Why Put a Plastic Bottle on Your Car Tire When Parked? [Here is why]

Have you seen a parked vehicle with a plastic bottle on the tire? Well, why would drivers do this thing?

What is the purpose of a plastic bottle on the car tire? Anyway, the common manipulations for this thing are the following:

  • Protecting the vehicle from intruders
  • An alternative to safety from lost caps
  • To know the problem on the axle
  • To prevent the wheel to freeze
  • To check if the wheels are moving properly
  • To prevent the bolts and nuts to freeze
  • Corrosion protection

But if you find a plastic bottle on your tire and you did not put it there, it means that a thief is about to steal your car. If you want to know more about this, watch the following video:

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Why Do Drivers Put Plastic Bottles on Tires?

The main reason why drivers put plastic bottles on tires is because of the extremely cold weather. Examine the following reasons why they do this:

1. To Avoid the Wheel from Jamming

Trailers use this method. The plastic bottles help drivers to see if the wheel starts to burst.

Because the trailer is long, they can not see this unless the plastic bottle can be a sign.

2. Protection from Freezing Bolts and Nuts

The bolts can freeze because of the cold weather. The plastic bottle can help so that the tire will not crackle or burst.

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3. Replacement for Lost Cap

The purpose is for the safety of the tire movement. It can be a replacement for lost caps.

You can prevent the brakes from malfunctioning.

4. Wheel Protection from Theft

Through the plastic bottle, the robbers cannot easily remove the wheel.

Plastic Bottles Used by Thieves to Steal the Car

Not only do drivers put plastic bottles on tires but even thieves. They use them to steal the vehicle.

The plastic bottle is used as a prop. It will distract the driver as the driver starts to move the car.

The plastic bottle will produce a crunching sound that can make the driver stop and go out of the car. After that, the thief will go inside the car to steal the vehicle.

To avoid this thing to happen, you should do the following:

  • Always close the door of the vehicle when you get out.
  • Have a car alarm that can show that a thief is there.

If you want to know how you can install a car alarm on your vehicle, you can watch the following video:

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What Should You Do If You See a Plastic Bottle on Your Tire?

  • Do a fast walkaround
  • Lock your car
  • Call 911
  • Report to the police


What is the Plastic Piece at the Back of the Tire?

The fender liner is the plastic barrier that is installed at the back of the tire. It is common in modern cars.

All four wheels have a fender liner.

Are Wheel Covers Important?

Wheel liners can protect the car from road debris. You can therefore avoid dust and deterioration.

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The car’s appearance can also have some benefits.

What Does Hold the Tire in Place?

The tire beads keep the tire in place. It prevents the tire from being out of place.

Are Tire Guards Necessary?

Tire guards can protect your vehicle in all road conditions. You can protect it from mud, rocks, and other elements.

What is the Purpose of Tubes in Some Tires?

The tubes can avoid slow leaks on the tires. They are common in antique automobiles.

Can Plastic Cause Damage to a Tire?

If the bumper has sharp pieces of plastic, they can damage the tire. They can be the cause of an accident.

Is the Plastic Under My Car Necessary?

The plastic shield under your car can protect you from water and dirt. You can avoid aerodynamic drag.

You can also boost the fuel economy.

Will the Car Tire Be Popped with a Glass Bottle?

Broken glass may not go through the tire. It is because of the steel belts.

The worst that can take place is that the glass can tear the rubber.

Can Glass Make a Tire Flat?

A glass can rarely puncture the tire. But certain kinds of glass can cause a tire to fail.

What Do You Call the Plastic Cover Under the Car?

The plastic cover beneath the car is called an engine splash. It protects the car from different elements on the road.

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