Will a 9mm Puncture a Tire? [It Depends On THIS]

We can see action movies having the villains shoot a car. But in reality, can a bullet puncture a tire?

How about a 9mm bullet? Is it capable of getting the tire punctured?

Yes, you should know that a 9mm can puncture a tire. Though, it is not that easy.

If you shoot at a good distance, the tire can be punctured. You should also use a good gun with a good caliber.

The tire can either be hit head-on or on the sidewalls to be punctured. You should fire directly on the tread or the side.

If you want to know more about this topic, you can watch the following video:

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Shooting a Tire

We have sample results about how a 9mm can puncture a tire. We have used ammunition that shows some results when a 9mm is shot into a tire.

The following is the kind of 9mm that we have used:

The Puncture by 9mm 115gr FMJ

Will a 9mm Puncture a Tire

The 9mm gun is the most common handgun that law enforcement officers use. A 9mm bullet is a good caliber to puncture the tire.

If you shoot the sidewall, the tire can have a hole no bigger than a nail. You can easily find the hole but it is tiny.

The air will leak, but aside from a slight hissing sound, the puncture can go unnoticed. If you shoot at the tread, the hole is harder to find.


Here is a more definite description of the observation:

  • Penetration Depth– The bullet has the power to enter the 8”+ sidewalls of the tire.
  • Rate of Deflation– The rate of deflation is over a minute to reach 0 PSI.
  • Effectiveness of Caliber – The bullet can be a threat to any car.

Maybe you should learn more about shooting the tire. Watch the following video:

YouTube video

Factors That Affect the Puncture to the Tire

The damage to the tire may depend on some factors. They are the following:

1. Weight on Tires

The weight of tires can increase the rate of deflation. This is because it can get the volume of the tire to get smaller.

Here is the record of how you can get a flat tire.

Caliber/Location Time Until Rim Touches the Ground
9mm (Sidewall) 94.5 Seconds
9mm (Tread) 2.6 Seconds

2. Vehicle Speed

The speed of the vehicle also affects the rate of deflation. The tire can go flat faster if you drive fast.

Though, the rate of speed doesn’t have much significant effect on tire puncture.

3. Rotation Displacement

The rotation of the tire can interfere with the bullet’s flight. It affects its penetrating abilities.

The tire can move fast to displace the trajectory of a bullet.

Will a 9mm Puncture a Tire


Can You Repair a Punctured Tire?

Yes, you can repair a tire puncture. But it depends on the damage to the tire.

What is Strong Enough to Puncture Tires?

A long nail can puncture the tire if it is sharp enough. The tire can be harmed better if the sharp object is placed in a good position.

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What Can Puncture a Tire?

You may need a sharp knife to slash the tire. It can puncture the tire in seconds.

Can a Needle Puncture a Tire?

If tires are pierced by a needle, drivers will not know easily that the tire is punctured. It will have a slow tire leak.

It will take some days before it will deflate.

Why Do They Never Shoot Tires?

Some bullets cannot penetrate the tire but hit other things. This can cause danger to innocent bystanders.

How Do I Know If My Front Tire is Punctured?

When your car becomes shaky and unbalanced, then your front tire is punctured. You can also hear a thumping sound and experienced vibration in the car.

You can even hear a dangled noise.

Can Punctured Treads Be Repaired?

If the damage is ¼ inch in diameter or 6mm, you can repair the punctured treads. Only two punctures can be repaired.

If the damages are more than 16 inches apart, it is irreparable. If the cut is huge and deep, you cannot repair the punctured tire.

What is Considered a Sidewall Puncture?

A puncture that is more than ¼ inch is a sidewall puncture. It is between the internal sheet belt and the shoulder of the tire.

It cannot be repaired. You need a replacement if this happens.

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