Why Put a Plastic Bottle on Tire When Traveling Alone [Important]

There are a lot of theories and stories about finding a bottle on the tire of your car. This usually happens when coming back to your car in the parking lot. 

Continue reading below to know about what this bottle placement means. 

The Danger of A Bottle on the Tire

When you see a plastic bottle on your tire, you should be very aware of your surroundings. This means you were targeted by a group looking to steal your vehicle. Here’s how it works:

They stuff a plastic bottle between your tires, ensuring it’s hidden. When you start driving, you will hear a weird noise from the plastic bottle.

Once you hear the noise, you will get out of your car and try to look for what is making that sound. That is when someone will jump into the car and drive off.

This has been an urban myth circulating on the internet without actual crimes with this MO being reported. Some sources debunk it saying it is false mainly because it relies on the notion that the person goes out of the car to check on the noise.

It is recommended that you look around your car tires before driving out of the parking lot. Authorities should be informed if you indeed find a plastic bottle.

Surely, it’s important to treat this issue with importance. Even if few reported cases of these, it can still happen. It is one of the more plausible theories that can be attempted by some person who reads it online.

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Cars can easily be scrapped and taken apart to be sold part by part. This is why it is better to prevent car theft from happening rather than find a stolen vehicle.

If someone puts a PLASTIC BOTTLE on your tire, IT MEANS TROUBLE watching what happens!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Car Theft Most Prominent?

California, Florida, and Texas are the most prominent places in the United States where car theft can occur. These states have over 250,000 vehicles stolen combined. 

Opportunistic car theft is the most common form of this crime. This is where potential thieves come across cars with easy access to keys. It may still be in the ignition or the car door.

This type of car theft is the most common. This is also the easiest to prevent, so it is a good sign. 

How Can I Prevent My Car From Being Stolen?

Why Put a Plastic Bottle on Tire When Traveling Alone

The first step in preventing car theft is the easiest. You should simply lock your doors and make sure to have your keys when leaving your car.

  1. Other car models, especially European and high-end cars, have a valet key. This is a key found in the owner’s manual or glovebox. Make sure to remove this as well to prevent access from unwanted people. 
  2. Some individuals like to have older cars or restore older models. It may be a good idea to switch manual locks to power locks. This makes locking doors less hassle because it would only take one button. 
  3. A simple and easy way to prevent anyone from driving your car away is to install a tire or steering wheel lock. Just make sure that you know the hiding place for the keys or memorize the lock code.
  4. A smart car alarm can also be installed in your vehicle. This can prevent thieves from driving too far before notifying you or someone nearby. It can also serve as a tracker if you lose vision of your stolen car being driven away.
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Where is the Safest Place for car owners?

Lewisboro Town, New York, and Wayland, Massachusetts, are two of the safest places for car owners.

Not only are the chances of car theft very minimal, but all crimes are never likely to happen as well. It might be a little pricey to live in those areas, but it would be worth it.

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