Where Are Moog Parts Made? You Should Know (Explained)

MOOG has always been one of the leading parts manufacturers in the US. Founded more than a century ago, Moog has always delivered quality automotive parts to the world.

Originally, MOOG parts were always manufactured in the US, but recently, MOOG parts are being made worldwide, majorly in China.

Moog Products

YouTube video

The video focuses on a person’s experience of buying MOOG products. He has spent over $40,000 on replacement parts and bought mainly from MOOG.

He exclaims that his products were not made in the same country. The good parts were from North America, and some of the questionable products were from China.

The consumer then explains that the company does not respond well to his complaints. This brings up a bad connotation to the company itself. 

About MOOG


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At MOOG, they view quality extremely seriously and give their very best to keep you driving securely and easily. Their items are planned, delivered, and tried by ISO guidelines.

They approach quality testing exceptionally seriously, and many of our parts highlight their novel assurance estimates, which give remarkable toughness, considerably under outrageous circumstances.

MOOG is additionally number 1 in covering the vehicle parc because they go above and beyond to offer the most over-the-top scope of Steering and Suspension parts in the business by a long shot. They go for the gold degree of parts accessibility.

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Accessibility, dependability, top quality: this is how they exceed all expectations for you.


Where are MOOG parts made?

Back in the brilliant years, Moog skeleton parts were made exclusively in the USA, and in a ton of cases, individuals expect that today.

How reliable are MOOG parts?

Moog is a confided in brand, and Moog suspension parts are solid, dependable, strong, and top caliber. Their wheel course keeps going from around 136,000 to 85,000 100,000 miles.

Moog Control Arm can keep going for quite a while and doesn’t need substitution until it gets broken down or torn.

What is MOOG’s Parent Company?

In 1971, following a downturn, Robert Moog offered Moog Music to Norlin Musical Instruments, where he stayed utilized as a creator until 1977. In 1978, he established another organization, Big Briar.

Any way to find out where a specific MOOG part comes from?

Each Moog part has the nation of beginning recorded on the name. This is quite simple to do, assuming you are taking a gander at the crate on the rack in a store. 

Notwithstanding, assuming you are more with the times and are shopping on the web, you might need to contact somebody at your merchant of the decision before you buy.

Considering most internet-based retailers transport without the first box to save money on transportation costs, you’ll be unable to track down the beginning without the container.

Can I Know Where A Part Number Is Made?

You couldn’t limit it somewhere near part type or even part number! You could arrange precisely the same part number from two unique organizations and have two distinct nations of starting points.

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Same part number, various nations of origin. Presently have confidence, they are a similar part, yet they came from different world areas.

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