5 Best Over the Sink Dish Drying Racks for Small Kitchen

One of the challenges of having a small kitchen is space. The chances are you might not have enough room for an over-the-counter dish drying rack.

So, what happens in this case?

Well, it would be best if you utilized the space over your sink. This is thanks to having the best over-the-sink dish drying racks available in the market.

They will help you achieve the best utilization of the space above the sink while organizing your kitchen better.

Since there are multiple racks available, which one would be ideal? It is best to keep reading this guide to find out more about the best over the sink drying dish racks.

We look at several models from different brands to see which are the best for the money.

Why Should You Buy an Over The Sink Racks?

The most obvious reason for having an over the sink dish drying rack is because you want more space on the countertop.

Being a small kitchen, the countertop might already be small, and thus the need to find more space over the sink.

Another reason for opting for over the sink racks is because the water will drip right into the sink rather than onto the countertop.

You will now no longer have to worry about the water dripping from the wet dishes making a mess on the countertop.

The rack will generally be instrumental in the organization of your dishes and other utensils you might have in the house.

The best part is that you will have a tidy kitchen all the time.

Such rack types are generally cost-effective. You will not have to worry so much about paying too much to organize your dishes.

Also, they will be a cost-effective method for drying your dishes.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Over The Sink Rack

If an over the sink dish drying rack appeals to you, then it is time to look at the considerations to keep in mind when getting such racks. Let us check them out below.

Sink Size

The sink size has to be in line with the rack size too. The last thing you need is a rack that cannot fit over the sink.

So, measure your sink before starting to look for the best over the sink dish drying racks in the market.

Luckily, modern over the sink dish drying racks will have adjustable lengths. This means you can adapt the rack to fit different types of sinks.

As such, you will find them versatile, especially those who have no idea which rack is right for them.

Number of Dishes

The number and types of dishes will largely determine the size of the rack you get to choose.

It is no-brainer that having more dishes means you might have to invest more to get the larger racks. Other models would have several layers so that you can store more dishes on a single rack.

Some layers can be designed for plates, bowls, or other types of dishes. As such, look at what you will be getting with the rack first to understand if it will be good for your dishes.

Fixed or Temporary

This is also a nice choice for those who might be new to using such types of racks. There is no point of getting a fixed rack if it will need moving at some point.

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Most over the sink dish drying racks will have a temporary design. This is where the design includes suction cups essential for holding the rack in position. The best part is that such racks will not come off easily, so stability is quite good.

A fixed option would only be great for those who already own a home and not those renting. Those who are renting can get into trouble for making such changes without authorization.


The style is majorly about the number of layers the rack has plus the design too.

It is worth noting that the layer meant for plates will not be ideal for bowls and cups. This is because it would be designed to accommodate the plates just as you would stack them in the dishwasher.

Some models will utilize their space better by including more creative storage ideas. Such include having additional storage on the sides of the dish drying racks.

Built Material

Most of the time, the over-the-sink dish drying racks will be made of stainless steel material. Such material is durable and corrosion-resistant.

You can imagine the sink area being wet most of the time. This means the rack needs to be made of materials that can live up to such conditions.

Stainless steel is also good in terms of weight capacity. If the rack is well-built, you will not have to worry about it collapsing under the dishes’ weight.

Always look at the rated weight capacity to know how many dishes can be stacked on the rack.

Faucet Height?

You do not need the over the sink dish drying rack to get into the normal way of using your sink. It is why you also have to consider the faucet height.

Most manufacturers recommend you get a faucet with less than 16.5 inches in terms of height. Such a height makes it easier to find many racks that can fit over the faucet.

Luckily, there are now racks whose height can be adjusted too. This means that the rack would fit over different faucets with ease.

5 Best Over the Sink Dish Drying Racks

1. PUDSON Over Sink Dish Drying Rack

The PUDSON over the sink dish drying rack will save you tons of space and time. The dish rack will easily fit over the sink or counter to utilize the space better than the other designs.

The manufacturer sends you all the installation instructions with the rack. As a result, the overall setup time will be less. Since it has all the assembly accessories, you will not have to worry about buying additional accessories to use the dish rack.

This version is an adjustable model. It can be adjusted from 24 to 40 inches in terms of length. So, if you have more dishes you need to dry, you simply extend it. The same applies when you need to set it up over a longer sink.

It is recommended that the height of the faucet be less than 16.5 inches. This allows for the dish drying rack to fit over the faucet with ease.

This over the sink dish drying rack has four super-strong suction cups. These cups will make the dish rack more stable and non-slip at the same time. As such, it will be a safe rack to use even if you use it to hold your delicate dishes.

2. Boosiny Over Sink Dish Drying Rack

The model boasts of stainless steel construction. Stainless steel is a top pick because of its durability and does not corrode.

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Considering it will be wet most of the time, it is good to know your sink will not easily corrode.

The rack has a black piano finish making it easily compatible with the different interior décor you might have.

You will not have to worry that your dish drying rack will stick out like a sore thumb in the kitchen.

How about the size? Well, the manufacturer made this one with two layers and an expandable design. One layer can be for the plates while the other for different types of utensils.

The model can adjust from 27.5 to 33.5 inches. This should be ideal for having the two mentioned layers.

Even if it has two layers, the rack does not easily come into contact with most standard faucet heights.

Some people might be worried about the rack slipping and come down crashing with their plates.

Not to worry, as the model has a strong anti-slip design. This is thanks to having four suction cups that will keep it from moving or slipping.

As for weight capacity, it can hold up to 110 pounds. That is enough weight capacity for most small kitchens.

3. MAJALiS Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack

The design of this over the sink dish drying rack incorporates two layers with three different rack designs. The rack designs include a top-shelf rack, plates rack, and bowls rack.

The top shelf rack has a simple configuration making it ideal for large bowls, pans, and pots. The plate rack can hold up to fifteen plates.

As for the bowls rack, it is best for cups and bowls. With 11 slots, there is enough space to dry most of your dishes.

Like most models within its price range, this one also comes with an expandable design.

This is where you can modify the length from 27.5 inches to 33.5 inches to fit over different sink types and sizes. You will not worry about buying the wrong size.

How about its weight capacity? This is a question you would have in mind if you own more dishes. The 110-lbs. weight capacity is good enough.

To achieve such a weight capacity, the rack is reinforced and more stable.

Still on being stable, the model has four suction cups. They will ensure the dish rack does not move around. The suction cups remain strong even if you use the rack for several months or years.

4. JZBRAIN Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack

It is hard to mess up with a stainless steel rack such as this one. You will mostly be assured of the best durability and better use of space in your small kitchen.

Having a weight load bearing of 60 pounds makes it an excellent choice for those in the market for such types of racks.

The overall adjustability is commendable for the price. The length is adjustable from 22.3 inches to 37.3 inches. Without a doubt, it will be an excellent choice for different kitchens.

This is because you would be able to adjust it to fit better. Also, the number of dishes can determine the size choice.

The height is also adjustable, unlike what you get with the other models above. The height adjusts from 15.8 inches to 17 inches. Height adjustment is vital so that the rack can fit over the faucet easily.

The overall stability is further reinforced with the use of suction cups at the bottom of the feet. Even if the environment might get wet, the rack will not move around easily.

5. Tsmine Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack

Tsmine is a top-rated brand, so you can expect the rack you are buying will be high quality. You do not need to end up with a rack that easily breaks.

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That is not the case here, as the manufacturer uses stainless steel material for the model.

The SS304 material is also rustproof and scratch-proof. These two are essential for anyone who will be using the tank more often.

It is a good all-in-one kitchen storage to get for yourself. As a result, it will help with organizing your kitchen better.

It has several dish drainers as part of the design to store different types of utensils in your kitchen.

The U-shaped design generally makes it stable. Also, the design allows it to go over your sink without necessarily getting in the way of using the sink.

Size adjustment seems like the best new feature each manufacturer includes in the design of dish racks.

This one can be adjusted from 33.5 inches to 39.5 inches for its length. As such, It should work for different sink sizes.


Is it better to towel dry or air dry dishes?

Air drying is seen as a better option than using a towel to dry the dishes. This is because air-drying reduces the chances of cross-contamination.

That is what you get when you use a towel. This is because a towel might have bacteria on it, and then you wipe the dishes with it.

How can you clean your dish rack?

Most of the time, soap with warm water will do the trick. Use the sponge to apply the soap and scrub to remove as much of the dirt as possible.

Once you are done, rinse the rack using clean water to ensure no soap residues.

How do you keep the dish drying rack from rusting?

First, invest in a stainless steel rack. Such material will not easily rust, so you will not have to deal with rust in the first place.

The other option is to clean the rack more often to prevent rust from developing.

If you notice the rust is starting to develop, cover the area with electrical tape to prevent it from spreading.

Can I put my dish drying rack in the dishwasher?

It is not advisable to put the dish drying rack in the dishwasher. If you want to clean it, go ahead to disassemble it and wash the rack parts in the sink without much of a problem.


If you have been facing storage issues in your small kitchen, you now know what to pick for yourself.

These over-the-sink dish drying racks have many benefits, even for those with large kitchens. This is because they can still be used for the organization of the kitchen.

Look at the different models comparing them in terms of size, adjustability, material, stability, and style to find the correct one for your needs.


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