WEN vs. Honda Portable Inverter Generator [Which is Best?]

It can be interesting to see how a budget brand would compare to a premium brand. WEN is known for offering affordable generators and Honda is the opposite.

Even if the WEN generators can be the most affordable, they are still good in terms of performance and reliability. It is why people would wonder why even go for a Honda generator?

Well, a Honda generator would stand out with its reliability, smooth power delivery, and much more.

To help you decide between these two brands, we will look at their popular generators. They include the WEN GN4500 and the Honda EU3000iS generators. From their reviews, you would know which one is ideal for your needs.

What to Look For


This must be the most important consideration to keep in mind when choosing the best inverter generator for your applications.

The wattage will determine the various things that you can connect to the generator to power them. The last thing you need is a generator that cannot power your equipment for the lack of enough power.

Make sure that it comes with enough running watts and not the starting watts. The running watts is the power that the generator would deliver continuously when it is running.

Fuel Type and Use

Another thing would be understanding the kind of fuel that the generator uses. This can determine if the generator is right for you or not. These are those that prefer using gas rather than diesel. Also, you can use other fuel types such as propane.

Now that you have decided on the fuel type, you need to know more about its use of the said fuel.

To understand its fuel use, check out the rated runtime of the generator. You are likely to get the generator going for an average of 7 hours on a single tank of gas. It can be even more depending on the type of generator that you buy.

Noise Level

When you are buying a generator, you should never ignore the noise level. If the model generates too much noise, then you can expect that you can have problems too. Your neighbors or even yourself would be irritated with a loud generator.

The noise level is something manufacturers try to keep it a minimum as much as possible. It is why you will find them showcasing this figure all the time.

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If the generator noise is below 75 dBA, then its noise will be manageable.

Depending on the generator construction and muffler design, some can be super quiet. You would even have a conversation around the generator without shouting.

Ease of Use

There are various generators in the market, however, how easy are they to use?

When buying a generator, you need something simple. All you have to do is start the generator and then relax to watch it power your house.

Look at the panel of the generator to see if it can work great for you. There are models that come with an impressive guide to help you learn more about the generator.


Depending on your use for a generator, you would want to also look at the portability too. The good thing about portability is that it can be enhanced with just a few features.

For the case of portability, look at the weight of the generator, its size, and other features that would make it easy to move around.

One thing that you must always consider is weight. If the weight is down, the model will be easy to carry around.

Some models can have wheels too. The wheels allow you to move the generator around without any issues. Make sure they are the never-flat tires. This is because you do not want to lift the heavy generator to change a tire.

Some would have handles that allow two people or more to carry the generator with ease.

Build Quality

The overall build quality is important for anyone who wants a great inverter generator to use for years to come. No one wants to get a new generator every few years.

Look at the materials used to make the generator to see if they are durable. Other than the construction, read several reviews about the generator. The aim is to see what other people say about the generator.

If the reviews reveal that the generator is high quality, then you can buy it knowing it will live up your needs for a great generator.

Another consideration is the warranty. A manufacturer that offers more years on warranty is confident about the generator build quality. So, a good warranty should be a great sign of the reliability of the generator too.

Emissions and Safety

We live in a world today that could use fewer emissions than what we have already. It is why we have agencies such as EPA and CARB aimed at keeping the manufacturers in check. This ensures that they manufacture generators that have low emissions.

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Each time you find that the generator is both EPA and CARB-approved, then you are sure it is the right one for you to get right now.

Another thing to consider is the safety of the generator too. The safety features will include having an automatic voltage regulator, low oil shutdown, overload protection circuit, and more. When you see such safety features, then you know it is a great generator to get for the money.

Let’s Compare

WEN GN4500 Portable Generator

This is a top choice for anyone who is in the market for a portable generator right now. In case you end up with power outage issues, then you can always consider this as a top choice. So, what makes it so special that many people want it?

We get to answer that question below by looking at the product features.

Power Generation

It comes with a powerful engine to help it in delivering the best power that the user needs.

This model, it comes with 4500 starting watts and 3600 running watts. There is no doubt you can get it knowing that it would give you the best performance generally.

3600 running watts is enough power to run several electronics and appliances at the same time. You can have the fridge running, freezer, computer, TV, and lights all at the same time and the generator would support them.

Just make sure that your electrical load does not exceed 3600 watts as it would overload the generator.

The Runtime

Anyone who needs a power backup generator, then the runtime is also important. We have to look at this model’s overall runtime.

The manufacturer claims that the generator can run for 13 hours on its full 4-gallon gas tank. For 13 hours, you should be able to sufficiently power everything that you need without refueling.

It is important to note that this time is when the generator is running on half load. There is no doubt this time can increase or reduce slightly depending on the load capacity on the generator.

For its runtime, the generator can be ideal for overnight use in a camp. This is because you will not have to wake up to refuel it in the middle of the night.

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The Panel

The panel is easy to read and understand. For many people, they can sometimes get confused about how to operate the generator from its panel. It is good to know that this one has all the important information you need from the panel.

The monitor on the panel shows you the voltage, frequency, total runtime, and session runtime. This information is great to ensure that you always get the best information about the generator when it is in operation.


Another thing you will like about the generator should be its outlets. We find that the model comes with several outlets that make your work a lot easier to power the RV or your house.

One of the outlets is transfer switch ready to help you connect the generator to your house with ease. As a result, you end up with an easy time operating the generator.

Those who have used it before most of the time do not need an electrician to set up their generator. They simply connect it to the transfer switch and they are good to start powering their homes.


The model is EPA III and CARB compliant. These are two things anyone looking for the best generator would want to know about. This is because it shows that the generator has low emissions.

We all know that California has strict rules on emissions. If this model is certified in California, then you can be sure that its emissions are low.

As part of making it safe to use, the model still has an automatic voltage regulator, low oil shutdown, a spark arrestor, and a two-year warranty. There is no doubt you will like using the generator more often.

Honda EU3000iS Portable Inverter Generator

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Honda is known for its engineering performance. It is why many people would feel comfortable owning this model knowing that it comes from the Honda brand.

The generator is good in terms of power, durability, reliability and so much more as we will see below.

Super Quiet Generator

We all know that generators can be loud, but that does not have to be the case always. This is because it is possible to end up with a great super quiet generator such as this one.

When we say quiet, we mean one that will not irritate your neighbors. Like for this model, its noise level goes up to 57 dBA. For those who do not understand the figures, you can have a normal conversation around the generator without shouting.

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Such a noise level makes the generator good for RV camping and powering your home without making it uncomfortable with the noise.

Impressive Power Output

As for the power, the model generates an impressive 3000 starting watts and 2800 running watts.

For its size, this is a great power output that should work great for you. It is now possible to have several electronics and appliances running on its power output without worrying it might be overloaded.

If you are new to using a generator, make sure you have help in identifying the electrical load you can use on this generator. The last thing you need is to have a model that cannot power your electrical load.

Fuel Efficient

Another reason to get this inverter generator is because of its fuel efficiency. One thing is for sure, many people will feel that it was worth getting the generator as it can run for hours without refueling.

On average, it will run for 20 hours on its 7.2 fuel tank. This number of hours will largely vary depending on the load. If you increase the load, then it is expected that the runtime can decrease.

For its runtime, many find it being an ideal choice for those looking for overnight power.

Inverter Technology

Honda is also known for making the best inverter technology for generators. Its impressive inverter technology means that you can end up with stable clean power.

The clean and stable power is important for all your sensitive electronics. The result is that you do not end up frying your electronics.

Electric Starting

The electric start of the generator should make it easy for you to start using the generator whenever you want.

If the electric start fails, the generator still has the recoil start system. There is no doubt you are going to have a great time using the generator whenever you need it.


It is expected that Honda would offer the best safety features when it comes to using their generator.

For this one, it has its circuit protected from overloads. When it senses the overload, it will beep and shut down after a couple of minutes. This prevents having to deal with expensive repairs.

The generator will also shut down when the engine oil is low. You do not want to run the generator on low oil ever. This can easily affect its lubrication.

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Are WEN generators reliable?

Considering the number of positive reviews that the brand gets, it is easy to say that their generators are reliable. The best part is that you can get high quality generators from the brand at an affordable price too.

Is the WEN GN4500 emissions-friendly?

Yes. This generator is designed to be EPA III and CARB compliant. This means that the generator has low emissions that meet strict emissions rules of these two agencies. This makes it easy for anyone to get across the world.

How much power does the Honda EU3000iS make?

This Honda model makes 3000 starting watts and 2800 running watts. The running watts are the most important to the user. They determine the electrical load someone can use on the generator.

How often should you service a generator?

It will often depend on the generator type. Some models would require servicing more often than others. Make sure that you read the manufacturer’s guide on servicing the generator.

If you have to service the generator, make sure that you are using high-quality parts. The last thing you need is the generator failing because you use cheap spare parts.


Looking at the performance of these two generators, we find that they are both great values for money. whichever that you decide to get, just know it will live up to your expectations. Just make sure it meets your power needs for a generator.

Anyone who wants more power on a budget, then the WEN GN4500 generator will be a great choice. If you want Honda reliability, then you will have to spend more to get the EU3000iS generator. You might have to sacrifice a bit on power, but you are sure of a highly durable generator.

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