Best Inch-Pound Torque Wrench For Gunsmith [Simple Guide]

Best Inch-Pound Torque Wrench For Gunsmith

Do you know what torque wrench gunsmiths use? If so, then you know that the best inch-pound torque wrench for gunsmiths is one of the most important tools to have in your arsenal.

You need a tool to help you adjust, repair, and build gun parts with precision and accuracy. However, not just any tool will do!

Every screw, bolt, or nut has the right torque specification to ensure it does its job well.

Torque wrenches need to be able to measure from 10 up to 100 ft.-lbs (or higher) with an easy-to-read display and ergonomic handle design for convenience all day long.

The best inch-pound torque wrench for gunsmiths does exactly this, making it perfect for anyone looking for a durable, reliable torque wrench they can count on every day!

Also, using ordinary screwdrivers for gunsmithing can cause trouble and gun damage because of the lack of mechanisms to determine the torque force.

Here, you will learn about the recommended inch-pound torque wrenches that gunsmiths use with their advantages and disadvantages, a buying guide, and other information you should know!

5 Best Inch-Pound Torque Wrench For Gunsmith

Here is a review of the best torque wrench for gunsmithing so you can choose the better quality for your needs. Also, I will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages you need to know before using them.

1. Wheeler Manual Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench with Inch/Pounds Measurement

The FAT wrench’s torque is easily adjustable by centering a marker to the desired torque value. Then, use it to tighten the scope rings.

Your desired torque is achieved after hearing a click and only supports clockwise turns. In addition, it’s designed with a comfortable handle for securing a solid grip and is durable enough as it is built with hardened 56-58 Rockwell “C” and S2 tool steel for optimum performance.

It has an accuracy of +/- 2  up to 40 in./lbs.; 40 to 65 with +/- 5% tolerance and a reliable torque adjustment range from 10 to 65 in.lbs.


  • Has an ergonomic handle and lightweight design
  • 1/4-inch drive and can be used as a screwdriver instead of a ratchet
  • With a click/clutch system
  • Wide range
  • With good tolerance to prevent over-tightening


  • The hex bits are not sturdy enough
  • Hard to parameters because of the smaller setting scale

2. WEAVER Gunsmithing Torque Wrench

Weaver’s new Gunsmith Torque Wrench is accurate enough to get the right torque on your bases and rings. Its manufacturer’s mounting system specifications work as predetermined to help you easily and quickly dial the precise screw pressure.

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Don’t over-tighten the bases and rings to protect your scope.


  • With improved accuracy scope setting
  • Has a solid plastic case for portability
  • Has various bits for different fasteners


  • Hammer faces easily come off
  • Bits have to be improved
  • Bulky that can take too much space

3. Wheeler Digital Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench with Interchangeable Bits and LCD Display

This digital handheld wrench offers more precise torque settings that allow accurate and repeatable torque settings to your screw, scope rings, and bows.

Its visual and audible indicators help the user know after reaching the desired torque setting. You can prevent problems in the field with its large range of 15 to 100 inches/pounds accuracy.

The adapter included is compatible with all screwdrivers with an 89-bit set. Its ease of use makes it popular, with soft and ergonomic handles for long-time use.


  • Compatible with 72 or 89 screwdriver Wheeler sets
  • Highly accurate even with lower torque settings


  • Not water resistant
  • Batteries need constant replacement
  • Setting tension is heavy when higher torque settings are needed

4. Vortex Optics Torque Wrench Mounting Kit

This kit is a good value for money with a 10 to 50 inches/pounds torque increment to allow users to create correct tension on the scope mount screw.  It comes with a calibration certificate.

The accuracy standards say that this wrench can meet ASME and DIN requirements. Unlike other models making a click sound, this wrench slips the screwdriver’s tip from the scope mount’s screw to indicate that the desired torque value has been reached.


  • Portable with a small dimension of 10.2 x 8.3 x 6.8 inches
  • Comes with a 10-millimeter screwdriver compatible with Hunter and Viper clamp bolts


  • Does not have a Newton meter scale for Ft to lb conversions
  • Bits are hard to remove manually

5. Real Avid Gunsmithing Torque Wrench Kit | All in One Torq Driver Tool

Real Avid is specially made for gunsmithing and optics mounting. It is designed to handle easily, tighten, and adjust the areas to access the various screw types like a rifle gun.

The rubberized tool’s grip has a force assist driver for effortless fastening and tightening of the screws. Also, its range is from 10 to 70 inches/pounds with a variable speed option with a 1 inch/pound increment to reach the desired setting.

It has a pure metal design with a wide range of torque levels.


  • Highly precise
  • Has an audible click feedback
  • With multiple screw bits


  • With limited functions
  • Bulky design

What To Look For When Buying A Gunsmith Torque Wrench?

Here are some tips on what to look out for when buying a gunsmith torque wrench so you will be able to confidently choose the best gunsmith torque wrench for your needs and budget.

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Accuracy is important when choosing the best gunsmithing wrench because it helps improve the efficiency of the building and repairing the gun parts. Also, it helps prevent the risk of overtightening and gun damage.

It is recommended to choose the ones with low increments. Choose tools under 2 in./lb. increments. However, you cannot go wrong with 1 in./lb.


The preferred design is a ratchet head that can move and measure torque bi-directionally (clockwise and anticlockwise). You can also check if they are labeled “bidirectional.”  

A compact design is easier to carry when going out. 10 x 3 x 3 inches is the ideal dimension. You can also check the small screwdriver size if it can provide a good feeling of holding.

Also, when working on a gun, compact designs are always praised by pro smiths.

Durability and Material

Durability is another to look out for when investing in these tools. Having a one-rotating design can reduce the wrench’s durability.

As for the material, a metal torque wrench is the better option than plastic as it can decrease abrasion, breaking, and slipping once tightened.

Each metal type has unique wrench characteristics. Yet, the best material to look for is the one made with alloy steel because it is highly resistant to abrasion.


Anti Slip rubber is required because it can increase friction to make tightening easier. It can come in handy when dealing with the gun’s small details.

Some manufacturers add evenly distributed small dots around the handle to enhance comfort, rotation, and tighter grip.


It’s best to have a wider torque range, as it determines how excellent the torque wrench is for gunsmithing. Upper and lower are the limits of the range.

Gunsmithing wrenches are commonly small and are relatively larger than a screwdriver. 60 to 70 in./lbs are the ideal upper limit. However, other wrenches for big compartments require more than that.

Supported bits

These are included in the tool’s package with specific purposes. You will need various of them to add flexibility and versatility to the torque wrench.

This makes the consumer purchase tools with included supported bits. It can help save money from purchasing additional tools to finish a task.


People are wary of purchasing low-quality products as they may damage their guns. A certificate is needed for assurance about the torque wrench’s overall performance.

In addition, it can confirm the quality of the product and if it meets the highlighted criteria. Also, if you have the certificate, a warranty is included.

So, if there comes an error or damage, you can easily return it by following the policies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do you need a torque wrench for guns?

You must consider how tight the scope and other accessories are because people tend to over-tighten things, including guns. This is where torque wrenches come in handy.

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The expense will be worth it because they can prevent damages like crushing scope tubes and save screw head damages, making the task time-consuming and difficult.

How much torque should a rifle scope have?

Here are the recommended amounts for a precise torque setting:

  1. Base screws must be set to 30 in. lbs. (1.8-newton meters)
  2. Ring cap screws must be set to 16 in. lbs. (3.4-newton meters)

How tight should my barrel be?

The recommended torque is 40 to 50 ft. lbs. unless otherwise stated by the barrel’s manufacturer. After that, loosen the nut using the ratchet wrench or breaker bar.

You can loosen it by pulling it from the receiver’s left side or by flipping your barrel nut wrench upside down. This helps pull the teeth on your wrench into the nut groove to prevent it from bending.

How tight should weaver bases be?

When mounting a ring on a Weaver rail, 14 to 25 inches/pounds or 1.5 to 7.34-newton meters is how tight it should be.

How far back should a scope be mounted?

Leave a slack to let the optics move to level the reticle and adjust eye relief when snuggling up the ring scope.

You should close your eyes, shoulder the rifle, and open your eyes again to check the position. The field of view should be the reticle level and full.

Gunsmith Torque Wrench Of Your Choice

The tools in this blog are designed to make your life easier and more productive. They’re built with premium materials and cutting-edge technology, so they can handle anything you throw at them.

Also, they look durable and great too – because it matters how your tools look as much as how well they work. You won’t find other tools like these on the market.

They are a high-performing product and an incredible experience you can have for your everyday tasks. So, you better determine your actual tool needs before hitting that add to cart button.


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