Why Put Plastic Bags on Side Mirrors When Traveling Alone? [Real Reason]

When driving alone, why cover your car mirrors with bags? It might be an approach to avoiding automobile break-ins and thefts from happening.

However, putting bags over your side mirrors does have another purpose, but traveling alone or with some people has no connection to why you should do it. Continue below to know more about it. 

The Real Reason: Protective Measures

Why Put Plastic Bags on Side Mirrors When Traveling Alone

The real reason you should do it is to protect your side mirrors. During the winter season, cars that aren’t parked in a garage or a covered area will get snow on them. 

Side mirrors can get frozen or covered in snow. This makes it very difficult for the driver to see the mirrors when on the road. 

It is also an added hassle to have to remove the hard ice every time before leaving. Scraping off the ice when hard can damage the mirror or scratch it. 

For areas that don’t experience winter, bags on the side mirrors can prevent bird poop stains. It can also prevent small leaves or insects that fall from trees from getting into the housing. 

Why put a plastic bag over your wing mirror?

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Why Traveling Alone has Nothing To Do With It

Protective measures for your car’s lifespan should be done with or without company during your travel. It isn’t a safety measure, although the clickbait titles in the advertisements make it seem that way. 

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It gives the notion that the covered side mirrors make car break-ins or kidnapping less likely since they can’t see inside the car. What they forget to mention is that potential thieves can peer directly through the window. 

In fact, putting plastic bags over the side mirrors may even indicate to these people that you are traveling alone. It can put you in more danger than not covering the side mirrors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are actual safety tips when traveling alone?

A few proper tips and tricks when traveling alone, especially for women, is not to put yourself in vulnerable situations. There are a handful of preventive measures for that. 

It is important to check the car levels before leaving. Water level, gas level, tire air pressure, and other things can prevent unwanted breakdowns at sketchy locations. 

Another tip is to know and research the route beforehand. It helps to have GPS but familiarizing yourself with the route before leaving is better.

This prevents asking for directions from strangers and being possibly misled elsewhere. 

Are there other things I can cover my side mirrors with?

You can use just about anything to cover side mirrors when parked in a cold area. Towels, rags, cardboard, and many others can do just as well of a job as plastic bags. 

It is still better to look for covered parking or invest in a car cover. Don’t panic when those aren’t available because it is very easy to look for alternatives.

How can I remove the Ice quickly from frozen side mirrors?

The best way to remove ice or snow from side mirrors is with hot water. If that isn’t available, the other option usually is to scrape or sweep the ice/snow off of the mirrors.

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Make sure to do this carefully to avoid scratches and cracks on the mirror. 

Other vehicles have heated side mirrors, so try and check if your vehicle has these. If you’re buying one and live in a cold area, include this in the consideration for what car you’ll purchase. It can save time and effort in the long run.

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