DEWALT DCF682N1 8V MAX Gyroscopic Inline Screwdriver Review

If you are looking for precision and power in a cordless screwdriver kit, then the Dewalt DCF682N1 8V Max Gyroscopic Inline Screwdriver is your best and most solid bet.

Designed with the professional tool user in mind, Dewalt has created this compact and portable screwdriver with precise speed control that delivers the perfect balance of intuitive technology and general comfort for industrial and commercial use or just those DIY projects.

This screwdriver is motion activated as opposed to other cordless screwdrivers that function with the commonly used method of forward and reverse buttons.

This means that there is a learning curve in its usage—but not so extreme, a little practice goes a long way. Also, it is not recommended for high torque applications like driving those drywall screws all day.

However, all of these are still outweighed by the smart features of this screwdriver that you will still want to have this as an integral part of your toolbox.

DEWALT DCF682N1 8V MAX Gyroscopic Inline Screwdriver



  • Motion activated with variable speed settings
  • With0-430 RPM for fastening into wood, plastic, and light-gauge metal
  • Has a LED work light that allows illumination
  • Battery State of Charge feature shows the battery status
  • Screwdriver bit change can be done quickly with its ¼-inches hex
  • Holds 1-inch bit tips
  • Compact, lightweight and handy
  • Comes with charger and 8V MAX battery


  • Requires practice and a little getting used to
  • Has a low peak torque making it good for light duty use and applications only
  • Does not come with any bits

Our Opinion

Intuitive Technology

This Dewalt tool is motion activated. This means that a simple turn of your wrist will start the spinning process. The more you turn, the faster it will go. It’s almost like the “righty-tighty and lefty-loosey” method when you use a manual screwdriver.

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The gyroscope—which is the screwdriver’s main feature—is an innovation that senses and interprets your wrist movements by loosening the fastener when you twist your wrist to the left, and tightening it down when you twist to the right. This smart feature provides ease of use and lets you stay comfortable when working.

This tool takes a little getting used to and a bit awkward at first use, but once you get the hang of it, you can easily control it to do fine movements for small screws and delicate fasteners.

This screwdriver has a 1/4″ hex chuck that lets you change bits easily and quickly with just one hand.  Along with the lighted illumination feature, this allows you to get into more compact locations and smaller crevasses when needed.

Variable Speed Control 

Delivers up to 24 in. lbs. of max torque, and spins variably for up to 430 rotations per minute, allowing you to choose the level of performance for different uses and applications.

With this tool, your home improvement and repair jobs get done in a matter of seconds then when using a manual screwdriver, so it is a great time-saver. Speed hand-in-hand with power makes your screwdriving tasks a whole lot easier.

Professional Grade Tool

Professional grade means it is designed for use by tradesmen, technicians, and repairmen, more specifically for works like cabinet installations, maintenance works, installing and removing double yokes electrical devices such as switches and receptacles, and for all other projects, repair, and home improvement needs. Whatever it is you need to complete, professionals are relying on this tool just like you are.

Despite it being a pro-tool, non-professionals will enjoy using this cordless screwdriver as well. It is definitely user-friendly with no complicated switches or buttons, and the rubberized handle is ergonomically designed that lets you grip it with ease and comfort.

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This tool lets you work effortlessly and comfortably in low-lit, tight and confined spaces. Its lighted illumination feature allows you to work without having to worry about shadowing as it casts the light all around the bit.

Convenient Battery Features

The 8V Max battery pack that comes with this screwdriver kit allows for longer run-time—up to four hours of use or about 120-130 screws.

It charges quickly, one hour is enough to power the machine, won’t cause any interruptions on your work by making you wait for it to get recharged. In addition, the battery charger is compact and portable.

What proves even more exciting about this product is the battery state of charge display that lets you know how much life there is in your tool and when the battery needs replenishing.

Comparison with Dewalt DCF680

The DCF682N1 and the DCF680 models of Dewalt Gyroscopic Cordless Screwdrivers in the inline category work with intuitive technology and have almost the same features: motion activation, variable speed, lighted illumination, battery status display and many other useful features.

One obvious difference is that the DCF680N2 version uses a two-axis gyroscope which allows you to use the screwdriver in both horizontal and vertical positions, while the DCF682N1 is designed for more fragile work.

However, both the DCF682N1 and the DCF680 deliver what they claim to do: torque sensitive speed control that is intuitive and gets the job done.

Both are formidable products and are standard essentials in each home. Though each may perform on different levels, both are quite reliable tools.

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DEWALT DCF682N1 8V MAX Gyroscopic Inline Screwdriver


Overall, the Dewalt DCF682N1 8V MAX Gyroscopic Inline Screwdriver sticks to what is important. It is an extremely innovative and useful tool—well-made and well designed for your simpler screwdriving needs.

All the features in this tool, and then some, is more than enough for your projects and home improvement works. It is conveniently powerful and precise with its performance.

It may require some practice before you get the feel of using it as it breaks away from how traditional cordless screwdrivers work, but once you get it, it makes all your jobs faster, easier and surely more enjoyable.

The specs listed above plus the ergonomics involved make this cordless screwdriver a great value for your money. Not much fuss there, just everything you need in a cordless screwdriver.