DEWALT DCK211S2 12-Volt Max Drill & Impact Driver Review

Looking for affordable power tools can be quite tricky. Fortunately, Dewalt has started a new trend in the market: packaging a cordless drill with a cordless impact driver into one economical set. Out of all the choices available, I would like to talk about the DCK211S2 12V combo kit.

The DCK211S2 is one of the most reasonably priced choices on the market. The kit comes with the DCD710 ⅜-inch cordless drill, the DCF815 ¼-inch impact driver, two lithium ion batteries, two belt hooks, one fast charger, and a carrying back for easy mobilization. If you are looking for an entry-level drill and driver combo, which is ideal for beginners and fairly easy to use, then I would suggest you take a look at this.

DEWALT 12V Impact Driver and Drill Combo Kit (DCK211S2)


  • Drillhas a maximum RPM of 1500
  • Impact driver has a torque strength of 950 in. lbs
  • Comes equipped with a fast charger
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with two belt hooks
  • Uses three LED lights to illuminate dark places


  • Cannot be used for heavy-duty tasks
  • Weakdurability of the charger
  • Chuck wobbles when the intensity of the drill is too high

Our Opinions

Powerful Tools Despite their Size

DEWALT 12V Impact Driver and Drill Combo Kit (DCK211S2)In spite of their small stature, both the DCD710 ⅜-inch cordless drill and the DCF815 ¼-inch impact driver packs a lot of power. While not strong enough to take on heavy-duty tasks such as carpentry works, these are still useful for day-to-day home jobs and simple repairs.

The drill provides a maximum RPM of 1500 and a 15-position clutch. A two-speed gearbox, located near the handle of the drill, can easily control the speed of the torque. On the other hand, the impact driver carries an IPM of 3400 and torque strength of 950 in. lbs. These numbers are in the same range as standard 18V impact drivers on the market. It’s astounding how these tools, which possess half the voltage, can produce the same level of strength as their 18V counterparts. If that is not raw power, then I do not know what is.

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Ergonomic and Lightweight Design

DEWALT 12V Impact Driver and Drill Combo Kit (DCK211S2)One feature that is almost always associated with Dewalt is its lightweight and ergonomic design. One of the most significant challenges of most users is the difficulty of moving heavier cordless drills around as well as the inability to use them in hard-to-reach positions.

With the DCK211S2, you will not have to face those problems. The drill weighs approximately 2.3 lbs. while the impact driver is at 2.2 lbs. The handle is also coated with a comfort grip, which allows you to hold the tool more firmly. This whole design is not only for show, but it plays a very important function: that is to provide you with the highest level of working condition.

Their lightweight design allows you to use the tools without causing much stress or fatigue to your arms. The grip, which is located near the gearbox, helps you to control the machine more efficiently, thus greatly minimizing the risk of injury.

The presence of three LED lights also helps you work in the darkest of working conditions. Other models only have one light, which may distort with the shadow. The additional lights ensure a clear line of sight when you work, and completely illuminates dark corners and edges.

Overall, we can see the advantages of the ergonomic design and conclude that the DC211S2 is an ideal tool for everyday tasks around the house.

Affordability of Price

DEWALT 12V Impact Driver and Drill Combo Kit (DCK211S2)Compared to other combo kits on the market, and I can safely say that the DCK211S2 is the most affordable. You will not find a better deal than this. Priced at a very reasonable rate, this is an incredible deal for first-time buyers of cordless power tools who are not yet ready to buy models that are more expensive. Both tools are very easy to use and can be utilized for different household chores.

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When you think of it, this should be an easy investment to make. At half the price of similar models and almost the same power as more expensive tools, this is a low-risk purchase that you should not miss out on.

Three Year Limited Warranty and One-Year Free Service Contract

DEWALT 12V Impact Driver and Drill Combo Kit (DCK211S2)Because of its price, a lot of people have started to question this product’s durability as well as its accessories. Thankfully, Dewalt included a very extensive warranty plan in this package, which shows they are confident in their product. More importantly, they are committed to their customers even after the sale has been made.

This package contains a limited warranty, which states that Dewalt will repair any damages caused by faulty parts, free of charge, for a span of three years. The one-year service warranty also allows you to have your Dewalt power tool checked in accredited service centers for free. Should they find any worn-out parts, they will replace it without added costs on your part.

Comparison with Dewalt DCK290L2 Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

DEWALT 12V Impact Driver and Drill Combo Kit (DCK211S2)The DCK290L2 hammer drill and impact driver are tools meant for heavy-duty, high-intensity forms of work. The DCD985 hammer drill produces a maximum of 535 unit watts of power, and its three-level gearbox can reach speeds of 2,000 RPM. Meanwhile, the torque strength of the DCF885 impact driver is estimated at 1400 in. lbs.

When we compared these two combo kits, it is very much obvious that the DCK290L2 has the more powerful tools. It almost doubles the strength and speed of the DCK211S2 in all available categories. No wonder those are primarily used for plumbing, carpentry, and even steelworks.

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Like I always say, choosing which set to buy will significantly depend on two things: what you will use the tools for and how much your budget is. If you are in need of more powerful tools for high-intensity jobs and have a larger working budget, then you can opt to buy the DCK290L2 combo kit. However, if you are working with a smaller budget, and are planning to use the tools for everyday tasks at home, then I think you can settle for the DCK211S2 toolset.


After going through all the features of the Dewalt DCK211S2 max drill and impact driver combo kit, we can conclude that this is a useful set of everyday home tasks. With its unique balance of affordability, strength, speed, and design, this is an ideal tool set to own at home. You will not regret investing in it.