What Does 94V Mean On a Tire? [Load Index & Speed Ratings]

When we look at our tires, we can find letters and numbers written on their sidewall. Maybe all of us get confused with these characters.

Have you seen 94V written on the sidewall of your tire? Do you want to know what it means?

Well, this article can answer that question. 94V has a definite meaning that you need to know.

Load Index And Speed Rating

94V denotes two things. 94 is the load index and V is the speed rating of the tire.

94 means 1,477 pounds as the load index of the tire. This is the weight that the tire can handle.

V means 149 miles per hour as the speed rating of the tire. It means that this can be the maximum speed of your car.

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Load Index of 94V Tire

What is a tire load index?

In a 94v tire, 94 means 1,477 pounds as the load capacity. So, if you have 4 tires, the maximum load capacity will be 4 x 1,477 lbs = 5,908 lbs.

Here is a chart that can make you understand the load index of a 94v tire:

Load Index of 94V Tire

Speed Rating of 94V Tire

The speed rating of tires is the measure of how fast your tire can be. Instead of using numbers, the speed rating is given in alphabetical order.

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For the speed rating of V, your tire can drive up to the speed of 149 miles per hour. To understand more about this, you can examine the following chart:

Speed Rating of 94V Tire

Where to Find the Speed Rating of the Tire

  • Search at the hatch of the gas tank
  • Look at the manufacturer’s manual
  • Look in the glove box door
  • Written in the jamb of the side door

Want to watch a video about tire speed rating? We have a video for you!

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Vehicles Suited for a 94V Tire

  1. 2018 Kia Optima
  2. 2018 Honda HR-v
  3. 2012 Chevy Volt
  4. 2019 Lexus Es350
  5. 2014 Kia Soul
  6. 2016 Honda Accord
  7. 2019 Kia Optima
  8. 2017 Hyundai Sonata
  9. 2014 Chevy Volt
  10. 2019 Toyota Camry
  11. 2016 Kia Soul
  12. 2017 Honda HR-v
  13. 2019 Lexus Es300h
  14. 2013 Chevy Volt
  15. 2018 Toyota Camry


What Tires Have the Best Rates?

The top U.S. tire manufacturers are famous around the world. Some of them are Cooper, Goodyear, and Coker.

What Do V-Rated Tires Indicate?

The V-rated tires are tires that can reach a speed of 240 km/h. The English equivalent speed for this is 149 mph.

How Can You Differentiate H and V Rating on Tires?

Both H and V tires are tires with high performance. The H-rated tires have a speed of 130 mph while the V-rated tires have 149 mph.

How Can You Define the Speed Rating of a Tire?

The speed ratings of tires are conveyed by letters A to Z. The letters are used as a symbol that connotes the range of 5km/h to 300 km/h.

Where Can You Find the Speed Rating of the Tire?

The speed rating of a tire can be found on the sidewall. You can find it written next to the tire size.

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What Should I Buy? H or V Rated Tires?

The choice depends on the speed that you want to have. If you want to drive with a speed of more than 130 mph, you should get tires with a V rating.

Can I Put H and V Tires Together?

You should not put H and V tires together. Remember to not combine tires with dissimilar speed ratings.

You can have major problems while you are driving your vehicle.

Should I Use W-Rated Tires Rather Than V-Rated Tires?

If your vehicle has a top speed of 149 mph, you should use V-rated tires. But if the top speed is 168 mph, you should use W-rated tires.

Where Should I Place New Tires? On the Front or Back?

Some reviews say that new tires should be placed on the back. It can give balance to the vehicle and only a little tread will be lost.

Can I Put Tires on My Car with a Lower Speed Rate?

You can put tires on your car with a higher speed rating. But never place tires on your car with a lower speed rating.

You will reduce the top speed of your vehicle.

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