What Does SS Mean On A Car? [Explained]

The “SS” in your car is an acronym that refers to SuperSport. This case indicates that a vehicle is the highest-performing variety of its model.

Over the last several decades, several automobiles have featured the SS nameplate, including the Camaro and the El Camino.

The first Super Sport, or SS, option was offered on the 1961 Chevy Impala, which had a more powerful engine and few aesthetic changes. This package ran up until 2018 when Chevrolet discontinued it.

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Today, you may still see SS packages on automobiles such as:

  • Camaro
  • Chevelle
  • El Camino
  • Impala
  • Monte Carlo
  • Nova
  • Some pickups
  • The eponymous Chevy SS

How to Tell if Car is a True SS?

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In determining if a vehicle is a genuine SS model, the SS package is the first place to start.

Most Super Sport variants are equipped with a more powerful engine, a bespoke interior and exterior trim package, a more robust suspension, high-performance brakes, and unique wheels and tires.

A unique serial number is molded into each engine. You may locate it and compare it to the total number of original SS motors. Then, the VIN should be checked. Some engines will be utilized in the SS package. 

The big engine block has traditionally been employed in sports vehicles.

On the inside of your car’s driver’s door, look for the label for the vehicle’s equipment. The information included in a vehicle’s identification number consists of the model, year of production, and information about the vehicle’s original engine and manufacturing facility. 

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Numerous VIN lookup services are available for free, allowing you to learn more about the history of your car.

The build document may be found beneath the back seat. As soon as a vehicle leaves the manufacturer, the build sheet contains information regarding the vehicle’s original state.

 It’s uncommon, but not impossible, to find a blueprint for a vintage automobile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are SuperSport Cars?

SuperSport cars are distinguished by the following: 

  • A larger engine
  • A customized interior and exterior trim package
  • A stronger suspension system
  • A high-performance brake system
  • Chassis reinforcements
  • Specialized wheels and tires

Each Super Sport model is distinguished by the SS emblem, which can be seen both on the car’s exterior and the vehicle’s interior on the dashboard.

What is the difference between a hypercar and a supercar?

Even though a sports car can be faster than a supercar around a circuit, in a course, it goes the other way around.

At the same time, lap times cannot distinguish between sports cars, supercars, and other vehicles of similar performance

Top speed and acceleration statistics typically improve in cars higher up the automotive hierarchy.

What distinguishes a sports car from a SuperSport car?

SuperSport cars are aerodynamic and light. Precision engineering is used to build these autos. 

Meaning, that carbon fiber was employed to reduce weight and enhance handling. Also, premium features include enhanced electrical controls, larger tires, and high-performance front and rear suspension.

 Some have two exhaust pipes that provide a deep, rumbling sound.

On the other hand, a roadster is the most common configuration for sports cars or a two-seater without a fixed roof. Earlier generation sportscars often featured four seats. 

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Most sports vehicles are two-seaters or 2+2. So, most current sports vehicles are two-seaters or 2+2. It’s a sports sedan, not a sports car.

What characteristics distinguish a supercar?

A supercar, often known as an exotic automobile, is a loosely defined term that refers to some high-performance sports cars permitted to drive on public roads.

Since the 2000s or 2010s, the word “hypercar” has been used to describe the most powerful supercars. During the 1960s, muscle cars were commonly referred to as “Supercars” in the United States.

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