WORX WG255 vs WG261 Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer

Having a clean and tidy garden where you can spend time relaxing and socializing with your loved ones is every homeowner’s dream. It’s an even bigger dream for people who are into gardening.

However, you can’t do those things if you have messy, unkempt hedges and bushes because they look horrible and terrible to be around.

A garden illuminates your days, gives a feeling of refreshment, and a visual connection with the outdoors. For your garden to do this for you every day, you also need to take care of it and keep it beautiful and clean; and this is where hedge trimmers come in.

Hedge trimmers are a good investment if you want to commit to making your garden hedges and bushes well-kept. While some may argue that you can do that without hedge trimmers, trimming with manual tools takes a lot of time and effort, and that’s time that you can spend enjoying the garden instead of working.

In this comparison between two WORX hedge trimmers, the WG255 and WG261, we’ll show you how trimmers can help. It’s a comparison of one device that provides what you need and one that provides a little bit extra.

What to Consider


There are three types of hedge trimmers according to their power source, with each being suitable for different applications. They are:

  • Electric– Electric hedge trimmers work with electricity from a cord plugged into a power outlet. Since they use power from the outlet, you can use them for as much as you want, but they can add up to your electricity costs. Also, note that you’ll need to work with a cord attached to the device, which can hamper comfort and ergonomics.
  • Battery-powered– Battery-powered hedge trimmers use rechargeable batteries. Since they don’t need cords, it’s easier to use without a dangling wire that can disrupt you as you work. The only downside to this kind of trimmer is that you’re a bit limited by the battery capacity.
  • Gas-powered– Gas-powered hedge trimmers run on gasoline. They are the most high-powered kind of hedge trimmers, which makes them suitable for all applications. Even so, it doesn’t fit with inexperienced users since they are difficult to control due to their increased power.


Since you’re going to trim bushes, hedges, and shrubs, you’d want a hedge trimmer that can handle whatever’s underneath them to ensure that you’re going to do a good job.

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Thick-cutting trimmers are also good at avoiding jams since they can cut through thick branches.

For starters, look for something that can cut through branches at least half an inch thick.

Blade length and type

Blade length is a key factor as longer blades can increase productivity as they can go through a bigger area in one move. For hedge trimmers, 20″ is pretty much the standard. It’s good enough for your basic trimming needs.

If you want more or if you have a big garden, then you should go for something greater than that.

Also, take note of the blade type. In hedge trimmers, there are two types of blades:

  • Single-action– Single-action blades are used in entry-level hedge trimmers. It cuts with a single blade. It does the job, but it’s not the best at it.
  • Dual-action– Dual-action blades use two blades at the same time. It increases productivity and trimming accuracy. It’s a good feature to have since it can improve the way you work with your garden.

Let’s Compare


The WG255 is a member of the WORX lawn and garden equipment and power tools product line owned by the Positec Tool Corporation.

Overall, WORX is a reputable brand that’s highly-rated for making high-quality and affordable products and providing good customer service.

The WORX WG255 has a 20V MAX battery with 20V maximum volts and 18V nominal volts, thick-cutting capacity, and a 20″ dual-action blade. It also comes with features such as overmold soft-grip handles and full-wrap D-grip front handles.

Furthermore, it’s a part of the Power Share line. When it comes to portability, it weighs 5.3 lbs and 35.10″ x 7.50″ x 8.00″ dimensions.

Decent power and battery capacity

The WORX WG255 runs on a 20V MAX battery with 20V maximum volts and 18V nominal volts.

Granted, those aren’t impressive figures, and this model isn’t the most powerful one. But, if you’re looking at this model, you’re probably not looking for much power anyway.

With its decent power and battery capacity, this hedge trimmer is well-suited for regular garden trimming sessions. However, if you don’t regularly trim your garden, don’t expect this model to perform when used for challenging applications with thick hedges and bushes.

This model is a wise choice if you’re going to use it for a small garden; it will perform well, and it has enough battery to last one trimming job and a little bit more.

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However, if you’re looking for a hedge trimmer that’s flexible in terms of power, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

YouTube video


According to WORX, the WG255 can cut branches up to 9/16″ thick. With this thick-cutting capacity, you can stay away from troublesome jams because this trimmer can cut through some thick branches and twigs.

Of course, you won’t trim just leaves. You’d have to cut branches too, and this device can help you with that.

Dual-action blade

This hedge trimmer performs well with its 20″ dual-action blade. If you’re not familiar, dual-action blades cut on both sides and do more work than your regular single-action blade hedge trimmers.

Furthermore, dual-action blades also produce less vibration. If you’re not used to trimmers, the WG255 is good for you since it provides better comfort and control.

This feature helps you do your work faster. Also, since it does more, you’d run the device less, saving you on electricity costs and avoiding additional strain on the hedge trimmer.


The WORX WG255 is a user-friendly hedge trimmer mainly due to three factors.

First is the aforementioned dual-action blade. The next factor is that it’s fitted with an overmold soft-grip handle designed to improve user experience by providing better comfort and grip. It also gives you better overall control since you won’t have to struggle to hold the device.

Also, it has a full-wrap D-grip front handle that can help you control the hedge trimmer from different angles. It’s useful, especially if you’re trimming to make a shape.

Because this hedge trimmer isn’t high-powered and it has a variety of features aimed at usability, the WORX WG255 is a pretty good hedge trimmer that gives you great control with just the right power for your light trimming needs.

20V Power Share

The WORX WG255 belongs to the 20V Power Share product line, which means that it can exchange batteries with other WORX Power Share products.

It’s a feature that adds flexibility to the way you use WORX tools. Of course, you’re most likely using one device at a time, and it helps when you need more energy since you can switch the battery with the other WORX device you’re not using.

Obviously, you can’t use this feature if you don’t have other Power Share products lying around. But, if you have one, then this feature can boost your working options a lot.

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It weighs 5.3 lbs and has dimensions of 35.10″ x 7.50″ x 8.00″, making it a very portable device.

It’s lightweight enough to carry with one hand, but avoid using it with just one hand because that’s not safe. Also, it’s small enough to fit in most storage places, and it won’t give you any trouble trimming in tight spots in your garden.

Since it’s a battery-powered hedge trimmer, one of its main focuses should be portability, and WORX has nailed it with the WG255.


The WORX WG261 hedge trimmers are produced by the Positec Tool Corporation.

It has a 20V MAX battery with 20 starting volts and 18 nominal volts. It uses a 22″ dual-action blade. Furthermore, it comes with an overmold soft-grip handle and a D-grip front handle for better control from different angles.

The WG261 weighs 5.5 lbs and has 34.08″ x 7.63″ x 8.00″ dimensions.

Adequate power and battery capacity

Just like the previous model, the WORX WG261 is powered by the same 20V MAX battery that produces 20V maximum voltage and 18V nominal voltage.

It won’t blow you away with its power, but it’s good enough for light, regular trimming jobs that don’t require too much power.

If you’re looking for something that gives flexibility with power leeway, this model won’t provide that for you. It will work for regular hedges and bushes, but don’t expect this trimmer to withstand challenging applications.

22″ dual-action blade

This hedge trimmer uses a 22″ dual-action blade.

Since it’s slightly longer, it does more work in the same timeframe, saving you a lot of time.

Also, dual-action blades cut with two sides, saving you even more time; and they have less vibration and feedback compared to single-action blades, giving better comfort and control, which aids productivity.

Although it’s a long blade that gives you an advantage, it can also be a downgrade if you’re going to use it in tight spaces as it can compromise your control over the device.


Impressive thick-cutting capacity

The WORX WG261 can cut through branches and twigs as thick as 3/4″, which is pretty good.

It will save you a lot of time because it can avoid jams, and you’ll get more work done since you likely won’t encounter any trouble with branches because the hedge trimmer has already taken care of it.

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Like the WORX WG255, the WG261 has a D-grip front handle that can help you make even and accurate trims at different angles.

It also has the same overmold soft-grip handles that can absorb vibrations better than regular ones, adding comfort and improved control.

20V Power Share

The WORX WG261 is a member of the 20V Power Share family. This feature allows you to swap batteries with other WORX Power Share products.

If you have multiple products in this line, then you don’t have to worry about running out of power since you can borrow another device’s battery.


At 5.5 lbs and 34.08″ x 7.63″ x 8.00″, this hedge trimmer is a portable device that you won’t have a problem with keeping in different places. Also, it’s ergonomic, meaning you won’t have a problem in terms of overall control.

In terms of portability, WORX also nailed it with the WG261.


What is the best type of hedge trimmers?

Realistically speaking, gas-powered hedge trimmers beat out electric and battery-powered ones because of the vast power difference. However, the best type of hedge trimmer is the one that suits you well and can provide your needs.

What are the proper storage conditions for hedge trimmers?

Store your device in a dust-free, dry, cool, and clean place. Also, make sure that it’s turned off.

For gas-powered units, always drain the gasoline from your device before storage and tighten the gas cap to avoid fire hazards.

My hedge trimmer starts fine but turns off by itself. What’s the problem?

It could be due to many factors. Check if you have changed the oil properly and if you’re running on the right type of fuel. It can also be due to problems with the fuel delivery system, spark plugs, and air intake system. If you’re not sure, it’s always better to contact the manufacturer for proper instructions.


If you’ve read our reviews for both hedge trimmers, then you have probably noticed that they are similar in some aspects.

First, the WORX WG255 and WG261 both get 20V starting voltage and 18V nominal voltage out of their 20V MAX battery. The battery isn’t that big, but it should be long-lasting and powerful enough for small trimming jobs. If you’re not going to use your hedge trimmer in demanding applications, then both of these hedge trimmers should suit you fine.

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Where the WORX WG261 starts to get away, though, is with the blade they use. Both models use dual-action blades, but the WG261 has a longer 22″ blade compared to the WG255’s 20″. It’s an advantage because you get to trim more with a longer blade, increasing productivity and decreasing the time you need to work.

However, if you’re not used to handling hedge trimmers, the WG255 is a safer option. It can still trim your hedges and bushes. It’s not as good as the WG261 in terms of length, but it’s easier to control.

Next, trimming is not just leaves and stems. You’re also going to encounter branches and shrubs that can give you a headache when they jam into the device. Luckily for you, both devices have a thick-cutting capacity. The WG255 can only cut branches up to 9/16″ while the WG261 has no problems with those up to 3/4″. The thick-cutting capacity is impressive, but the WG261 has the edge since it gives more trimming flexibility.

When it comes to additional features, it’s an even matchup. Both models have a D-grip front handle that improves maneuvering in different angles, and oversold soft-grip handles that absorb vibration better for more comfort and control while working.

The WORX WG255 and WG261 are also both parts of the 20V MAX Power Share which gives them the ability to exchange batteries with other products in the same product line.

All in all, the WORX WG255 puts up a good fight against the WORX WG261, but it just falls off in some aspects, namely, in blade length and thick-cutting capacity. With the better potential for productivity, the WORX WG261 takes the day.

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