Why Is My Car Making A Whistling Noise When I Accelerate [4 Reasons Explained]

Having a whistling noise coming into the cabin is not normal. However, it can mean a lot of things, but be sure to check it out and ensure it is fixed.

Below are some of the reasons you may hear a whistling noise when you accelerate.

1. Worn window seals

This would be the most common reason why you are facing the whistle noise from the car.

When the window seals are exposed to the elements, they can be worn out and even worse, start to leak.

Each time you accelerate, the wind starts to come into the cabin via the window seals thus leaving you with a whistling sound.

Luckily, you will come across these window seals as being affordable and easy to replace with ease.

2. Vacuum leak

Another reason the car makes a whistling sound as you accelerate might be due to a vacuum leak.

A vacuum leak is possible when a hose is worn or pricked thus leading to this scenario. A damaged hose or a loose one can also be a culprit.

Having a vacuum leak will make the car less efficient and might easily get worse with time. So, repair it as soon as possible. No need for a greater expense later.

3. Worn belts

Even worn belts can be the reason you come across the whistling sound in the car. It could be the belt driving the water pump or alternator. So check them to make sure they are in good condition.

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Also, the whistling noise can be temporary if such a belt has been exposed to water too. Let us say you were driving through a puddle or there is a fluid leak from the car. That is when it makes a whistling noise.

Performing a visual check can help to see which belt would need replacing or sometimes just tightening.

4. The fuel injectors are dirty

It might seem surprising, but having clogged fuel injectors can also lead to a whistling noise.

This noise might not be as loud as other causes mentioned above, but it can be a symptom that you need to clean or replace the fuel injectors.

The dirty fuel injectors would easily mean your air-to-fuel ratio is not as good as before. Even a check engine light might come on.

Have the car sent to the mechanic for a proper diagnosis to clean or replace the injectors.

Here is how to diagnose a whistling sound from the car

YouTube video

Whistling Noise After the Engine is Turned Off

Sometimes you can hear a whistling sound even after turning off the engine. What could be the problem in such a case?

The most common problem would be that you have a faulty radiator cap. Most people do not know how important a radiator cap is.

In case the cap is loose or damaged, then the pressure from the cooling system escapes leading to a whistling sound.

Buy a new cap to ensure the cooling system can continue to function properly.

Other Noises You May Hear While Driving

Whistling might not be the only sound you hear while driving. Others include;

  • Whirring is a sound of a worn belt. The belts can stretch and still crack based on the driving conditions and age. So, having to replace the worn belts leaves you with a car with fewer noises.
  • When you hear ticking and clicking sounds in the engine, then check the oil. This is mostly because the parts are not lubricated properly. The car’s dipstick should come in handy here.
  • Uneven idling can also mean that your car has issues. The first culprit is usually the sparkplugs. If they are not working effectively, then expect to have uneven idling with the car.
  • Noisy turning is another reason to have the car checked. This is common when the tires are not inflated correctly or there is extensive wear which means replacing the tires too.
  • Noisy brakes should be something you worry about too. This is mostly because of how important it is for you to have working brakes. The chances are it would be worn brake pads.
  • Clunks might occasionally be heard when going over speedbumps. This means there is an issue with your suspension. This might not need immediate change, but it is good to replace the worn parts for a smooth ride.
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Here is a video on the common noises a car might have

YouTube video


Why is there a whistling sound from the engine while accelerating?

It could be that you have a vacuum leak. It is important that you have it fixed to get the most out of your engine performance.

Can you fix a whistling sound from the car while accelerating?

The first thing is to identify why you have the whistling sound in the first place. Once you find the issue let us say it is the window seals, simply have them replaced to quiet down the cabin.

How much does it cost to fix a whistling sound from a car while accelerating?

It may depend on what is causing the whistling sound. As for window seals, it can cost an average of $20 to $40 to have them replaced easily.

Is it safe to drive a car with a whistling noise?

Depending on the cause of the whistling sound, it can still be safe to drive the car. The part of worn seals, should not stop you from driving the car more often.

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