Why Cover Your Car Mirror When Traveling Alone? [Reasons]

When traveling alone, people often overlook one simple step, putting bags over their side mirrors when they park. It can help keep the mirror from fogging up, making it difficult to see out of.

But there’s another good reason: covering up the outside of your car can make it difficult for thieves to determine whether anyone is inside.

This tactic can deter would-be thieves or assailants by making them think twice before approaching your vehicle.

Reasons To Cover Your Car Mirror When Traveling Alone

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Getting a car ready for travel isn’t just about maps, snacks, and a full gas tank. Of course, it’s about safety too. 

That includes wrapping your mirrors with a plastic bag or two. You’ll find the reasons why you should do it below.


Protect your vehicle from break-ins by covering the inside rearview mirror with large objects. The last thing you need is a criminal breaking into your car and taking your belongings.

Protection From Debris

Keeping your windows closed during a storm can help protect you from flying debris. If your car is closed up, debris is less likely to damage it. 

Additionally, this saves you from having to pay for costly car repairs.

Protect Valuable Items

Don’t let your car mirrors be an easy target. Cover them to keep valuable items out of sight and out of the hands of thieves. 

Covering your mirrors prevents thieves from seeing valuable items inside your vehicles, such as laptops and cell phones. This helps deter break-ins during daylight hours when most vehicles are parked outside in public spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are car mirrors important?

The more you can see into the rear, the more self-assured you may be. Without adequate mirror imaging, drivers cannot appreciate their surroundings, leading to crashes. 

That’s why it’s important to select mirrors that provide a broad visibility range while permitting you to maneuver safely through traffic.

How to put a plastic bag on the car window?

You can use a garbage bag as an emergency windshield replacement if your windshield breaks and you do not have an extra one. 

Cover the window with plastic inside the car, and fasten it to the windshield frame with adhesive tape. Tap on it from outside to ensure that it holds securely.

What does it mean when a car window has a plastic bag on it?

It’s a common misconception that plastic bags in a car window mean that there is something wrong with the air conditioning. This is used as a safety measure by many people. 

The idea is that when there’s time to pull over and rest before hitting the road again, then it will alert other drivers so they can drive carefully around you. 

It’s also great for preventing sun damage or potential sleep deprivation during long road trips by putting off the harsh rays of heat and keeping your car cool. 

Plus, it’s super easy! Just place a small bag near your rear windshield and neatly tuck one end under the other to secure it.

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