TRQ vs. Moog [Quality & Customer Service]

Moog and TRQ are both leading manufacturers of car parts. They have similar builds and goals, but they differ in very specific parts.

While there are apparent differences, this article aims to find which of the two is better from a consumer perspective. 



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Founded over 65 years ago, Moog is a company aimed to deliver the best products and services in the aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical fields.

The focus is on motion applications like velocity, force, acceleration, and fluid motion. In recent years, they have been making strides in the research about actuation technology, sophisticated control electronics, and system software.


According to their company site, TRQ aims to offer the best, direct-fit post-retail automobile parts at reasonable costs.

TRQ vehicle parts are fabricated in best-in-class offices, utilizing the greatest materials, and thoroughly tried to guarantee extreme dependability and direct fit for your vehicle or truck.


YouTube video

The video shows the quality control of Moog. The video talks about someone buying an adjustable car arm from the company. It goes on as the consumer “Eric” has bought something that does not fit in his car.

He said that the part length is appropriate to the car, but the quality control of Moog did not deliver as it was the wrong size.

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This shows that Moog lacks quality control even though they are one of the leading manufacturers.

TRQ parts are not sold separately; they are sold in batches. Their website states, “Why sell only the part when you can sell the whole repair?”. 

In the latter part of the video, the consumer finally calms down as he explains how he still used the Moog part with just a little bit of welding.

TRQ Customer Service

In stark contrast to the Moog video above, this one shows the appreciation of the customer for the very warm approach that TRQ did to the product.

The customer was a normal daily driver that rarely does off-road driving and just casually uses his car for daily city driving to work.

This is important because the mileage he got was about 15 or 16 months. This may vary for other customers, but the “lifetime warranty” still stood strong as he was able to replace his hubs.

The customer service was really praised in the video multiple times due to several reasons:

  • The delivery was very quick to come, and they could sense the urgency of the product.
  • The customer sales representative was very understanding and nice to the customer.
  • The wheel bearing hubs were within an acceptable range of quality from the company.


Where do I buy the parts?

Usually, they have physical stores around the US, but they also have an online store. If you would go that route, then it is recommended that you use amazon for the safety and guarantee of options if the product does not reach the address. 

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If the price does not matter, what do I choose?

A study showcases the durability of Moog products, specifically their ball joints. The study states that the Moog ball joints outperform their competitors about 5 times. This shows that if the customer wants to go for the better ball joint, go for Moog.

How do the other manufacturers compare to these?

According to this website, Moog still stands strong as the best manufacturer. Although, we need to consider that the other manufacturers were not able to provide much information about them to make a non-biased conclusion.

Is Dorman better than Moog?

Dorman is acceptable for a daily driver or a primarily OEM car. They’re similar to eBay components in that they’re a step above. When they weren’t abused, I never had any problems with them.

Moog is of greater quality (possibly one of the few businesses that can compete with Honda’s direct offerings), but it comes at a cost.

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