BLACK+DECKER BDCS80I 8V MAX Impact Screwdriver Review

If you are looking for an cordless impact screwdriver that has enough power to do simple tasks around the house, consider the Black & Decker BDCS801. It is compact and easy to control and is especially recommended for those who are just starting out. You can purchase this impact screwdriver at a measly price. It comes as a kit and includes a lithium ion battery directly built-in to the tool, a jack plug charger, and a #2 Philips screw driving bit.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Has a built-in LED light
  • Reaches a maximum of 2,200 RPM
  • Comes with 125 in. lbs. of torque
  • Runs on lithium ion technology
  • Made with a variable speed trigger
  • Has a non-reactionary design
  • Covered by Two-Year Limited Warranty


  • Not made for heavy duty jobs
  • Battery is not replaceable

Our Opinion

Easy to control and use

The Black & Decker BDCS801 is a tool specifically made to make the user’s workload significantly easier. It is incredibly lightweight at only 2 lbs. This will not cause little to no strain because of its small and easy to carry design.

Users of this product have inquired whether this impact screwdriver came with a case. It does not. However, it is light enough to be carried around and small in size to easily find a carrier for. A case would only be unnecessary weight.

Moreover, aside from being cordless and mobile, this tool can also be used in cramped, hard to reach areas. Unlike other larger models of impact screwdrivers, you can use this tool in whichever angle needed to complete your work.

Another feature of the BDCS801 that adds to its ease of use is its non-reactionary design. When the tool encounters resistive torque, it will not stall and twist in your hands. The user is given utmost control over the impact screwdriver while using very minimal force. This is a tool for all. It requires little energy to maneuver and still accomplishes the task at hand.


Fast and convenient

This impact screwdriver boasts that it is ten times faster than average cordless screwdrivers. While other models have a maximum of 200 RPM, this model boasts up to 2,200 RPM. This makes it perfect for jobs that require a lot of screwdriving, such as assembling furniture and hardware. Additionally, it has a variable speed feature that enables you to optimize your tool’s power depending on what the project you are working on demands.

It has 125 in. lbs. of torque which is adequate for basic fixes and projects.  DIY enthusiasts will appreciate its ability to drive and remove screws easily. It holds up even when using larger fasteners. It features an impact mechanism that activates because of the opposing torque. This mechanism will enable the tool to quickly apply rotary impulses. Hence, delivering more torque and driving the faster.

You can work anywhere using the BDC801. It has a built-in LED light to aid you in dark or poorly-lit workplaces. Your work will not be cut short by time and you can fing yourself working through the night without the limitations of darkness. The LED light contributes to the accuracy of your work by making sure that your line of sight is clearly illuminated.

Irreplaceable battery

One of the main complaints users have of this product is its built-in battery. It cannot be removed from the drill itself. To charge it, you have to plug in the drill. Charging only takes 15-20 minutes even after heavy use and a full battery lasts for up to 10.4 hours. In spite of the short charging time, not having a spare battery may be a disappointment for some because you have no other choice but to stop what you are doing and wait.

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Users may also be worried about the integral battery ceasing to function or failing to deliver consistent quality. This model runs on lithium ion technology that is proven to be longer lasting than its competitors. The built-in battery is certified to hold a charge for years, and its lifespan is longer than most impact screwdrivers on the market.

Inadequate power

The BDCS801 has undeniable speed; however, a few of its users found the tool to be underpowered at times. However, it has plenty of power when used within its proper limits. You can use it to install shelves and woodworking projects which is basically what most jobs around the house consist of.

To justify its low power, you have to take into consideration the fact that it is only 8V. With this and the tool’s specifications in mind, one can say that this impact screwdriver packs just enough power to tighten everything without stripping screws out.

Two-Year Limited Warranty

Black & Decker offers a two-year limited warranty on this product. Be sure to keep the proof of purchase as you will need it to avail of the coverage. Test the product out thoroughly once you get it. If it is not working as it should, the company promises to repair and replace defective or faulty components. Keep in mind that this warranty does not cover any damage from misuse, abuse, or unauthorized repairs.

Comparison with BLACK & DECKER BDCI20B

The BDCI20B runs on a 20V MAX lithium ion battery system which makes the BDCS801’s 8V pale in comparison. It is significantly more expensive as a bare tool. It has similar features with the BDCS801 such as the compact design and the built-in LED light, however, it has higher torque at 1,375 in. lbs. That is actually ten times more power that it makes the BDCI20B look like a toy.

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However, keep in mind that not all projects rely on power. A lot of other actually needs delicate precision. Too much torque can cause your task more harm than good, so it is actually wise to keep a tool from each side of the spectrum.


Indeed, the Black & Decker BDCS801 combines all you need in an impact screwdriver: power, speed, size, and functionality. It may be weaker than most, but what it lacks in power, it makes up for efficiency. It works excellenty within its limits and you’ll be sure to reap more than what you’ve paid for in the long run.