Why Don’t Car Tires Have Inner Tubes [7 Reasons!]

If you are older, you may have used car tires that had tubes. However, it seems modern cars all come with tubeless tires. It can lead to someone wondering why this is a popular trend.

Well, modern tires that are tubeless generally come with more benefits compared to tires with tubes.

We are talking of benefits such as improved deflation rate, driving even on low pressure, reduced prices, and more.

Below we look at these reasons in detail to see why it is best to settle for tubeless car tires.

Why Do Modern Tires Not Use Inner Tubes? (7 Reasons)

1. Low deflation rate

Anyone who has used a tubed tire knows that once it is punctured, it can easily blow at any time if not repaired correctly. This may even lead to accidents.

The deflation rate with tubeless tires is better and controlled. So, in case you have a puncture, you can control the car with ease until it comes to a stop.

As you can see, the rate at which you would get accidents is largely reduced. This is a huge advantage especially when you get a puncture while driving at a high speed.

2. Tubeless tires are affordable

Comparing the two types of tires, the tubeless tires come out as more cost-effective.

Considering that the tubeless tires lack tubes, it means they are also lighter and the gas mileage is better for your car.

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Still, the tubeless tires will save you more on the maintenance side. No need to buy new tubes or deal with punctured tubes.

3. Ease of puncture repair

In the past, puncture repair was quite a headache when working with tires with tubes.

It meant taking off the wheel from the tire and repairing the tube before assembling again.

However, the tubeless tires do not have all that much hassle. All you have to do is use a tire repair kit and you are good.

Some even use liquid sealants to automatically repair the punctures with ease.

4. Heat is not good for tubes

You are always advised to consider the friction between the tire and the tube while driving.

If the friction is too high, then the tube might explode easily at this high temperature.

We all know it may be hard to keep the temperatures low considering people drive at high speeds while on the highway.

Even though it may not be a common problem, the solution would be to have tubeless tires.

That is why tubeless tires barely get to high temperatures considering there is no friction inside the tires. This should make them work quite well.

5. Low frequency of a flat tire

Anyone who has used tires with tubes before switching to tubeless would be living a dream. This is because most people do not experience more flat tires as before.

In most cases, you should find that tubeless tires are more durable than tubed tires.

6. Tubeless tires can run on low pressure

It is largely advisable not to drive on low pressure in your tires. That is why you have to check the tire pressure more often to avoid uneven wear.

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That being said, you can find it easier and safer to drive on low pressure with tubeless tires. If you do the same with tubed tires, you risk damaging the rim, tire, and tube.

It is another reason to consider having tubeless tires generally.

7. Tubeless tires can help with balancing weight

Tubed tires often make it hard to maneuver a car driving at high speeds. This is because of the inability to balance the air pressure correctly fast in the tubes.

When the tubes are eliminated, then you have a more stable car. This proves once again the reason why tubeless tires will remain a good pick.

Below is a video on more benefits of tubeless tires

YouTube video

Installing Tubes in a Tubeless Tire

It can be interesting for someone to think of installing tubes in tubeless tires.

We can say that such is unnecessary. This is even if you are having leaks around the rim. It is best to have the rim fixed to avoid leaks.

Another reason someone might consider such repairs is when the sidewall is punctured.

A punctured sidewall cannot be repaired and having a tube in it does not help much. It will only increase the chances of a blowout.

The best part is that the tubeless tires have a thicker sidewall, so they might not be easy to puncture, unlike tubed tires.

Here is a video on the differences between tubeless and tubed cars

YouTube video


Should you drive a car with tubed tires?

Considering the benefits of tubeless tires, some might be worried about using a car with tubed tires.

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However, you can still drive it. However, make sure that the tires and tubes are in good condition always.

Are tubeless tires better than tubed tires?

Yes. The biggest advantage is that the tubeless tires are less susceptible to punctures. Also, they should be good to drive on low pressure.

How do you know if the tires are tubeless?

Look at the information stamped on the sidewall of the tire. It will give you details about your tire including if it is tubeless or tubed.

Can any tire work as tubeless?

No. It is vital to ascertain that your tire is tubeless first. The last thing you need is to run a tubed tire without a tube. You will end up damaging it.

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