Volvo Maintenance Cost: Are they Expensive to Maintain?

Are you looking for a cost-effective luxury car? If yes, Volvo is ideal because it is cheaper to maintain than its competitors. But how about the Volvo maintenance cost?

The Volvo maintenance cost depends on the model and when the car left the production line. On average, it will be between $700 and $800 annually, with more expensive models costing higher.

Read on for more information as we break it down for easy understanding. The article also covers the most common maintenance services and their estimated costs. So, let’s dive right into it without taking more time.

Is Volvos Expensive to Maintain?

Most car buyers ask this question, and the response influences their purchasing decisions. A short answer is yes. However, a deeper understanding of Volvo cars reveals otherwise.

Generally, Volvo cars are more affordable to maintain than many luxury car brands. You can spend about $700-$800 on Volvo maintenance services, but you can save more if you know the gimmicks of caring for your car. Owning a Volvo car won’t drain your pocket compared to other luxury car brands.

How Much Does a Volvo Maintenance Cost Annually?

The annual cost of maintaining a Volvo depends on the specific Volvo model you own or want to buy. The figure already given is an average, which can vary significantly. 

Let’s break it down per model. Also, note that the figures quoted below are estimates and may vary from region to region.

Volvo XC40 Maintenance Cost

Volvo XC40 is one of the most reliable models from this automaker and is relatively affordable to maintain. Expect to spend about $11,907 on maintenance and repairs over 10 years of ownership. That is about $120 annually, which is way below the brand’s average.

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Also, Volvo XC40 requires less maintenance over the same period than competing models. They have recorded about 3.31% less than other cars. 

Volvo XC90 Maintenance Cost

This model is relatively more expensive than the previous one. It costs between $80 and $9,000 to maintain annually, with the industry average being $300. That is because of its expensive parts, such as fuel filters.

Volvo C30 T5 Maintenance Cost

Volvo C30 T5 is one of the most expensive models to maintain on this list. Owning this car will see you spend about $550 on annual maintenance. This figure, however, depends on the dealer where you get the service and may increase as the vehicle ages.

The repair cost for this model ranges from $95 to $3,612, with an average value of $320.

Volvo S60 Maintenance Cost

Volvo S60 is one of the best-received SUVs in the market, with many owners happy with their purchases. However, its annual maintenance and repair cost is higher than most Volvo models. 

Expect to spend an average of $300 annually if you own Volvo S60. But this is considered lower than the competing models. About 7% of Volvo S60 repairs fall within the severe category, which is better than the 12% figure recorded for all vehicle models.

Volvo S90 Maintenance Cost

Owning a Volvo S90 causes less headache because it requires about 12.75% less repair than the competing models. But be ready to spend about $9,422 across a 10-year period in maintenance to own it.

Volvo V60 Maintenance Cost

The Volvo V60 is costlier to maintain than the S90. Owning this model for 10 years will take about $11,020 out of your pocket.

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But still, Volvo V60 remains one of the most affordable maintained luxury cars, costing 7.27% less than its competitors. 

Volvo V60 Cross-Country Maintenance Cost

The Volvo V60 cross-country maintenance cost is slightly below that V60. You can spend approximately $10,770 over a 10-year period. However, the value can significantly escalate as the vehicle clocks more mileage on the Odometer.

Volvo XC60 Maintenance Cost

Another Volvo car model on the higher end of the scale is the XC60. It costs about $12,129 on average to maintain over a 10-years period of ownership

However, it has 3.31% fewer chances of undergoing significant repairs during the first 10 years than the competing models. 

Generally, Volvo cars are reliable and won’t cost you much to maintain. You get a comfortable and luxurious feel with Volvos at much less than other brands.  

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Cost of Most Common Volvo Repairs and Maintenance Services

Like all other cars, Volvos require regular maintenance services to keep the engine working in pristine condition. These cars require oil change, spark plug replacement, MAP, and fuel injector replacement. 

The following figures are estimates for some of Volvo’s essential regular services. They may vary by model and service location. 

Volvo Service Type Estimated Cost
Oil Change $76 – $129
Rear/differential oil replacement $146.95
Tire Replacement $150 – $350 per tire
Cabin Air Filter Replacement $121.41
Spark Plug Replacement $213 – $235
Engine Replacement $4,000 $6,700
Fuel injector Replacement $6,691.46
Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) replacement $381.57
Crankshaft seal replacement $913.47

How to Save on Volvo Maintenance Cost

Car maintenance costs can be very high, especially if you don’t understand a thing about your car. But what if you can get a few tips to help keep these expenses down? 

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Yes, you can save on Volvo maintenance costs by using the following tips:

Consider the Package that Covers Maintenance Cost

You can be so excited about your new ride that you forget the most basic and helpful things, such as packages offered by your car dealer. Most Volvo dealerships offer extended warranties for some of the most expensive car parts. These may include engines, transmission, and other systems.

Use Volvo’s Maintenance Program

Volvo offers factory-scheduled maintenance for all newly purchased vehicles. Your Volvo qualifies for this service if it has less than 36,000 miles or 3 years, whichever comes first.

The automaker gives you up to three complementary maintenance services during this period, which you can use to keep your expenses down.

You can also consider Volvo Prepaid Maintenance Plan that covers 2016 modes or newer with up to 100,000 miles.

Adhere to Maintenance Schedules

Volvos are some of the most reliable cars that can last for 20 years with little repairs. But stick to maintenance schedules for oil, fuel filter, air filter, and other fluids that require regular changes.

You also need to regularly inspect parts and components for the brake, steering, suspension, and other systems. This will help you to catch problems before they require costly repairs.

DIY Maintenance 

You can save a lot on maintenance costs if you can handle some of them in your garage. Visiting the dealership every time can be expensive when you can do simple stuff such as an oil change at home. 

Drive Responsibly

You can keep the Volvo car maintenance and repair costs low by driving your car carefully. Avoiding potholes and hitting curbs can save the trips to a wheel alignment and balancing center. 

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Also, avoiding heavy braking may enhance the lifespan of your brake pads and related brake system components.  

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Why are used Volvos selling so cheap in the United States?

One crucial factor that makes used Volvo cars in the United States more affordable is the scarcity of spare parts. This lowers the market demand for these cars. And with that, the prices can never be high.

But some people may also avoid them because the company is affiliated with China. However, the information is not verified yet and remains speculations.

Are Volvos expensive to maintain?

Yes. Volvo’s maintenance cost is higher than most cars because it is a luxury brand. But if you compare it with competing brands, Volvo remains one of the more cost-effective vehicles you can own.

Are Volvos expensive to repair?

Yes, but it depends on the model and age of the car. Volvos are relatively reliable cars that do not require significant repairs within the first 10 years of service.

However, fixing it when the vehicle starts getting problems can be a little expensive because replacement parts are not readily available.  

How often should I get an oil change for my Volvo XC90?

The recommended oil change period for XC90 is 3,000-5,000 miles, but this depends on many factors. The motor oil type you use is vital because they have different lifespans. For example, synthetic engine oil lasts longer, requiring a change after 7,500 – 10,000 miles.

Are Volvo reliable cars?

Yes. Volvos have a lifespan of more than 20 years if you keep a maintenance schedule. These cars will serve you well with minimal repair throughout the entire period.

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Is Volvo better than Lexus?

Yes. Volvos are better than Lexus regarding style and engineering. These cars come in various assortments of wagons, SUVs, sedans, and others. On the other hand, Lexus is only available as sedans and SUVs.

Who is Volvo’s biggest competitor?

Volvo, as a company, competes with other international brands such as Lexus, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, BMW, and many others.

Final Remarks

Car maintenance is what determines the lifespan of any car, and Volvos are no different. But being a luxury brand, you have to spend a bit more to keep these vehicles in pristine condition.

As mentioned in this post, Volvo maintenance costs about $700-$00. However, you have something to smile about because this average value is below many of its competitors. You save a lot by choosing Volvo, and it can be even more if you use the provided tips.

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