Why Does My Car Pull To The Right After Alignment [The Answer]

When your car is pulling in either direction, you will go for wheel alignment most of the time. However, what if it still pulls to the right after alignment? What could be the problem?

The car pulling to the right even after alignment could be a combination of several things. Here are some reasons:

  • Having low tire pressure is a major contributing factor. As a result, ensure that the tire pressure is checked. Fill the tire pressure where necessary and balance the wheels with the same pressure. Also, consider rotating the tires too to see if the problem goes away. 
  • Uneven tread wear is another reason the car pulls to the right while driving. This would be a common problem if you were driving in a non-aligned car for a long time. This uneven wearing will keep the car pulling to one side even when you have it aligned properly. 
  • You may also be facing tire conicity. It is a defect from the manufacturer where the tire belts are not aligned perfectly. Also, uneven wear of the tire can lead to this problem. 

Here is a video showing how you would know you need wheel alignment done to your car. 

YouTube video

Additional Reasons For Wheel Alignment 

Stuck brake caliper

Let us say that when you brake, you notice the car pulling to the right. One of the reasons would be that you have a stuck caliper.

So, you have to check if the calipers are working correctly on the side it is pulling towards. 

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It might also be a problem with the wheel cylinder or still a hydraulic fault. Have it repaired as soon as possible to ensure it works as it should, considering your brakes are vital. 

Worn suspension parts 

The worn suspension parts can also shift from their positions each time you drive or brake the car.

An example is the lower control arm bushing which can lead to pulling in one side if they are worn out. 

One way of identifying that such is the problem is that you have the car pulling in one side when braking but drives straight once you release the brake. 

Having different tread patterns

Most people do not realize that different tread patterns may also affect how well the car drives and performs.

You may experience pulling to one side of the treads do not match. That is why you should always have the tires having the same treads or only changing in pairs. 

Below is a video showing how wheel alignment would be done to your car;

YouTube video


Can you fix a car pulling to the right?

Yes. You just have to ensure wheel alignment is done properly and check out the other things mentioned in the guide above. 

Which part of wheel alignment would lead to pulling?

It is the camber adjustment. The pull will happen if it is different from side to side. 

Why does the car pull to one side each time I accelerate?

This can be due to alignment issues or having a radial pull on the tire. Have the suspension aligned first to check if the issue goes away.

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