Where Are Hankook Tires Made: Unveiling Production Locations

Hankook Tire is a well-respected name in the tire industry, recognized for its dedication to innovation, performance, and quality. Established in Seoul, South Korea, the company has expanded its reach far beyond its original headquarters. Today, it stands as a global entity with an extensive network of manufacturing facilities.

The tires produced by the Hankook brand are made in several countries to cater to the global demand. These countries include South Korea, the People’s Republic of China, Hungary, Indonesia, and the United States. Each region is strategically chosen to support Hankook’s commitment to delivering high-quality tires efficiently across the world’s markets. With a variety of plant locations, Hankook ensures that its production capabilities can meet the needs of its diverse customer base.

Understanding where Hankook tires are manufactured provides insight into the company’s operational scale and its ability to innovate within the tire industry. Whether they are outfitting passenger vehicles, SUVs, or the demanding performance requirements of the racing sector, Hankook leverages its global manufacturing footprint to maintain its reputation for quality and reliability.

Global Manufacturing Footprint

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Hankook Tire’s production capabilities span across multiple countries, reflecting its status as a global tire manufacturer with a vast network of facilities.

Headquarters and Core Facilities

Hankook Tire, originated in South Korea, maintains its headquarters in Seoul and has a significant manufacturing presence in its home country. The company’s core facilities in South Korea have been instrumental in establishing its reputation for quality and innovation in tire manufacturing.

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Expansion and Production Abroad

As Hankook Tire has grown, it has extended its manufacturing footprint beyond South Korea. China, Hungary, Indonesia, and the United States boast Hankook factories that contribute to its global production capacity. A factory in West Java, Indonesia, is part of Hankook’s strategic expansion in Asia. In Europe, its Hungary manufacturing plants cater to the continental market, while the United States facility underscores Hankook’s commitment to the North American market and global growth.

Technological Advancements and Product Range

Hankook Tires leverages cutting-edge technology and materials to craft high-quality tires across a diverse product range, accommodating various vehicles such as passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks.

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Innovations in Tire Technology

Hankook has consistently pushed the envelope in tire technology, employing advancements like AI and 3D printing to enhance tire performance. The Dynapro MT2 represents such technological strides, boasting improvements for rugged terrains. On the other hand, the Ventus V12 evo2 incorporates cutting-edge compounds for optimum traction and handling.

Hankook Tire Portfolio

The Hankook Tire product line includes options for a multitude of driving needs:

  • Passenger Tires: Notably, the Kinergy series, designed for comfort and efficiency.
  • Performance Tires: Such as the Ventus v2 concept2, catering to drivers seeking responsive handling.
  • All-Terrain Tires: The Dynapro AT2 offers a blend of off-road capability and on-road manners.
  • SUV and Light Truck Tires: With the Dynapro HP2 meeting the demands of modern SUVs for stability and control.

OEM Partnerships and Certifications

Hankook has forged OEM partnerships with renowned automotive brands like BMW, Audi, Chevrolet, Lincoln, and Nissan, contributing original equipment to various models. This collaboration underscores the trust these manufacturers have in Hankook’s commitment to producing high-quality tires and the certifications achieved by Hankook in terms of safety and performance standards.