DEWALT DW920K-2 7.2-Volt Cordless Two-Position Screwdriver Review

With the fast technological advancement in many domains, the construction and building industry has not been left behind. It is an industry that is filled with innovative and creative products which are made with an intent of easing the way work is done in the construction and building sector.

In the past, the fastening of different building materials was not easy. However, the cordless screwdrivers were invented hence making the process to be a bit easier. To ensure that fastening applications were made easier, new products continued to be launched in the building and construction industry.

However, one of these new tools that stand out and is a must have for professional use in this domain is the DEWALT DW920K-2 1/4-inch 7.2-volt cordless two-position screwdriver kit. This is a product that users will enjoy using due to its easy application and also due to the effectiveness that is possesses.

Features Making the Tool Effective in Fastening Applications

It has variable speed making it easy to control speed hence being fast and effective: The DEWALT DW920K-2 cordless screwdriver kit is a necessary product to possess for every construction company, individuals who work with the construction companies and even for home use due to various advantages that are associated with it. It is not only fast and efficient but also versatile.

As such, it has numerous applications thus reduces the cost of purchasing other tools for conducting some activities. The features associated with the tool are appropriate for enhancing the work in heavy duty construction. Moreover, its variable speed makes it an up to date tool with the best technological advancement that makes the work to be done efficiently and is friendly to the user.

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It possesses two batteries and it is rechargeable: Some of the tools used in construction and building processes need electricity as a source of powering them. This may be linked to the disadvantage of the power failure which may halt the work process until the electricity system is repaired or the problem overseen by the necessary experts. Moreover, there is a need of having an electric line to power such systems.

Placing of these lines may be cumbersome especially in places where there is no easy electricity access. The DEWALT DW920K-2 screwdriver eliminates such disadvantages. As such, it possesses a 7.2-volt battery pack. This ensures that it can be used in case of power failure of in places without access to electricity. Moreover, this makes it portable and can be utilized at any time and the convenience of the users.

The quick charging capacity makes it ideal for frequent usage. The DEWALT cordless screwdriver kit comes with a charger bit, two batteries, and a kit box which ensures safety when storing it. With the fast charging capability and presence of two batteries, the challenges associated with power failure are eliminated making it the ideal tool for profession fastening applications.

It uses a mechanism whose reversing trigger can be used for drilling different materials: The effectiveness of this tool in fastening processes is attributed to the technique it uses. As such, it provides eighty-inch pounds of rotation force. With such a high power to weight ratio, it becomes ideal for a variety of fastening uses. The effectiveness of tools of work in the construction and building purposes is associated with the general make of the device.

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As such, it should be efficient in the work process it is used for and be comfortable to the user. The DEWALT DW920K-2 two-position screwdriver kit adheres to these requirements because it has improved control, variable speed and it is versatile. It offers convenient speed which can be regulated according to the needs of the job. With the reversing trigger switch, it has added usage in pre- drilling light gauge metal, wood, and plastic.

It has a comfortable and adjustable handle: The feature that adds to its comfortability while using the tool is the adjustable handle which ensures a better grip. With the user-friendly handle, the device can be used as an in line tool and also be used in conducting overhead work. As such, its make up features composure make it a flexible tool.

It has an electric brake that is necessary in halting the operations: To add to the productivity of this tool, an electric brake and a 7.2-volt battery pack are incorporated in its system. The quick bit screw driver change is also ensured through the presence of an immediate release and an industrial hex shank.

With the light weight of the tool, the stress on hands and wrist associated with usage of other heavy devices in this domain is eliminated. The tool is ideal for every drilling job hence it is a necessary tool to have in homes among other places.

It has a customer friendly warranty: With the great warranty given while purchasing this pack, it is evident that the quality is assured. Moreover, this depicts the long term usage associated with the tool.

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The only possible complaint to be associated with the device is the small comfortability of using the switch with an intent of reversing the spin direction in case the user has big fingers. As such, users with big fingers complain of lack of comfortability while using this switch.

Why We Recommend It

With the numerous advantages associated with the DEWALT DW920K-2 cordless two-position screwdriver kit, it is a must have for ensuring that the fastening process is effective. Moreover, it is one of the ways of providing the comfortability of the users to its light weight and easy usage.

The tool is worth buying because its quality is assured based on its great warranty. The tool is an ideal illustration of incredible technological advancement which eases the building and construction processes.