Worx WG163 vs WG170 Cordless String Trimmer

The Worx brand is one of the leaders in making string trimmers.

The company trimmers are known for their performance, durability, versatility, and more. It is why you are likely to find them in most homes and businesses.

The company makes multiple string trimmers, so sometimes it might be hard to get yourself the best model.

So, which one should you consider? We recommend that you check out the Worx WG163 and the Worx WG170 units to find one that works for your needs.

What to Consider


The versatility of a string trimmer is important to determine how best you would be using it. Depending on the model, you can have one that works as a trimmer, mini-mower, and an edger. Look at the various models to see what kind of versatility you get with each one of them.

The Battery Type

The battery type is important to ensure that you always have a model that can handle all your needs with the right battery. Most battery-powered models will come with two batteries.

These are all important to ensure you can always have an easier time working for longer without recharging the batteries.

Head Tilting

The head tilting angle can determine how best you can utilize the string trimmer. There are times you have to reach difficult terrains and still maintain straight cuts. Go for a model that allows for the head to tilt to a greater angle so that trimming the difficult terrains becomes easier.

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Line Feeding Mechanism

The line-feeding mechanism can also improve your usability experience. We recommend going for a model that has an advanced or a better feeding mechanism to make your life a lot easier.

The Conversion

Let us say that you get a model that can work as a trimmer, edger, and mini-mower, how easy or hard is it to change from one mode to another? We recommend that you get a model that has an easier conversion preferably with no tools required to get it done.

Let’s Compare

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare String Trimmer

The WG163 model is what you need for trimming your lawn with ease while at the same time-saving money on your budget. It is, for this reason, you will get more people going for this string trimmer. Here are more benefits of the unit.

A Combination of Trimmer and Edger

It is good to have multiple tools in one product as you end up handling more uses with the same tool. For this one, it is a trimmer and an edger. You can easily convert from a string trimmer to a wheel edger in a matter of seconds.

This kind of versatility is what you need when buying such tools.

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Instant Line Feed

Another thing you will like about the unit should be the instant line feed command system. With a press of a button, you get the line fed into the unit faster. This should make it easier to operate the string trimmer.

Multiple Batteries

The manufacturer sends you two batteries of 20V capacity. These lithium batteries are good for ensuring you enjoy the best performance in terms of more power all the time.

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It is easy to see that you can handle more trimming applications without worrying about battery life.

The Head Tilts

The adjustability of a string trimmer will always make it a better device compared to one with less adjustability. This one comes with a head that allows for tilting up to 90 degrees. This makes it easier for you to trim and edge the sloped terrains.

The Rubberized Wheels

The rubberized wheels are all good for making sure you have the best support and guidance of the edger. As such, you should end up with straighter lines and cleaner cuts than before.

The Space Guard

You will also like the adjustable space guard. The aim is to provide you with a trimmer that will not damage the plants or the landscape features.

You simply have to follow the manufacturer’s guide on adjusting the space guard and you are good to go.

Worx WG170 GT Revolution Grass Trimmer

For those who might be in the market for an upgrade, then the Worx WG170 unit can be a nice choice. It comes with several additional features that make it better and more value for money. Here are more reasons to get the grass trimmer.

3-in-1 Trimmer

Being a 3-in-1 device means that you get a lot more functionality. For this case, we are looking at a model that can work as a trimmer, a mini-mower, and a wheeled in-line edger.

It should be easy to see that you can do a lot more on your lawn with this single device rather than have separate units.

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To convert from one mode to another is just seconds. Even newbies to the tool can find it easy to change the different modes.

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The Command Feed

The model comes with an innovative push-button spool system just like the WG163 unit. This is crucial for helping you feed the line faster. You can have it now setup quickly compared to using other trimmers that lack this feature.

A Telescoping Shaft

It is now easier to tailor the shaft based on your height. This is important for those who are in the market for something that suits their height.

As such, both tall and short users can have it set up to the right height to avoid straining their backs.

The Edging Wheels

Another reason to smile about owning the unit is the edging wheels. These wheels are essential for helping you achieve a smooth and steady cut when trimming the edges of the lawn.

Everyone hopes for straight lines when edging. Well, this one helps you to achieve them easily.

Impressive Battery Performance

The model comes with two powerful 20V 2.0ah batteries. They will provide you with enough power that you need for handling the various applications where a trimmer is required.

With two batteries, you can continue cutting the grass without worrying that you need to recharge the battery all the time.


Which is better?

We find the Worx WG170 to be better than the two. It has more features and functionalities that make it worth the extra expense.

Do the models require maintenance all the time?

Being battery-powered units, not much is needed to maintain the units. However, always follow the maintenance guide as given by the manufacturer.

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Are the batteries durable?

Yes. There are a lot of positive reviews about the batteries lasting you for years while at the same time handling the trimming needs you might have to deal with all the time.


The two models reviewed above are both great values for money. We find that they are built for performance and versatility. Considering they all offer the option of multiple tools in one, they should be quite versatile.

For anyone who is looking for quality tools, then these two will be a nice way of spending money. The best part is that they are both within the affordable range. So, go ahead and buy yourself the one you feel can handle your trimming applications.

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