, the company was making just a few hand tools, but now, it has a huge catalogue of various tools you could use.

The company also specializes in making parts for other companies, thanks to the improvement in their manufacturing processes.

Innovation is key to staying ahead of competition. That is what this brand does. So far, some of the hand tools you can get from the brand include sockets & sets, drive tools, bits, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and more.

23. Gearwrench

GEARWRENCH  44 Pc. 3/8" Drive 6 Point Standard & Deep Impact SAE/Metric Socket Set - 84916N

Gearwrench as the name suggests the brand is common with mechanics. This is because the brand specializes in making almost any hand tool that a mechanic would want in a workshop.

Since its launch in 1996, the company has grown to serve mechanics in America and the whole world.

So far, the company makes up to 4,800 different tools mechanics can enjoy using while working on cars. Some of these hand tools include the ratcheting wrenches, sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, pry bars, striking tools, and many automotive specialty tools.

Gearwrench is also seen as a game changer in the world of making hand tools. This is because it has adopted new manufacturing methods that improve their speed and quality of the tools produced. Still, it has won multiple awards for the different tools it has brought to the industry.

On their website, you can see a lot of testimonials about their tools. This is a sure way of knowing that the tools they make live up to the needs of their clients.

24. Ideal

Ideal 35-988 9-in-1 Ratch-a-Nut Screwdriver

Ideal is another company that has a reputation of making quality tools. It might be why most professionals would have several Ideal tools in their toolbox.

Over the years, the brand has established itself as a household name for creativity and innovation. There are some tools from Ideal you cannot find anywhere else.

Ideal is also quite the versatile brand. This is because it makes tools for various industries. This includes construction, electrical, aerospace, alternative energy, and automotive.

As you can see, regardless of the industry, you should easily get the right tool from the same brand.

Considering it has over 100 years of experience in making different tools, then it should be the right place to buy quality products.

Always check out its official website to see what tools are available under the different categories mentioned above.

25. Williams

Williams 50661 1/4-Inch Drive Socket and Drive Tool Set, 27-Piece

The Williams tools have been in production since 1882. For those who are always looking for years of experience, nothing can be that.

The company has always been innovative to meet any challenges that arise from their customers. It is why now the company has developed a wide range of hand tools you could use.

If you are going to pick the best hand tools from Williams, then it is best you learned about the various options available. Well, some of the options include master sets, wrenches, hammers, punches, screwdrivers, sockets, and more.

Williams is serious about the quality of the tools it makes. It is why you are likely to end up with tools that can serve you for decades. The last thing anyone wants is to keep buying new tools more often.


From the list above, it is now easy to make your mind about which brand is the right one for you.

All the brands we have mentioned above produce high quality hand tools that you need at a workshop or worksite. It often comes down to what industry you are working in.

If you want to learn more about the different brands, consider visiting each of their official websites. Sometimes you might even get discounts for buying the tools from their official websites.