Westinghouse vs. Predator Inverter Portable Generator [Quick Check]

Westinghouse and Predator Generators are all about being affordable brands.

Looking at the kind of power you get out of their generators, you might be surprised they are quite affordable.

It is why more people would be intrigued to learn more about such generators.

The generators we will review in this guide are the Westinghouse WGen7500 and the Predator 2000 Generator.

These two so far show that they can offer great value for money, but how many agree with this statement?

To see if such generators can be a good fit, we will look at their features in detail and still give you a buying guide to keep in mind.

What to Consider

The Fuel Type

You might have seen generators that run on gas or diesel as their fuel source before. However, there are more options than these two, with some being surprising to many users.

Other than diesel and gas generators, you can also get propane and solar generators. Yes, you read that right. There are solar generators too.

The diesel and gas generators are the beasts we all need when you want more power capacity. They can give you an impressive amount of power to handle most of your electrical load with ease.

The downsides of such generators are that they need to be set up outdoors because of the toxic fumes. Having spillage of the fuel could lead to fires. The biggest downside is the noise. Even though some manufacturers claim their generators are silent, you will still hear them run.

Maybe it is time to try out the propane generator. Such generators are cleaner, cheaper, quieter, and no spillage problems.

As much as propane generators offer a nice alternative, their engines tend to have poor performance in cold weather. It is why such generators would also work with diesel or gas so that you now have a dual-fuel generator.

The last option is the solar generator. Such a generator would be ideal for running indoors without much of a problem. The generator would also be as silent as a monastery. Being a renewable resource makes it even better.

The downside of a solar generator is that it would have a lower power capacity. Also, the overall performance depends on the sun, which might not always be available when you need it.

Even though fuel generators have more power, the cost of fuel is expensive and not always readily accessible. Instead of using a solar generator uses the sun as its fuel source. Since you have a price range in mind, consider choosing solar generators with features that make them more efficient rather than more expensive.

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The Expenses

You always have to consider the cost of buying the generator. In most cases, a generator would cost anywhere from $400 to $4000. So, it comes down to your budget.

Although, you can get some cheaper models. Even if they can be cheap, just make sure they can deliver good performance. No need to get a generator that can fail after a couple of months.

The price will also depend on the brand. For an established brand, you will find that it will have generators that cost more.

Still as part of expenses, look at the running costs too. This includes the maintenance and fueling of the generator.

Power Output

This is the most important consideration you should always have to keep in mind when buying a generator.

Start by figuring out the power requirements of the appliances and electronics in the house. From the power rating of these devices, you can total them up to find the size of the generator.

Most of the appliances that you own will have their power ratings. So, it should be easy to find these power requirements to size your generator.

Let us say that your electrical load is 3000 watts. Do not use a generator that has running watts of less than 3000 watts. As much as you might not be powering everything at the same time now, one day you might do so.

Go for a model that has more running watts than the total electrical load.


Underperformance, there are so many things that you need to keep in mind. The first one is the total runtime that the generator can do on a single tank of fuel. Depending on the electrical load and the size of the fuel tank, you can have several hours of generator runtime.

Another thing would be the maintenance that the generator needs to keep running smoothly. For most models, you will not have to do much. Nevertheless, make sure that you follow the manufacturer guidelines to ensure that the generator works perfectly.

The build quality can also be an important consideration under performance. You will need to get yourself a generator that is built for durability. A generator is not something that you need to buy more often.


The weight of the generator will always affect the portability. This is something people often overlook and it can end up being an issue with time. It is why you need to consider it always to find the right generator.

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For heavy models, manufacturers tend to include wheels on these generators. The aim is to make them more portable. You simply have to use the handle and drag the generator on the floor.

Take the time to look at what the manufacturer includes in the generator to make it even more portable.

The Safety and Regulations

You need to also look at the safety and regulation compliance to find the best generator. The most common compliance options are the EPA and CARB regulations. These two means that the generator is good in terms of keeping the emissions to a minimum.

Look at the other safety features that the manufacturer claims to be incorporated in the generator. You always have to find a safe generator to power your home or RV.

Let’s Compare

Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

The Westinghouse WGen7500 generator is one of the most powerful options you can get in the market right now. Even though it is powerful, it does not cost much. You will get a lot of people going for it knowing that it can serve them better and still meet their power needs.

So, what else makes this generator good for various applications? Let us find out below.

The Power Output

The manufacturer gives this unit a rating of 7500 watts as the running power. This means that you can support an electrical load of 7500 watts at any time.

This should not be confused with the 9,500 peak watts that come with the unit also. The peak watts are the starting watts you get when the generator first starts.

For its kind of power, the generator is perfect to act as a backup power source for your home or simply a dependable power source for your RV.

YouTube video

The Runtime

Well, we can see that the power output is good. What about the runtime? The last thing you need is to keep refueling the generator.

So, this model offers a runtime of 11 hours on its 6.6-gallon fuel tank. This timeframe can reduce if you increase the electrical load significantly.

With its built-in fuel gauge, you would know when it is time to add more fuel to the generator.

Engine Performance

Just like in a car, the engine is the heart of the generator too. It is important that you understand what kind of engine is in the generator to see if it would live up to your performance needs.

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For this unit, it comes with a 420cc 4-stroke OHV engine. This is a high-performance engine found in other Westinghouse top-tier generators.

It is constructed using a durable cast iron sleeve. The results are that the engine can last for decades to come with minimal maintenance.

Starting the Generator

When you need to start this generator, the whole process is simple. You will like the fact that it comes with a push-button electric start feature. You can have it running in no time.

To make it even better, the electric start is paired with a key fob. This makes starting the generator even faster.

There is also the recoil start system which acts as an emergency starting system when the electrical start fails.

It seems like the manufacturer thought of every scenario.

The Weight and Noise Level

Looking at the weight, we find that it weighs 192 lbs. This kind of weight does not make it the lightest generator, but you can be sure it is not the heaviest. You will generally find it easy to move around because of the caster wheels.

As for the noise level, it is at 72 dBA. This kind of noise is not bad for a generator. It is possible to have a normal conversation even with the generator running in the background.


Being a big generator, you always wish for a better way of moving it around. It seems like the manufacturer thought of that already considering that it comes with wheels for moving the generator around.

It is not just the wheels, but also the foldable handle that gives you a place to pull the generator on its wheels.

It is now easy to see that transporting the generator should not be a tough job as many would think.

Predator 2000 Inverter Portable Generator

If the Westinghouse model above seemed like it is bulky and heavy, maybe you need to check out the Predator 2000 model. It is compact while at the same time lightweight. As such, portability is never going to be an issue.

Below are more features that make this generator desirable.

The Runtime and Power

The engine of this generator is powerful for its size. It is a 79.7cc OHV 4-stroke engine that can deliver 120V.

Looking at its running wattage, we find that it is 1600watts and the peak wattage is 2000 watts. As much as this is lower than the Westinghouse model above, there are other perks to owning this generator.

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One thing that stands out should be the parallel capability of the generator. Under this feature, you can easily connect two similar generators together to boost the power output depending on your needs.

As for the runtime, the model can operate for around 12 hours on its full tank. For such a runtime, it is a good unit for continuous power supply without the need for refueling.

The best part is that the model produces a clean sine wave in terms of power. This clean power is essential for those running the sensitive electronics. You can now plug them safely in the AC outlets.

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How about the portability? We started by mentioning that this is a lightweight unit. It weighs 47 pounds only. As a result, even a single person will have an easy time moving it around.

Since it is lightweight and compact, it is an ideal generator for those who need power on the go. You simply carry it by its handle and get it into your RV for some power supply outdoors.


The user panel of this generator will help you learn more about its functionality. The most used indicators are those that show if the generator is overloaded or if the oil level is low.

There is also the built-in fuel gauge. This kind of fuel gauge is important so that you can check the gas level of your device.

As a protective measure, the generator comes with an automatic low oil shut-off and overload protection. As a result, you will have a peace of mind when using the generator knowing it has all the protection that it needs.


When it comes to the emissions, we find that this model is EPA-approved and still CARB-compliant. These are two things that give you the satisfaction that you are dealing with a great generator.

Having the spark arrestor means that it is also usable in forested areas without any worries.

Noise Level

The manufacturer noise rating is 65dBA. This kind of noise level is still good enough to be considered as a silent generator.

The noise level is slightly higher than when having a normal conversation. Nevertheless, it is not too much that it can irritate your neighbors.


Can a 7500watt generator handle my electrical load?

Such a generator would be enough to run most of your home appliances with ease. Just make sure that you keep the heating elements from being connected to the generator. If you can upgrade to a 12000-watt generator, it will handle almost anything.

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Is a solar generator worth the money?

It all depends on the applications. There are times that the solar generator would be ideal, but just know that it would be limited in terms of capacity. It might not be able to handle the heavy loads, so use it only for lights, TVs, and other small appliances.

Is the Predator 2000 a quiet generator?

The Predator 2000 produces a noise level of 65 dB, which is not too much for a generator. Many will find this being a quiet generator to use in their homes.

Is it easy to start the Westinghouse WGen7500 model?

Yes. It comes with an electric start, key fob, and a recoil start. This goes on to show that you can start the generator with different methods. Even if the electric start fails, you always have a backup.

What is an overload protection in a generator?

This is a safety feature that helps to protect the generator from an overload by the user. The generator would beep and turn off in case of an overload.


The Westinghouse WGen7500 and the Predator 2000 generators are not in the same class. This is because the WGen7500 generates almost 4 times the power that the Predator 2000 makes. As such, you now know which one would be ideal for applications where there is more electrical load.

This does not mean we dismiss the Predator 2000 generator. It still has enough power to handle most of your electrical appliances in the house. Also, it is a lightweight and compact generator. For those who might be looking for portability, then this is a nice consideration.

Whichever you decide to pick, just know that they serve different applications. Always go for a model that you feel is worth the investment and can handle your electrical load.

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