Why Does My Car Sound Like an Airplane? [Main Causes]

It is not World War I but you can hear sputtering sounds from your car. You can hear an “airplane” noise like a growl or hum.

Why is this happening? Why does your car sound like an airplane?

There is an “airplane” sound from your car because of the wheel bearing. The wheel bearing is the set of steel balls in your car.

They are pulled together by a metal ring called a race. There can be a variety of bearings but all do the same job.

They help something spin with just a very little friction. The bearings are protected by elements, water, and debris with seals.

These are needed for the bearings to operate. The wheel bearing will start to make a noise if the seal is broken or damaged.

Thus, it can create a sound like an airplane in your car. It is like you have a rumble strip on the side of the highway.

There will be a whirring of a helicopter propeller. You have to resolve the wheel bearing issues to sort this out.

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The Reasons Why Your Car Sounds Like an Airplane

1. Loose Tire

You may have a loose tire if you are hearing the sound of an airplane in your car. This may be easy to fix but you should not ignore this.

It may also be good to have a technician look over your car as soon as possible. You should not wait for the sound to be louder.

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2. Brakes or Wheel Bearings

If you have problems with brakes, this can be a source of a helicopter-like noise. This includes a bad brake, issues with the parking brake, and a warped caliper or rotor.

To avoid this, make a visual check on your brakes. Or much better, get a technician to diagnose if you need a necessary brake repair.

Your wheel bearings may also be failing. It can cause extra noise while you are driving.

The sound may get louder as you accelerate. So, it is necessary to make an appointment with a technician to have it repaired.

3. Leak in Exhaust System

You may be driving with a leak in your exhaust system. This can cause a sound of a helicopter or airplane in your car.

The exhaust system will carry the harmful fumes away from its engine. When there is a leak in it, it can create noise while you are driving your car.

It may be tricky to find the leaks. So, you should trust a technician to do the exhaust repairs.

4. Aftermarket Parts and Engine Problems

They say that the sound of an airplane in your car is from an aftermarket part issue. Any car part that has been added into your car that is not from the original manufacturer is an aftermarket part.

Aftermarket parts can be used in a variety of ways. They can work for your car but they are not ideal for your car.

If you have recently used aftermarket parts in your car, you should make a mechanic check everything. The mechanic can troubleshoot the problem with your car.

5. Steering Column Issues

If the seal of your steering column is loose, it can create loud airplane noise. Go to a mechanic and let them help you reseal the column.

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Resealing the column will eliminate the noise. You can drive safely on the road.

6. Cooling Fan

The most common cause of why your car sounds like an airplane is a cooling fan. The radiator fan or cooling fan prevents the car from overheating.

If it has a problem, it can make a noise while spinning. Maybe one of the blades of the fan is bent.

When the blade is bent, it will hit repeatedly off to something else and will create a terrible sound. So, you must fix the blade or buy a new fan if needed.

If the cooling fan is not working, you can have the risk of overheating the engine. This will be a source of a multitude of problems.

You need to address this quickly. Look also for other symptoms that can lead to an accident.

Strange Car Noises

Humming Noise

Your car can have a low-pitched hum. This noise can get louder as you accelerate.

It is like the sound of an airplane taking off. The volume can be consistent after a certain speed.

As you turn, it can get louder. But turning the other way can make it disappear.

This is a wheel-bearing noise.

Sound of an Unbalanced Washing Machine

Your car can have a wobbling noise. It is like an unbalanced washing machine on a high spin cycle.

This is caused by loosened wheel nuts. Your wheel can fall off because of this.

It means that you have low tire pressure. It will be good to pull over right away and check your tires.

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You will have a tire blowout if you will not. You should tighten the wheel nuts.

You should also inflate your tire according to the proper specification.

Rumbling Noise

You can hear a rumbling noise that gets louder when you accelerate. It is so loud that you cannot even hear the passenger talking.

This means that you have an exhaust leak. The exhaust system is made up of multiple pieces like the muffler, resonator, or flex pipe.

One of these components may leak.

Grinding or Squeaking Noise

When you have a poor brake, you will hear a grinding or squeaking noise. This can also happen when you have worn braking materials.

Get a technician to service your brakes. The process may involve lubricating, cleaning, and adjusting the materials.

If you can hear a cyclical noise while driving, your brakes may need to be replaced.

Clicking Noise While Turning

You can hear a clicking noise when you turn one way. The noise speeds up when you go faster and slows down when you reduce your speed.

It will stop when you turn the other way. The noise comes from your CV axle.

The CV axle shaft boot is torn. It also leaks grease.

When this component is dry, it can make a clicking sound. Go to a technician and make him replenish the grease.

If the CV axle is damaged, it should be replaced.

Whining Noise While Turning

A high-pitched whine can be heard from your vehicle if it has hydraulic power steering. You may have locked the steering wheel.

The power steering pump may have been strained. You should unlock the position to ease the increase in pump pressure.

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The noise will disappear after that. If the noise is constant, the pump is likely to be damaged.

High-Pitched Squealing Noise

You can hear a high-pitched squeal from your car. It sounds like a bird chirping as you start the engine.

It means that the serpentine belt of your car is worn or cracked.

The multiple belts of the car include one for air conditioning. There is an issue with that belt if you can hear the noise as you turn on the air conditioning.

The belt may also not have enough tension. This may cause the belt to slip.

Thus, the squealing sound can be heard.

Droning Noise

There is a droning noise that gets louder as you accelerate. This may not change while you are turning.

This sound is coming from your tires. It means that they are old or of poor quality. This is also a sign of feathered tires.

It means that the treads of your tires are wearing unevenly. The result of feathered tires is a worn suspension component.

Thus, it can cause your tires to hop up and down and make a droning noise.

Knocking in the Engine

When you use the wrong type of gasoline in your car, you can hear a knocking in the engine. Low-grade gasoline can cause havoc with the spark plugs.

Pistons can move erratically and cause a knock-knock sound. Consult the vehicle manual to know the proper type of gasoline for your car.

Once you have the right type of gasoline for your car, the knocking sound will disappear.

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If you want to know more about the strange noise in your car, you can watch the following video:

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Why Does My Engine Sound Like a Jet?

There can be a leak in the exhaust of your car if your engine sounds like a jet. The noise can become louder than the hole in the exhaust system.

This also means that the diesel engine’s muffler is faulty.

Why Does My Car Sound Like a Bus When I Accelerate?

When there is something wrong with the belt of your car, it will make a noise when you are accelerating. The other noise might come from the loud exhaust system.

It includes the downpipe, catalytic converter, resonator, and muffler.

Why Does My Car Sound Like a Vacuum?

Your car has an extreme vacuum leak if it sounds like a vacuum. The combustion engine produces the vacuum pressure.

This should be routed in your engine so that it can give power to components like the power steering pump.

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