What Does Cruise Main Mean In A Car?

Cruise control, or cruise main, allows you to choose your desired speed and then let off the accelerator. On lengthy trips, this can help relieve weariness and tension. 

Generally, when you switch on the cruise control system, the cruise main indicator light on the dash will illuminate (but not set).

Cruise Main Defined

A cruise control system’s goal is to maintain a specified speed set by the driver without the need for outside assistance by managing the throttle-accelerator pedal connection.

Cruise control was already in use even before vehicles were invented. Early in the 17th century, inventor and mechanical engineer James Watt invented a version that allowed steam engines to maintain a consistent speed up and down inclines. 

The notion of utilizing an electrically-controlled device that could modify road speeds was developed in the late 1940s and cruise control as we know it today was born.

How To Use Cruise Control

YouTube video

This video discusses what cruise control is about and its benefits, followed by in-depth instructions on using it.

The narrator includes that the button’s location to activate cruise control may vary.

Its controls include Engage Cruise System, Set Speed (increase/decrease), Cancel Cruise, and Resume Cruise. 

You may also check your owner’s manual to understand your vehicle’s full potential.

To put your vehicle into cruise mode, accelerate the car up to speed and engage your cruise system. You may also press the Set+ speed. 

Additionally, you may keep your foot off the pedal when you see the cruise system indicator on your dashboard. Remember that your feet should always be near the pedals in urgent situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cruise control used for?

Cruise control helps drivers avoid feeling tired when driving long distances. Instead of pushing the accelerator pedal, it controls the throttle using an actuator, allowing your automobile to maintain the same speed.

How do I deactivate cruise main?

The cruise control master button turns off the system and deletes the previous cruising speed. You may disable cruise control by using the brake or clutch pedals. 

On the steering wheel, press the CANCEL button.

Does cruise control save gas?

Yes, generally speaking. Your car’s cruise system is fuel-efficient and can save you an average of 7-14 percent on petrol because of its capacity to maintain a constant pace.

The driver’s steady acceleration and deceleration when their foot is on the pedals might consume more petrol.

How safe is cruise control?

Cruise control is safe when used properly. However, you may endanger yourself if you use cruise control in heavy traffic or on non-highway routes or are not watching the road.

Is cruise control really necessary?

In the long run, such as on lengthy highway trips, cruise control can potentially boost your fuel economy by 10 to 15%.

Most people like to drive at regular speeds, but it’s easy to get carried away and speed when the road is broad, and the sight is good.

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