WEN 56203i vs. WEN 56200i Super Quiet Inverter Generator

Each time you want an affordable generator, then you might want to consider the WEN generators.

The WEN brand generators might be affordable, but they are still good in terms of performance, reliability, quality, and ease to use.

To help you learn more about WEN generators, we will look at two closely related generators from the brand. The two are the WEN 56203i and the WEN 56200i generators. The 56203i is the upgrade of the 56200i generator. It should be interesting to see how they compare.

What to Look For

Fuel Type and Efficiency

To many people, the fuel type might be only gasoline as that is what they are used to seeing in many generators. However, there are many other fuel types for a generator.

Other common fuel types include diesel and propane.

Diesel generators are common for industrial applications. This is because they can be heavy most of the time making them hard for portability.

Propane is also a nice choice for generator fuel, but it is commonly used in addition to other fuel types. That is how you end up with a dual-fuel generator.

One thing that makes a generator worth buying is its fuel efficiency in addition to the fuel type.

You should always consider getting a generator that does not use too much fuel. A good generator needs to give you more hours when running on its fuel tank capacity.

The fuel use will often depend on the electrical load and the fuel tank capacity. If the fuel tank is big in capacity and the load is lower, sometimes you can get up to 20 hours of power.

The Power Output

The power output easily stands out as the most important consideration to make when buying a generator.

The power output varies from one unit to another mostly depending on the engine technology.

Newer generators might have smaller engines, but they will be good in terms of power generation. Take the time to check out the power output rating of the generator before making up your mind.

Depending on the applications, always try to oversize your generator selection by 25%. This helps you to add more electronics later without necessarily getting a new generator.

Also, the generator does not need to run at its full load capacity all the time. It is why we always recommend to oversize the generator for the best performance.

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Size and Weight

The size and weight of the generator are important to always keep in mind when choosing the right model.

These two features are what determine the portability of the generator.

Start by looking at the dimensions of the generator. It is from the dimensions that you will learn more about the compactness of the generator. Comparing similar generators can help know which one is the most compact.

After looking at the size, consider the weight too. A model with good weight makes it possible to enjoy carrying it around with so much ease. Depending on the design and features of the generator, there are some that can weigh as low as 50 lbs.

For a generator that weighs 50 lbs., it is quite lightweight. You can even carry it around without the help of other people.

Build Quality and Maintenance Needs

The build quality is an important feature to always keep in mind when choosing a generator.

When the generator is well-built, then it can live up to continuous use over the years. When someone buys a generator, they hope it lasts them at least a decade with minimal maintenance.

It is why sometimes the customer feedback is important to understand more about the build quality.

Look at the reviews to see what people claim would be the expectations when using a certain generator.

The maintenance needs that a generator has can make it a great machine or the worst you ever own. So, look at the maintenance needs to decide if a model would be ideal for you or not.

Noise Rating

Every generator produces a noise. The question is how much noise?

It is why you would want to get a model that delivers on a low noise rating. Do not worry about it as the manufacturers highlight the noise levels on the product label. At this point, you will know just how noisy the generator is before buying.

For a portable generator, you need it to be as quiet as possible. That only happens when the generator that you choose has a noise rating of lower than 65 dBA.

Such a noise level would be great to keep the generator running late into the night without complaints from the neighbors.

Ease of Starting and Using

When you decide to buy a generator, one thing you always have to look at is the starting mechanism. It varies from one model to another. We recommend that you choose one that is easy to start and use.

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The most common options would be using an electric start and the recoil start.

Even if you use a recoil start, most models are now refined so that one pull is enough to start the generator.

Let’s Compare

WEN 56203i Super Quiet Inverter Generator

Anyone who is in the market for a portable generator to take on camping trips, then this one is the likely winner to buy today. The generator is designed to be lightweight while at the same time reliable in terms of the power generation.

The Power Output

When you buy this generator, you will get an impressive power output of 2000W as the peak power and 1700W as the running watts.

For an engine size of 79cc, this goes on to show that you would end up with a highly powerful generator for the money too.

If you want more power, then you should consider parallel connecting two of these generators. This is where you use the WEN parallel connection kit to help double the power output from two similar generators.

The Fuel Use

The generator has a fuel tank of 1 gallon as its capacity. For most people, they would wish that the capacity would be better.

As much as the fuel tank is small, the generator will run for 7 hours at 50% load capacity on a single full tank. It is easy to see that the generator is fuel efficient if it can deliver on such many hours.

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The Noise

Any portable generator needs a low noise of operation if you are going to enjoy using it even more often.

For this generator, its noise level is 51 dBA. For comparison purposes, consider when you are having a conversation, then this generator is within the same noise that you make.

This noise level appeals to many people who want something they can use more often without it being an issue to the neighbors.


The size and weight are key features that affect portability. Luckily, that is not an issue with this generator.

The generator has dimensions 17.3 x 11.5 x 17.7 inches. Such dimensions make it a compact generator so that carrying can be easier in general. The encased design makes it aesthetically pleasing compared to the open-frame products.

This generator also weighs 40.3 lbs., making it lightweight for a generator. When other models are weighing over 100 lbs., it is easy to see this one will be easy to move around.

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The generator also features a molded handle in the case for ease of carrying it around. Because of its weight. A single person can quickly move it around.

More Features

The control panel of the generator will provide you with all the important information you need to know when operating it.

It has indicator lights that will light up in case the generator is low on oil or it is overloaded. Generally, you will find it easier to use the generator more often without much of a problem.

There is also the fuel shutoff feature. This is for those who might forget to refuel the generator. The feature turns off the fuel flow when it gets too low so that the generator can use the remaining fuel in the carburetor before shutting down.

Having the circuit breaker is important for providing an overload protection. There is no doubt you would not want the generator to be overloaded when you use it more often.

Other safety features are the low fuel and low oil automatic features. The generator will do this to provide protection against the potential damage of the generator.


The generator is both CARB-compliant and EPA-approved. If you were worried about emissions, then this should take your mind off such an issue.

Because of such emissions approvals, the generator can be sold in all the 50 states without much of a problem.

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

The WEN 56200i generator for years now has been loved by campers, tailgaters, and amateur DIYers. This is because you can always get your clean stable power while on the move. To make it better, the generator is compact.

Check out more of its features below to see why it might be your next portable inverter generator.

The Power Performance

The WEN 56200i generator is all about getting a highly reliable generator with good power too.

Talking about power, this generator can deliver an impressive rated power of 1600 watts and peak power of 2000 watts.

The rated power is what you will get when the generator is running continuously, while the peak power is available at the start of the generator and when the load draws a lot of power at once.

The rated power of the generator is seen as good enough to run several devices that you might have in your RV or house.

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Yes, this generator can still work as a backup power supply to your house.

For those who want to double the power, just know that the generator is parallel-ready. You can easily connect it to another similar generator to power more devices.

As for power safety, the generator is also good for powering the sensitive electronics. This is because its THD rating is lower than 1.2%. This generally makes it an ideal choice to get today.

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Size and Weight

Anyone who wants something portable needs a compact and lightweight generator. That is exactly what you get with this portable generator.

The dimensions are 18 x 11 x 18 inches with the weight being 50 lbs. It is easy to see that this is a lightweight and compact generator.

Even when you do not have help, it is easy to move this generator from one point to another.

The Noise Level

We cannot forget to point out the noise level just like any other portable generator.

The model is designed with various features to keep the noise lower. This is because the overall noise rating of the generator is 50 dBA. It will not be a big deal even if you use the generator overnight.

The Fuel Use

You will get up to 6 hours when the generator is running at 50% load.

If you decide to reduce the load, you are likely to get up to 12 hours from a single tank of gas.

The gas tank capacity is only 1 gallon. It is not much, but it should be enough to cover your needs for hours.


To make the generator better at usability, you will find it having a built-in fuel gauge. This helps you to monitor the fuel use and level so that you can refuel it in time.

The generator can automatically shut off in case there is low oil and there is an overload to the generator. These features are meant to keep the generator operating safely all the time.

The generator also features a spark arrestor. This is a nice feature to help prevent fire outbreaks whenever you use the generator in forested areas.


What is the weight of the WEN 56203i generator?

The generator weighs 40 lbs. making it quite lightweight to carry around more often. It is also compact for storage.

Do WEN generators shut off in case of low oil?

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Yes. Most WEN generators are designed to sense low oil levels so that the engine can shut off whenever necessary. This is to help prevent the engine from damaging itself when the lubrication is low.

Are WEN generators emission compliant?

The WEN generators are both EPA-approved and CARB-compliant. This generally makes them an ideal choice for most people who want to enjoy using a generator with less pollution. It might be the reason you get so many people going for these generators.

What are the maintenance needs like for a WEN 56200i generator?

This type of generator does not need a lot of maintenance. You simply have to do the maintenance as advised by the manufacturer. In most cases, it would include changing the oil and any other types of services to leave you with a generator that works great.

Are WEN generators quiet?

In most cases, YES. These generators have a noise rating of lower than 60 dBA. This makes them ultra-quiet even for a generator. As such, they can be used overnight without necessarily worrying about their noise levels.


Choosing between the WEN 56203i and the WEN 56200i models might not be the easiest for most people. This is because both models are good at performance, safe for sensitive electronics, quiet while operating, and contain several safety features.

It might be why you need to take more time to understand their differences first. We note that the WEN 56203i is an upgrade of the WEN 56200i generator. So, most people will go for the upgrade. You are sure that the flaws of the previous generation would have been fixed to make it an upgrade.

Whichever model you decide to pick, just know that you will end up with a high-quality generator. These generators are built for years of use with minimal maintenance.

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