BLACK+DECKER BDCI20B 20V MAX Lithium Impact Driver Review

If what you are looking for in a baest cordless impact driver is power combined with compactness, then the Black & Decker BDCI20B is a viable option. This tool is lightweight and has that punch you need to accomplish most maintenance tasks.

The Black & Decker model  is worth noting that this product is commonly sold as a bare tool. You will need to buy a lithium ion battery and its corresponding charger separately.

BLACK+DECKER BDCI20B 20V MAX Lithium Impact Driver Baretool



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Boasts 1,375 in. lbs. of max torque
  • Maximum rates of 3,000 RPM and 3,900 BPM
  • Has a variable speed trigger
  • Designed with a quick release chuck
  • Uses lithium ion technology
  • Covered by a two-year limited warranty


  • No LED light
  • Battery overheats with prolonged use

Our Opinion

Lightweight and Easy to Carry Design

BLACK+DECKER BDCI20B 20V MAX Lithium Impact Driver BaretoolOne of the main things you have to look for in an impact driver is its handleability. You need a tool that you can hold for hours while on a job. The BDCI20B is designed to be as small as possible while still being immensely powerful. It only weighs 2.55 lbs., so even if you work for hours, you will not feel much strain compared to heavier drivers.

Aside from your body taking less stress from this driver, it is also extremely mobile. You can carry it around with you as you go. It does not have a belt clip, but it is light enough to carry by hand. One of its key characteristics is its small size, making it easy to store. If you find its lack of a belt clip a hindrance, you can always invest in one.

The compactness of this impact driver enables it to function in hard to reach areas. Its small size improves its viability compared to larger impact drivers. Fixing things in tight corners will be no problem with this tool. You can angle the tool as you wish to make your work as comfortable and as easy as possible.

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Moreover, even though this impact driver is lightweight and compact, it is still highly durable. No matter the workplace, you can rest easy knowing that it will take more than accidental falls to damage the BDCI20B. DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike will appreciate the protection the hard material offers without compromising the user’s comfort.

Extremely Powerful for its Size

Even though this tool is compact, it does not disappoint with its specifications. It has 1,375 in. lbs. of maximum torque. This much torque ensures that the drill can handle anything the user uses it on.

Additionally, it has a variable speed trigger with a maximum of 3,000 RPM. This speed coupled with the torque makes it viable for most jobs. You can easily assemble and install furniture without stripping your screws, making this impact driver more efficient.  With its variable speed trigger, you can also adjust your settings so as not to damage your materials.

With this Black & Decker model, you will also manage to save time and energy. This impact driver features a quick release chuck. With it, you can change bits with ease. Unlike with other drills, your work will be fast, efficient, and smooth; you will not need to stop for minute details!

Even though the BDCI20B lacks a few features of convenience from its competitors, it makes up for it with its power. Black & Decker found the perfect balance between weight, size, and power with this model coupled with its affordable price.

Interchangeable Batteries

In line with its useable batteries, the company launched a line of power tools that run on a 20V battery system. This particular impact driver is part of that collection. You can use its battery to power your other tools. This interchangeable battery system makes for an efficient and wallet-friendly way to run your tools.

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Additionally, this particular impact driver runs on lithium ion technology. Lithium ions are guaranteed to last longer than other types of batteries. It is low maintenance and holds charges longer. Your tool’s lifespan and quality of power are sure to be preserved. The additional costs of the battery and the charger might put you off at first, but its quality is valuable in the long run.

Some users who have bought this product in the past have complained about the battery overheating with prolonged use. This may be because this impact driver is made to perform light to medium duty tasks—not necessarily heavy-duty ones. The Black & Decker BDCI20B is enough for household fixes and projects as with most work entailed in construction areas.

Two-Year Limited Warranty

The company ensures their consumers quality support for their purchases. Keep the proof of purchase of this product. Once you receive it, test the components out thoroughly. You are entitled to a two-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. If something is not working as it should, Black & Decker will repair or replace the defects.

Bear in mind that this warranty does not cover damage from accidents, misuse, abuse, and unauthorized repair of the product.

Comparison with BLACK & DECKER BDCS80I

The Black & Decker BDCS80I runs on an 8V battery system while the BDCI20B runs on 20V. It is relatively cheaper and you can purchase the impact screwdriver, battery, and charger for just about the same price as the BDCI20B.

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However, in spite of the similar costs, you are not necessarily getting more, and I am not talking about the accompanying accessories. The BDCS80I only has a maximum torque of 125 in. lbs. It has a variable speed trigger, but its RPM only has a maximum of 2,200. It is lighter at only 2 lbs. but packs less power compared to the BDI20B.

Torque equals power and speed complements that. If you are looking for a powerful tool for those large home projects, the BDI20B is the obvious choice. It may be pricier and you may need to shell out some more for the battery and charger, however, its heavy-duty capacity makes it sell itself.

BLACK+DECKER BDCI20B 20V MAX Lithium Impact Driver Baretool


The Black & Decker BDCS801 impact driver offers high amounts of power within its small frame. It is compact, long lasting, and fits perfectly in any user’s hands. This impact driver is a wallet-friendly way of delving right into the maintenance scene.