Best Dewalt Cordless Drill & Impact Driver [with Video Guide]

Dewalt 12v/18v/20v Cordless Drill and Impact Driver

Dewalt is a brand name most DIYers and professionals swear by, and nobody could blame them.

Known around the world as one of the best manufacturers of power tools that are high quality and high performance.

Tradesmen, homeowners, and contractors worth their salt know that Dewalt is trustworthy, reliable, and durable.

From hand tools to saws and laser products, their cordless drills and impact drivers are a staple of the toolbox.  

Join us as we take a closer look at ten of the best cordless drills and impact drivers of Dewalt.

Top 5 Best Dewalt Cordless Drills

1. Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion Compact Drill Driver Kit

The DCD771C2 is a sturdy and lightweight drill driver designed to do most drilling jobs for home improvers or professionals alike.


This drill driver has a good price-to-value ratio and just the right amount of power for the job site. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, those crafting projects, or those who just started drilling.

  • Powerful motor that delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO)
  • High-speed transmission with two levels of speed (0-450 and 1,500 RPM)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes with fast charging Lithium-ion batteries
  • Keyless chuck type


Drilling through concrete or other extremely hard surfaces is not what this drill driver does best. You may need a little patience if you want to attempt to do this.

However, this is still one of the best drill drivers around that can perform well at a very reasonable price.

  • Not suitable for drilling through concrete and thick metals
  • No slot to store bits

Bottom Line:

A lightweight and compact drill driver, the DCD771C2 will surely make your drilling and driving jobs at home or on the site easy and simple. Great value for your money.

2. DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill Driver

The DCD777C2 has become a hugely popular drill driver because of its excellent torque and compact size. Its light weight makes it very portable and easy to use.


This drill driver has a brushless motor that makes it power packed with 340 unit watts out and 1, 500 RPM. Its ergonomic design assures you of a comfortable and less straining drilling experience.

  • Has a brushless motor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Equipped with a built-in LED light
  • Boasts 500 in. lbs. of torque power
  • Comes with two 20V Lithium-ion batteries


Although the chuck is entirely made of plastic, it measures half an inch, supporting a wider range of bits and accessories as compared to its counterparts.

  • The chuck is made of plastic
  • Consumes battery life quickly

Bottom Line:

The DCD777C2 is an impressive drill driver with amazing specs. It is made for use by professionals, but can still be easy to operate for beginners.

It is quite affordable, and with its convenient features, you would think that you paid for a more expensive model.

3. DEWALT DCD791D2 20V MAX XR Li-Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver

Dubbed a professional tool, the DCD791D2 lets you work twice the amount of time because of its brushless motor.

Not only will it let you work longer, but it also makes the job easy as pie. Sinking fasteners have never been this simple.


This drill driver feels comfortable in the hand as the weight is evenly distributed. Really suitable for working long hours. Its brushless motor delivers efficiency and convenience.

  • Delivers 460 unit watts out (UWO)
  • Equipped with Dewalt’s brushless motor technology
  • Has two-speed transmission settings (0-550 RPM and 0-2,000 RPM)
  • Has a 1/2-inch chuck made of metal
  • Comes with three LED lights


You need to pay extra attention when placing the drill bit in the chuck before you start to work, it tends to fall. Other than that, you are good to go.

  • The chuck is loose
  • The bits tend to fall off from the drill

Bottom Line:

A good all-around drill driver, the DCD791D2 gives you more work time, more efficiency, and more comfort.

Therefore, if you are planning to drill your day through even the hardest materials and surfaces, this drill driver may be the wisest choice you will be making.

4. DEWALT DCD996P2 20V MAX XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed Hammer Drill

The DCD996B is a tradesman and contractor favorite because of its power and versatility. Dewalt claims it to be faster, stronger, and better than older models. And we think they are right.


This hammer drill is an upgrade of a previous model, and as such, its features are also upgraded. The motor is brushless and has three speeds.

The LED lights illuminate your work area, providing you with great convenience and comfort along with its many other useful features.

  • Delivers the power of up to 820 unit watts out (UWO)
  • Has a three-speed range gearbox
  • Gives you 2,250 max RPM
  • Up to 0-38,250 BPM
  • Equipped with ultra-bright, 60 lumens, LED work lights


This hammer drill is sold as a bare tool but comes with a belt hook, and 360-degree side handles for added convenience.

  • Battery and charger not included

Bottom Line:

Both amateurs and professionals will appreciate the DCD996B because of its undeniable reliability and high performance.

The only thing you may find wanting in this hammer drill is that it is sold as a bare tool.

5. DEWALT DCD950KX 18-Volt XRP Hammer Drill Driver 

Dealing with wood, concrete, steel, and even masonry? Then the DCD950KX is the perfect choice for you. It would cost you a bit more, but it is money well spent.

Online reviews practically rave about this cordless drill, almost short of saying that this is the best drill Dewalt has ever produced.


With its powerful specs, you can be sure of extended operating times, increased visibility because of its LED lights, and many other useful features to do the job extremely well.

  • Can generate up to 468 unit watts out (UWO)
  • Has a top speed of 2,000 RPM
  • Delivers up to 34,000 BPM
  • Equipped with a 360-degree, side handle
  • Has three no-load speed settings


The DCD950KX uses Ni-Cd type batteries which tend to have a shorter run time than the Lithium-Ion ones. To make up for this, the charger can replenish its juice in under an hour.

Bottom Line:

Power, speed, and performance: all you will ever need in a cordless drill and then some. This drill is a Dewalt powerhouse that delivers great performance and ease of use.

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Top 5 Best Dewalt Cordless Impact Drivers

1. DEWALT DCF885C1 20V Max 1/4″ Impact Driver Kit

Planning a long day of driving screws and sinking bolts? Then the DCF885C1 is a must in your toolbox. Cabinet makers, HVAC professionals, general contractors, and many others will benefit greatly from this powerful tool.


The DCF885C1 is a reliable and tough impact driver that is more than ready to work on your heavy-duty home improvement jobs.

Its compact size and weight make it ideal for working in cramped spaces.

  • Delivers 1,400 in. lbs. of max torque
  • Has a built-in LED work light
  • Provides 2,800 RPM of speed
  • Has a ¼-inch hex chuck
  • Up to 3,200 IPM


This tool can handle tough jobs, but the battery can only take light-duty ones. And with no battery fuel gauge, it would be hard to tell when you need to charge it.

It is a good idea to have a spare battery around.

  • No battery level indicator
  • Battery life is not exceptionally long

Bottom Line:

Simple home-improving chores can be done easily and comfortably with the DCF885C1. It is high-quality, affordable, and easy to use. Truly one of Dewalt’s best.

2. DEWALT DCF887M2 20V MAX XR Li-Ion Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver

Designed to make driving small or large screws quick and easily as well as the more expensive models.  The DCF887M2 impact driver has a high-quality finish construction that makes it great for heavy-duty work in a professional setting.


Packed with raw power to drive easily through concrete and any hard material. Its compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for working in tight and confined spaces.

  • Delivers 1,825 in. lbs. of torque
  • Three built-in LED lights
  • With speeds of up to 3,250 RPM
  • Has three variable speed controls
  • 20-second LED trigger-release delay


Users complain of two things only; these are the higher level of noise as compared to other tools and the relatively higher price.

Very minor flaws if you look at the incredible specs this tool has.

  • It is quite expensive
  • Has a high level of noise

Bottom Line:

The excellent features of this impact driver can more than justify its very few shortcomings. It is highly durable and sturdy for heavy-duty tasks. A must-have tool for professionals.

3. DEWALT DC825B 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver

The DC825B can perform a wide variety of fastening applications that allows the user maximum comfort and control.

You can sink three-inch wood screws into wall studs easily, quickly, and comfortably.


This impact driver can effortlessly fasten screws of different lengths and sizes, as well as drive various types of nuts and bolts. Has an advanced ergonomic design for working in cramped spaces for extended periods of time.

  • Replaceable brushes
  • Gives you a maximum torque of 1,330 in. lbs.
  • With speeds of up to 2,400 RPM
  • Has a quick-release ¼-inch hex shank
  • Has a frameless motor


This impact driver uses NiCad batteries which may soon be totally phased out in a few years. The good thing about this is it can run on Lithium-Ion batteries as well. Versatile indeed.

  • Has a shorter battery life
  • Suitable for light to medium tasks only

Bottom Line:

The DC825B is a very commendable impact driver for home improvement enthusiasts and DIYers. Made with a high-quality build that would last a long time for longer drilling and driving jobs.

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4. DEWALT DCF815S2 12-Volt Max Impact Driver Kit

A best-seller among Dewalt’s 12V line of power tools, the DCF815S2 is designed to be smaller and more agile than large-size impact drivers.

It is a medium-duty tool that is sure to give you professional performance.


Whether driving lags or loosening nuts, this impact driver performs as well as some 18V models. It comes with smart features that make your jobs easier and faster.

  • Has three built-in LED work lights
  • Delivers 950 in. lbs. of max torque
  • With speeds of 2,450 RPM
  • One hand-loading chuck
  • Small and lightweight


This impact driver is not recommended for driving into concrete or performing other heavier-duty tasks. And since this is an old model, it is outperformed by many newer and more advanced ones.

  • Does light to medium tasks only
  • Battery life is short and charging takes a longer time

Bottom Line:

The DCF815S2 does not have enough power for working on your car wheels in most cases, but when used in the right circumstances, this impact driver will not disappoint most general handymen and amateur DIYers.

5. DEWALT DCF886B 20V XR Lithium Ion Brushless Impact Driver

The DCF886B uses a brushless motor that provides you with longer tool life and maximum performance.

This is an upgrade of a previous model that uses a brushed motor. For those who use their impact drivers more often, brushless outperform brushed motors.


It has a powerful motor, thanks to Dewalt’s brushless technology, allowing for increased performance and compact size. You can easily drive wood screws of any size even in tight spaces.

  • With a maximum torque rating of 1,500 in. lbs.
  • Spins at 2,800 RPM and hammers at 3,200 IPM
  • Equipped with three LED lights
  • Comes with a tool belt clip
  • Has a 1/4-inch hex chuck that accepts 1-inch bit tips


It does not come with a variable speed setting, but it has more than enough speed to let you drive a hundred fasteners easily.

  • Single speed only
  • The battery is sold separately

Bottom Line:

The DCF886 is a smart option for professional contractors, construction crews, and residential users alike. Its amazing features will provide you with long hours of work under tough conditions.


It’s been proven that power tools can make life easier for regular home improvers or professional tradesmen.

You can find many excellent power tools in the market, but Dewalt stands out because of the reputation they have built for creating well-designed, well-constructed cordless drills with excellent features and first-rate quality.


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