DEWALT DCD950KX 18 Volt XRP Driver/Hammer Drill Review

When it comes to power tools, familiar names often pop up in product recommendations from users online. One of the most oft-mentioned names is Dewalt. The company deserves its popularity since it is praised for constantly producing well-designed, constructed cordless drills with excellent features and first-rate quality.

The Dewalt DCD950KX has garnered a good bunch of positive reviews due to its effective performance. Many did offer that the product is one of the company’s best so I decided to take it to the test and after a while, agreed with them happy customers. Indeed, it has its positive points.

DEWALT DCD950KX 18-Volt XRP 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver/Hammerdrill Kit



  • Delivers higher speeds
  • Battery has great runtime
  • Includes LED lights for better visibility
  • Has self-tightening chuck which gives excellent grip
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Includes 3-speed transmission for customizing tasks
  • Backed by 3-year limited warranty


  • Battery has less power compared to lithium-ion ones

Our Opinion

Durable and Efficient

DEWALT DCD950KX 18-Volt XRP 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver/Hammerdrill KitThe drill felt stable during use and it comes with a nice design as well. If you want something that has s streamlined appearance, this drill might be your constant workshop companion. It comes with a highly-efficient motor which can provide up to 450 UWO or units watts out. The 450 rating is sufficient enough to assist users in a variety of applications.

Dewalt is not a stranger to bothersome chucks hence it is understandable and quite generous of them to design a self-tightening chuck for this particular drill. The chuck will stay secure and tight over the course of a procedure and at the same time, give users excellent grip.

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In addition, the chuck actually gives more room to contain bigger bits. When it comes to clutch settings, this drill has 22 all in all so you can even better accommodate a wider range of procedures. Now you have more options for a setting that will rightfully fit the type of application you want to be achieved. The additional settings will also mean avoiding common issues like stripped screws and fasteners.

Fast and Easy Usability

DEWALT DCD950KX 18-Volt XRP 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver/Hammerdrill KitThe device delivers great performance and this is complemented by its strictly metal 3-speed transmission. Because of this component, users will get to appreciate really fast application speeds. The 3-speed transmission makes the unit even more useful since it can poke holes in a variety of materials.

The hammer drill can only work to its fullest potential if it was given sufficient power. Users will be pleased about the extended operating time of this device. It runs on batteries that can provide up to 40% more operating time compared to other regular batteries.

Reliable, Long Runtime Batteries

DEWALT DCD950KX 18-Volt XRP 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver/Hammerdrill KitThe unit includes two Ni-Cd batteries. Majority of the latest hammer drills often come with 2 lithium ion batteries. Lithium is lighter, capable of holding a charge for an extended period of time and more eco-friendly compared to the Ni-Cd though. Regardless, the batteries as mentioned earlier rally work overtime to give users enough hours to help them accomplish tasks.

Another advantage of this unit is that it includes a 1-hour charger. This is another plus actually since some hammer drills and cordless drills only include the batteries and not the charger. This means you won’t need to purchase the charger separately.

Lastly, it has older battery technology but then again, this can be overlooked since it does provide longer runtime. If you are after a device that can give you additional hours to finish tasks, then this device is still worth a look.

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Convenient LED Light

If you work in smaller, confined rooms with insufficient bright lighting, then this drill will come in handy. The drill has a built-in LED light for excellent visibility. Now you can finish projects even in places with poor lighting due to the presence of LED work lights.

Heavier Than Counterparts

Even though the product displayed great performance in several aspects, it did show a few drawbacks. For one, the hammer drill was a bit heavier for its category. As we all know, the weight of a tool is a factor that cannot be ignored whenever you carry it, grip it in unwieldy positions or use it for a longer period of time.

Comparison with Other Dewalt Drills

Comparison with DCD777C2

Some users might scoff at the idea of two products bearing nearly the same features however when it comes to cordless drills, they do vary in terms of the power they churn out. One thing you will notice about this model is that it has UWO or units watts out which rates less than the DCD777C2’s 450 UWO. This model does function as a hammer drill though, which the DCD777C2 cannot do. So if you want the features of the DCD777C2 in a hammer drill, you might be interested in this model.

Comparison with DCD791D2

Then again, we have something that has nearly the same features as this model I am currently reviewing. Both drills have a power rating of 450 UWO, have excellent LED work lights and give extended run time. But the DCD950KX as a fact includes the brand’s patented 3-speed metal transmission which can match the unit to specific tasks and help users achieve the job in a faster, more effective manner. If you want to double up and finish your projects in time, this model will help you in your tasks.

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Comparison with DCD996

The DCD996, like the DCD950KX, features the same 3-speed metal transmission and improved run time. It also comes with LED work lights so users can still employ the drill even in confined spaces and areas with poor lighting. But the similarities end there though because the DCD950KX includes a self-tightening chuck which has the capability to tighten itself over the course of projects and give users their much-needed secure grip.

DEWALT DCD950KX 18-Volt XRP 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver/Hammerdrill Kit


The Dewalt DCD950KX is worth your time and money due to several reasons; it gives users extended operating times, has LED work lights for extra visibility, has a self-tightening chuck for additional grip, has a compact size plus a 3-speed all metal transmission for customizing tasks. Lastly, it does come with a solid 3-year limited lifetime warranty.