What Can Be the Uses of a Palm Router? [We’ve Got The Answer]

Installing a workshop starts with a saw, a hammer, nails, a piece of wood, and maybe a panga. But as time goes by you have to grow and bring in other new technology machinery that can make your work easier, among the tools that you will introduce into your workshop then you can’t fail to let in the palm router.

A palm router is also known as a laminate trimmer or a trimming router is one among the workshop tools that most woodworkers will consider using this kind of tiny wood router for various woodworking purposes.

A palm router contains a cullet of one-fourth inch. Significantly laminate trimmers spin the bits up to thirty thousand RPM with variable speed control.

Uses of a Palm Router

Several routers contain several features and perform various tasks. To be precise, the 12 best palm router offers several uses as described below:

1. Duplication of various parts.

Routers with made in a manner that their top-bearing pattern bits make it easy by removing out the wood around the piece that you want to extract.

They are the best in making similar kinds of the same item also known as template-routing. Due to its top-bearing palm routers do the work of duplicationmore convenient.

2. Flush cutting in plugs.

Palm routers with a straight bit will enable you to cut through several flush cuttings within a very short period. Though there are several options that you can opt-in cutting plunges like using multi-tool or chisel, Palm router stands to be the best in doing the task.

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3. Shelftrim lipping.

Another important use of a palm router is cutting a solid wood flush instead of trying to use a sand veneer and risk damage. It also plays an important role in plywood shelving.

An example of such a router that is up to the task is the Festoon MFK router which has an optional base to help you flush-trim by the use of the straight bit with the router resting on the shelf purposely for stability. Also as a result of its compact size, then it is a safe choice for balancing act.

4. Cutting the Hinge Mortises.

Using a chisel will help you make a hinge mortise but the best alternative for this activity is by using the router because is more accurate and efficient. By using a Laminate trimmer then one can be able to make a hinge mortising a standard template routing operation. Then the template opening is sized purposely to match the hinge leaf proportions, it also produces large platforms for a steady router.

5. Profiling Edges.

Edge profiling would not be perfectly done without using the laminate trimmers. Then if you want to do your work carefully for palm for they also make deep cutting.

Given that this kind of trimmers produces a horsepower equalling to one and a quarter of hp peak, then this plenty of power gives them the ability for routing edge profiles.

6. Cleaning of Veneer.

Palm router will help you bring edging into alignment using a solid-carbide palm router bit. Passing a trim router quickly through a veneer edge brings it into a perfect alignment.

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In the case where the veneer is thin then it’s advised that you use a climb cut. The best choice is Solid-carbide laminate trimming in avoiding the vainer from chipping or tearing out at the corners.

7. Drilling of Holes.

Boring shelf-pin holes is made much easier by the use of palm routers. Routers like DeWALT. Potable-Cable and Trend’s are best for drilling holes.

They make a shelf-pin template with holes shaped to fit a guide collar bushing and installs quarter up-cut spiral bits within the machine. Therefore for drilling holes go for Palm routers.

8. Inlays Mortising.

Since thin flush cutting requires small cuts and precision, then palm routers will call for your attention. Inlays require shallow excavation for them to fifth the surrounding wood. Though you can do this job using other routers, the palm router is the best in this process.

This is because they are small in size. But doing this requires you to have a steady hand and good eye vision for accuracy. Also for mortising a narrow apron the go for a laminate trimmer.

9. Sign making.

Making signs without an appropriate tool can make your task rely tiresomely but using a laminate trimmer will make your work easier by making your signs within a very short time. Since palm routers are equipped with template quid then it’s always easy to do this with a letter template.

10. Cutting Joinery.

Laminate trimmer can’t take the place of true joinery cutters but if you want to make small quick joints then prefer your palm router for it works fairly well.

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Additionally, you can cut rabbets, dadoes, laps, and other joints using your laminate trimmer. The main key in using your trimmer for cutting is to take reasonable cuts to avoid overwhelming the motor or the bit.

11. Clean cutting.

With a palm router then you will be able to cut the edge with a wood substrate. Due to its expert then you can do this one hand because of its lightweight.

12. Making Butterfly patches.

A butterfly patch also known as a decorative patch is one of the most proffered patches for flaws such as unsightly knots or splits. Using a palm router helps you remove materials and to cut out patches. Palm routers also help you crisp inside corners with the chisel.

Final word

Having gone through the above best palm routers in the market, Then now it’s upon you to make it a requirement since it will rely on save most of your time and perform very accurate work to please your customers. Also, it’s good to have more than a single palm router to save you when the other fails.

Besides, you should take into consideration reading the manual, taking breaks regularly to let the router cool, use your handled router accordingly and you should also consider investing in a Dust traction tool to keep your palm router clean.

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