When Was The Gas Powered Chainsaw Invented

Sometimes, when you intend to choose a chainsaw for massive, heavily loaded jobs regularly, you’ll have to advance from just a 14- or 16-inch chainsaw. A 20-inch chainsaw is suitable for producing across diameter logs and branches and can be a handy tool for anybody who lives on a ranch or in the county.

Of course, if you don’t know how to select the right chainsaw for your needs, so much force throughout your chainsaw can make it more challenging to handle.

Here are the models of the best 20-inch chainsaws on the market. Please look at our in-depth evaluations to see which saws consumers think are the best in the business for any project you’re working on.

1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20-in Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna keeps producing exceptionally reliable and innovative tools, which should be no surprise. They’ve raised the bar on several past versions with significant improvements to the machines, such as full engine power, safety systems, and air filtering systems to their 460 Rancher 20-inch chainsaw.

A robust 60.3 cc engine powers the 460 Rancher’s massive 9000 RPM blade speed, and with 3.4 Nm of engine power behind the 20-inch bar, this chainsaw could handle any job you throw at it. An automatic chain oiler aids in the delivery of lubricating oil to the bar and chain, allowing for uninterrupted cutting.

Inertia-operated chain brakes, a swift side-mounted chain over-tightening system, a speedy air purifier for easy cleanup, and a patented technology LowVib motion reduction framework round out the 460 Rancher’s long list of features.

Highlighted Features

Horsepower3.62 Horsepower
Is Assembly RequiredTrue
Item Weight12.80 pounds
Model Number460 Rancher
Part Number966048320
Power Source TypeGas Powered
Size20 in. – .058 in. Gauge
Style20 in. – .058 in. Gauge
UNSPSC Code27110000


  • Engine with a displacement of 60.3 cc.
  • Blade speed: 9000 RPM
  • High torque and an automatic chain oiler
  • Because of its inertia-activated chain brake, it has a high safety rating.
  • Cleaning and adjusting is simple.
  • Low-vibration design and ergonomic handle


  • Expensive

2. Echo CS-590 20 Timber Wolf Chainsaw


The Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf is our runner-up throughout the race for the ideal 20-inch chainsaw.

It’s an effective chainsaw that almost matches the Husqvarna 460 for nearly every way — except for a pair of glaring issues that hold it back.

Because of a well-designed decompression valve, the CS-590’s two-stroke motor (typically) begins quickly, including on freezing-cold days. The industrial chain will see you through several months of work. It is ideal firewood saw because of its ability to run flawlessly through cut after cut.

The CS-590 is non-returnable and does not come with a money-back guarantee. The blade guard’s plastic is thin and brittle, and it isn’t worth sacrificing safety. It’s also simple for the engine to flood, so initially, proceed with caution.

Highlighted Features

Engine Displacement (cc)59.8
Engine Displacement (cu in)3.64
Starting SystemStandard
Ignition SystemDigital
CarburetorButterfly-Valve Diaphragm (without purge pump)
Oiling SystemAutomatic/Adjustable (Clutch-Driven)
Vibration Reduction SystemStandard
Available Bar Lengths (in / cm)18, 20 / 45.70, 50.80
Fuel Capacity (oz / l)21.8 / 0.65
Oil Capacity (oz / l)10.1 / –
Dry Weight (lb / kg)113.2 / 5.99
Bar TypePro-Lite w/ ProAm
Sprocket TypeSpur
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  • On cold days, it is simple to get started.
  • The chain has a long lifespan.
  • Superior anti-vibration technology.
  • Cutting-edge powerhouse


  • Starting can be difficult due to atmospheric pressure.
  • Low-cost safety materials
  • There is no warranty.

3. Poulan Pro-20″ 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Poulan Pro, a well-known sub-brand of Husqvarna, provides formidable resources at a fraction of the price of one’s orange parent. Poulan’s PR5020 20-inch chainsaw model is a remarkably lightweight option to other big chainsaws, which still packs a decisive blow.

The PR5020’s 50cc engine places it near the bottom of the power spectrum for 20-inch chainsaws. However, a patented OxyPower engine technology that generates more power from less fuel can easily stay competitive with more giant engine chainsaws.

The only real disadvantage? The PR5020 is heavy to use. A weight of 17 pounds can easily cause fatigue, mainly in the hands and shoulders of even the strongest laborers. We’re glad its reducing vibration system works well because otherwise, the added weight could’ve been a deal-breaker.

Highlighted Features

Item Dimensions LxWxH12 x 16 x 11.8 inches
BrandPoulan Pro
Power SourceGas Powered
Item Weight17 Pounds
Cylinder displacement51 cm³
Bar length (inch)20 in
Handle typeStandard



  • A more affordable alternative to Husqvarna
  • The OxyPower motor system provides ample power and torque.
  • Pull-starting is consistent and simple.
  • Emissions are low, and fuel consumption is low.


  • Setup is difficult.
  • Heavy in weight
  • A little difficult to manage

4. Blue Max 8901-20-Inch Combination Chainsaw

This chainsaw comes with both a 14-inch and a 20-inch bar and chain. It allows you to tailor your saw to the job. The impactful and small, single light cylinder and the two-stroke engine is running at 2800 RPM with no load.

The gasoline-powered engine combines function and portability, with an ignition speed of 2,700 to 3,400 RPM with a maximum speed of 10,500 RPM.

The anti-vibration grip maximizes comfort and reduces fatigue, allowing you to work harder and longer, and the simple, tool-free chain tension structure allows for quick adjustments.

The chainsaw is center balanced, giving you complete control and allowing you to make it clean edges. The fully automated oiler retains your chain adequately lubricated, allowing you to cut more efficiently and safely.

Highlighted Features

Chain Brake
Assembled Weight (lbs.)16.5
Bar Length (Inches)14
Chain Oil Dispenser TypeAutomatic
Handle TypeRear handle chainsaw
Engine Displacement (Cu. Centimeters)45
Engine Horsepower3
Engine Type2-cycle
Item Weight18.19 Pounds
Fuel Mix Ratio40:1



  • Engine capacity: 45 cc
  • The cutting speed is 10,500 RPM ​
  • Kickback is minimal
  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Chain lubrication is done automatically


  • Massive weight

5. Makita 20 56 CC Chain Saw

The Makita 20 56cc ChainSaw has a high power-to-weight ratio, more uncomplicated starts, and relatively low vibration, making it suitable for many applications. With a Convenient Start spring-assisted starter, the 56cc engine produces 4.0 HP and a top speed of 13,800 RPM.  

The use of a heavily loaded cartridge filtration system extends the filter’s life while decreasing the frequency of maintenance. An incredibly simple chain compartment allows for efficient chip clearing even through rip trimming, and the innovative vibration dampening system is designed to reduce vibration.

The EA5600FRGG is designed for various slashing and trimming applications in homestead and ranch living environments.

Highlighted Features

Engine Displacement (cu.in./cc)3.4 cu.in. (55.6 cc)
Power Rating4.1 HP/3 kW
Max. Engine Speed13,800 RPM
Standard Guide Bar20″
Chain Pitch3/8″
Chain Gauge.050″
Fuel Mixture50:1
Fuel Tank Capacity19.3 oz.
Oil Tank Capacity10.8 oz.
Net Weight (w/o bar & chain)12.8 lbs.
ChainSaw ConfigurationBar/chain in box
ChainSaw FeatureFlush cut handle
Chain Selection3/8 x .050
User TypeFarm/Ranch
Power Type2-stroke gas
Shipping Weight19.6 lbs.



  • Reliable and potent
  • Compact and well-balanced
  • Made of high-quality and simple to use


  • The stop handle may be accidentally flipped.

6. Salem Master 5820F 20″ Gas Powered Chainsaw

The SALEM MASTER 5820F 20-Inch Fuel Driven Chainsaw was the most complex evaluation model. At first glance, it appears to provide all the force and performance characteristics of cutting machines three times its price. While our testing revealed no issues, there have been many reports of faulty devices and non-existent customer service.

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The SALEM MASTER’s 58cc engine provides a necessary 8500 RPM cutting pace, and the fully automated oiler designed in such a manner makes it an excellent choice for extended workdays.

Some were pleased with the viewing assessment and chain braking system safety device again after users got it placed together, which was challenging due to the written directions.

Highlighted Features

MaterialPlastic (ABS) and Metal
Saw Chain20″ .325P/.058G/76DL
Power SourcePetrol
Power3.0 HP
Engine Displacement58CC
Max Engine Power2.2KW
Idling Speed8500r/min
FuelMixture (Gasoline 25: Two-Cycle Oil 1)
Chain OilMotor Oil SAE #10W-30
Fuel Tank Capacity550ml
Oil Tank Capacity260ml



  • Until you get it, this may work.


  • Ergonomics issues
  • Uses an excessive amount of fuel

7. Hitachi CS51EAP-20″ Rear Handle Chain Saw

The Hitachi CS51EAP 50.1cc 20-Inch Rear Handling Chain Saw featuring PureFire Engine was designed for professional users who need to chop giant trees quickly.

Its half throttle choke features triggering discharge enabling easy transition and heat, a sprung form anti-vibration mechanism for comfortability and reduced fatigue, and a sturdy dual pole braking system grip for convenience and safety of using the other features.

Highlighted Features

Engine Displacement50.1 cc
Starting SystemDecompression Valve
Purge Pump PrimerYes
Max Power3.5 HP
Bar Mounting Studs2
Bar & Chain Length   20″
Power Head Weight11.5 lbs
Side Chain AdjustmentYes
Fuel Tank Capacity17.9 oz
Oil Tank Capacity9.1 oz
Oiling SystemAdjustable
Anti-Vibration SystemYes- Spring Type



  • Fuel usage is low.
  • PureFire 50.1 cc engine, commercial-grade
  • There’s also an auto-return choke.
  • Chain Saw with Rear Handle
  • Oiler for chains that is both automatic and adjustable
  • Anti-vibration that feels like spring
  • nose bar with sprockets
  • High-quality building materials
  • Excellent cut.


  • A power distribution system that is complicated
  • Not so dependable.
  • The difficulty in starting the machine

Criteria To Check When Buying A 20-Inch Chainsaw


You can spend hundreds of dollars on an all-singing, all-dancing saw, but it’s pointless when you’re not going to use that to its full potential. After all, if you purchased a Ferrari, you wouldn’t limit your pace to 30 mph! Most of the finest chainsaws, particularly for the occasional user, can be purchased for less than $200.

Engine Power And Size

Engine size for gasoline-powered saws is evaluated in cubic centimeters. The higher the CC, the more Chainsaw-engine power is produced, but the trade-off is increased weight. Engines can be as small as 23cc and as large as 120cc, but most property owners will be perfectly alright with something between 30cc and 45cc.

The power of an electric chainsaw motor is measured in Amps. An 8 amp engine will generate approximately 1.3 bhp, while a 15 amp motor will generate about 2.4 bhp.


Stihl, Husqvarna, and Echo are mostly just several of the identities that stand out in quality. However, don’t be a brand enslaved person. Many companies are now producing excellent saws, and indeed the leading brands produce the occasional ‘turkey.’

The review sites will warn you of any issues with quality and dependability and will figure you in the path of good saws while trying to steer you away from bad.

Handling And Maneuverability

You can consider your age and general physical fitness. You might be capable of lifting an 11-pound weight with ease. However, using an 11lb saw for several minutes is one thing.

Moreover, using it continuously over 30 minutes when weariness sets in is quite another. As a result, you risk getting a mishap when you choose a saw that you can’t handle properly.

Safety Features

There are numerous ways to get injured while using a saw. While the safety measures included in today’s machines will help, they can never totally protect you from injury and accident. You must study the manufacturer’s operating handbook whether there is anything you must do.

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Don’t just skim through it; read it well and pay attention to what it says. Even if you’ve used a saw before, there are differences in the characteristics and features of different kinds and models that you should be aware of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I Use My Chainsaw In The Rain?

When you use your chainsaw throughout the rain, you’re more likely to get an electrical shock, especially if it’s corded. Even though you’re using a wireless chainsaw, cutting in the shower puts your blades at risk of rusting.

How Big Of A Tree Can A 20 Inch Chainsaw Cut?

An 18-inch-diameter tree would be taken down with a 20-inch chainsaw.

What Should You Avoid With A Chainsaw?

When using a chainsaw, be careful not to overheat it. Cutting into the dirt can weaken the cutters and wear the chain and bar. Instead of using the required lubrication, load the Chain Lubrication Reservoir with old motor oil. A chain that is either loose or too tight eats out the driving gear and the chain and bar.

You might burn out the centrifugal gear in seconds if you push the throttle aggressively when the brake is engaged. Wait and ensure the kickback brake isn’t upon whether the chain doesn’t rotate when you squeeze the trigger. It’s better to stop and sharpen the razor when it starts creating sawdust instead of chips.

Regular engine oil will combust with it, but a 2-cycle lubricant is intended for lubricating and igniting with the gas. If the air filter is clogged, don’t use your chainsaw, allowing dirt and dust to enter the combustion chamber. Filters are inexpensive, but just a new chain saw motor is not.

How Many CC Chainsaw Do I Need?

Chainsaw engines are distinguished by their power, measured in cubic centimeters (cc). A 65-cc engine produces additional capacity, convenient for cutting through thorny trees. Meanwhile, smaller engines with only 31 cc seem to be everything you want to cut your hedges or cut thin wood boards.

When selecting the best chainsaw, consider the engine power of the tool concerning the primary duty for which it will be used.

What Work Am I Using A Chainsaw For?

Selecting the perfect chainsaw comes down to what you want to do with it in the end. Your job will determine the sort of chainsaw you buy. Heavy work: If you’ll be down trees for several hours, invest in a professional chainsaw with a 65-110 cc engine and a 16- to the 20-inch guide bar.

For moderate work, slashing logs for firewood require only a 55 cc engine and a 16-inch guide bar. Hence, you may pick a chainsaw with a 31 to 34 cc engine if you wish to prune hedges or branches. A pole saw, which includes a retractable pole, a tiny motor, and an eight-inch bar, is also available.

The Best Choice Should Suit Your Work

Our top option is the Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20-Inch Gas-Powered Chain Saw. Husqvarna is a well-known brand for a reason: they create high-quality equipment.

This powerful machine was designed for the logging business, but it will fit in perfectly in your backyard. The functionality comes at a reasonable price, making it the top selection for 20-inch chainsaws.

A versatile 20-inch model is an excellent choice if you require a power saw. Consumers have chosen the following reviews as the best selections for comfortable, dependable use, and long-lasting power.

These are the saws you can rely on to get the job done, whether searching for a budget model or a more professional one. In the end, it’s all up to you on what you need and prefers for a chainsaw. These are just tips and guides to choose what’s best for you.