DEWALT DCD791D2 20V MAX XR Li-Ion Brushless Cordless Drill Review

Dewalt has established its excellent reputation in the biz for producing some of the finest tools in the market. There are lots of known companies who make equipment for DIY and construction activities but enthusiasts often know that they can trust products from Dewalt to do a good job. If you want a drill that is compact and has sufficient power to tackle a variety of tasks, then you should check out the DCD791D2.

Like the rest of high-quality cordless drill models sold right now, this particular unit will make all projects a breeze for its users. This was built in a way that it can tolerate the brunt of tough DIY work but with some extras that will accommodate the needs of the user. Here is a quick review of the tool.

DEWALT DCD791D2 20V MAX XR Li-Ion 0.5" 2.0Ah Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit



  • Has helpful LED light so users can zero in projects better
  • Comes with resilient, quality metal chuck
  • Has compact, lightweight size
  • Portable enough for travel
  • Easy to use
  • Includes brushless motor
  • Has excellent battery life


  • Bit has a tendency to fall off

Our Opinion

Ergonomic and Lightweight

DEWALT DCD791D2 20V MAX XR Li-Ion 0.5" 2.0Ah Brushless Compact Drill/Driver KitThis unit has great construction and the design sees to it that the user will feel comfortable using it. The high-quality construction also means it will last long enough to tackle a good load of projects. It is made from topnotch materials yet has a size that makes for easy handling—it is light at only 3.5 lbs.

Users will be delighted to know that the center of gravity on this unit is located just above the grip so it will remain stable over the course of projects. Hence taking extra effort on drills with pistol grips are a thing of past in this case since pistol grips can be tricky to work with. The tinier grip of this unit and great balance provide a nice combo of comfort and functionality which makes it one of its bigger benefits.

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The drill also comes with a compact, travel-friendly size so you can practically take it anywhere with you. Due to its handy size, this is an excellent pick for working in smaller spaces. In addition, it also comes with a 3-mode LED lighting system so users can finish work even in dimly-lit surroundings.

Added-Value Inclusions and Accessories

The LED light has an automatic shutoff feature which will switch the light off following 20 minutes of zero activity. The inclusion of a 20-minute shutoff is in fact a much-needed feature since it will prevent the battery from draining itself in the middle of tasks.

There’s also a convenient belt hook located on the driver tool’s body which makes hanging the equipment a cinch. It will also make the hands-free carrying of the tool a snap for users since they can carry it on a tool belt.

The warranty that the product is backed with is topnotch as well. This is something to be expected from the brand though since they often give out excellent warranties on their products. The drill has a 3-year limited warranty so you will be covered for a nice enough time.

Durable and Powerful

DEWALT DCD791D2 20V MAX XR Li-Ion 0.5" 2.0Ah Brushless Compact Drill/Driver KitIn terms of power, the unit comes with a brushless motor so it remains cool and will not overheat prematurely, leading to damage to the product. A brushless motor means excellent efficiency and it can also expand the amount of time with just a single charge. Compared to the standard brushed motor, brushless ones also make for smoother, seamless operations.

The drill has 2-speed transmission settings which goes up to 2000 RPMs, a number which makes the unit flexible enough to tackle a nice selection of jobs.

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The chuck is excellently made and is crafted with durable metal material. The drill bit can be grasped effortlessly and users won’t have any problems gripping it securely as well. It has an adjustable torque setting and a battery that lasts a good while so you can get into hours of DIY projects without getting interrupted by a drained battery.

Comparisons with Other Dewalt Cordless Drills

Comparison with the Dewalt DCD777C2

The DCD777C2 has a few differences with this particular model. Both models come with brushless motors and variable speed however the latter comes with a higher rate of RPMs which translate to a bigger degree of power. One good thing about the DCD777C2 is that it is a nice entry-level model but if you are after power and a more professional edge, you must try the DCD791D2. Furthermore, this model has excellent battery life compared to the DCD777C2 which drains faster.

Comparison with the Dewalt DCD996B

The DCD996B is another model with a brushless motor and like this product, also includes the convenient and helpful 20-minute automatic shutoff feature. However this has a bit more bells and whistles in terms of LED lighting since it has a 3-mode LED which gives illumination 20 times better than previous models. And when it comes to power, this product has more coming compared to the DCD996B.

Comparison with the Dewalt DCD950KX

There’s not that much of a difference between the DCD950KX and the DCD791D2 since both come with a power rate of 450 UWO, both provide great battery life and have LED work lights. However the DCD950KX features the company’s 3-speed patented all-metal transmission which can easily correspond the device to certain functions to get the job done faster. If you are after a faster output, this particular model trumps the DCD791D2.

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The Dewalt DCD791D2 is a good tool to have on hand since it comes with an efficient brushless motor and it quite light and portable. If you want to tackle hours of work and want it done fast, do not worry since the batteries of this model are very much up to snuff. In addition, it has a high-quality metal chuck that has a sturdy feel and can definitely tolerate a wide range of tough projects. Coupled with a durable construction and amazing battery life, the product is apt to deliver a performance that exceeds expectations.