What Size Drill Bit For Glass Bottle Bong

In case you want to make a bong out of glass, the type and size of drill bit you use matter a lot.

The drill bits meant for drilling glass will be similar to those for tiles and other similar surfaces. Expect them to have diamond tips or spear-shaped carbide tips. These materials make it easier to go through glass without breaking it.

As for the size, the glass drill bits are available from ⅛” up to 3/32”. It comes down to the size of the holes you want to make. So, the next time you want bits to drill glass, just know there are plenty of options available.

Other Factors Affecting How You Drill Through Glass

If you are going to make that bong correctly, there are still many other factors to consider before drilling through glass. Here are some of them;

  1. The drill speed

You should never drill through glass quickly. This is because you can end up generating a lot of heat that may damage the bit and glass too.

It is best to work with a drill with a variable speed setup. For this case, you simply have to set it in the low setting. Do not drill with over 1,500 RPM for glass.

You can actually tell the drill is rotating slower when you have it in a slower setting. Experiment with a waste material first before drilling the glass.

  1. Lubrication

Lubrication can be important for those drilling through glass. Applying a drop of lubricating oil to the bong while drilling it can help keep the heat low.

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Mostly any type of oil might work great. Using modeling clay or the plumber’s putty around where you are drilling should help keep the oil from easily running off.

  1. Safety is important

Ensure the glass you are drilling through is properly secured from sliding around. You can use a flat but cushioned surface for this part.

A clamp may come in handy to hold the glass bottle from moving around easily.

It is still advisable to wear the recommended personal protective equipment each time you are drilling. This includes gloves and safety goggles.

  1. Practice makes perfect

You may want to consider practicing more often on other waste materials so that you only drill once in the final piece.

It is advisable not to drill through the tempered glass as it is designed to shatter in case of impact.

This video has more tips for drilling through glass

YouTube video

Why Pick a Glass Bong

It is possible to find bongs made of other materials, but why do people often opt for a glass bong?

One of the reasons is that glass bongs will not affect how cannabis tastes. This is unlike when using a bong made of plastic material.

However, dropping a glass bong might mean the end of it all. So, be careful while using such a type of bong.

Glass can be great material, but there are also alternatives. They include ceramics and silicone.

Silicone might be good but it ends up leaving you with a plastic taste. Ceramic on the other hand does not affect cannabis taste, but will not be as attractive to look at.

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Regardless of the material you choose, safety is always important. A good start will be to change the used water before storage. If you do not do this, you risk having bacteria build up in the bong.

Here is a video on how to clean a glass bong

YouTube video

DIY Bong or Buying a Glass Bong

Why would someone go for a DIY bong when there are many commercially available glass bongs?

Well, the DIY bong will be cheaper. You also get to customize the glass bong to your liking compared to a commercial one.

However, the commercial bong is not too expensive to make some people consider the DIY always. You will also access many more designs and colors to choose from. So, it is not the worst consideration.

What Size Drill Bit For Glass Bottle Bong

The choice of a commercial or DIY bong is about preference. Some people like making their own products while others would not mind buying a ready-made bong.


Is it easy drilling into a glass bong?

It can be easy if you have the right tools for the job. This includes having to drive the drill at low speeds and using drill bits meant for drilling through glass.

What is the best speed for drilling through glass?

It is best to use a drill that can go as low as 1,500 RPM. This is a good speed for drilling through glass without cracking it.

What PPEs do you need when drilling through glass?

Safety goggles should always be worn to keep the sharp glass from getting into your eyes. There is also the option of using work gloves, dust masks, and others depending on your needs.

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Is lubricating oil necessary when drilling glass?

The lubricating oil can be crucial especially when you want to drill glass more often. Its work is to keep the surface and drill bit cool to avoid overheating.

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