Why Are Swift Drivers So Bad? [Higher Accident Rate]

Swift’s negative rep stems from years of being connected with reckless drivers who strive to save money by cutting corners to deliver on time, no matter what. 

There are so many reasons why people are generally scared of swift drivers.

Most Swift drivers are bad because they ignore traffic signs and may even endanger pedestrians. Although traffic laws may exist to annoy you, observing them will make everyone safer on the road.

Reasons Why Swift Has The Worst Truck Drivers

Swift drivers go through a training process before becoming drivers, but this does not mean that they all practice the precautions they learned. Regardless of this training, there still seems to be quite a large amount of swift driver accidents. 

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Here are a few reasons why swift drivers are viewed as bad drivers:

  1. Drivers are overly preoccupied with their phones.
  2. Drivers have little experience driving in congested areas.
  3. Drivers have no idea how to handle poor drivers on the road.
  4. Bad weather makes it more difficult for drivers to see and respond quickly, resulting in more accidents.
  5. Driver not getting sufficient sleep.
  6. Too many people drive during rush hour to avoid being late.
  7. People who live near highways or busy streets are accustomed to hearing loud noises all day, and as a result, they get desensitized and fail to see an emergency vehicle approaching from behind.

Truck Driving

Swift drivers are the same as any other truck driver, so what makes their situation different from other truck drivers?

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To answer this, you must understand the basics of truck driving and what it means to be a truck driver.

One of the most hazardous jobs is truck driving. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that truck drivers could be injured on the road and from overexertion or equipment contact.

Driving a truck might be a potentially risky vocation, with truck drivers frequently losing their lives or being injured in accidents.

A truck driver has to work long and exhausting hours and is isolated on the road for several days, with no opportunity to recuperate or see friends and family.

One of the drawbacks of being a truck driver is the increased risk of health problems connected with long hours and sedentary behavior.

Due to their lifestyle and long hours, truck drivers are at risk for obesity, hypertension, and other cardiovascular illnesses.

A truck driver may have diabetes or other health issues due to not being able to cook nutritious food, for example.

Truck drivers may experience pain and difficulty driving due to musculoskeletal issues caused by prolonged sitting, such as neck and back difficulties.

The lifestyle of a swift driver could affect their ability to drive and may even be why most of them are so bad.

Slowing down and giving oneself more space is the best thing drivers can do. If they believe a car is approaching them too closely, they should take the next exit or pull over to allow the car to pass. 

Although it may be inconvenient, being involved in a car accident could result in serious bodily injuries or death. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swift a poor firm to work for as a driver?

It all depends on your question. This might be a poor firm to work for if they didn’t treat their employees well, such as charging excessive commissions or failing to provide basic vehicle upkeep. 

However, depending on the quantity and severity of accidents in a location and whether Swift was at fault, the answer becomes more nuanced (or how much responsibility the driver has).

Why are truck accidents common?

Because of the need for long-distance deliveries, there are usually a lot of truck accidents. When swift drivers are on the road for hours, they face increased fatigue, driving obstacles, and the ever-present potential of driver error.

How much does a Swift driver make?

The average annual pay is usually between $34,000 and $37,000. Swift Transportation began paying its open market drivers $18.00 per hour in December 2016, with an annual raise potential of up to 3% on January 1st.

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