Milwaukee Vs Dewalt Cordless Drill

Milwaukee and DEWALT are surely some of the most credible and best cordless drill brands out there in terms of quality drills.

These two brands have over many years continued to craft innovative tools that is still durable while giving consumers the freedom to use their power tools for different projects and applications.

It is thus not surprising that many individuals find it hard to settle on the best power tool when they have to pick between these two prominent brands. This is the reason why an elaborated look at Milwaukee at DEWALT products can be a point to deciding if one is much better or if they are almost similar.

In order to make the right pick when choosing any model of cordless drill, some of the stuff you must consider are weight, RPM, torque, and of course the overall build of the power tool. In addition to that, the total cost of the product you buy must also be considered in.

Anyways, make sure to read on to know if Milwaukee cordless drill is the right pick for you, or perhaps the DEWALT cordless drill.

Milwaukee vs. DEWALT Cordless Drill Review

1. Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 3/8 Drill Driver Kit

Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 3/8 Drill Driver Kit

If your pick in a cordless drill depends on its reliability, simplicity, and its all-around use, then you must probably look into the Milwaukee 2407-22 M12. This power tool is particularly engineered with the consumer in mind.

It comes with added functions and decent power that can aid you breeze through your projects, wherever your work site is. For more or less a hundred bucks, you can buy this kit and all that comes with it, particularly a rugged plastic case that has the bare tool itself, a charger, and 2 li-ion batteries.

Nowadays, most individuals would want to do certain odd jobs and fixes around the house by themselves and without really getting anxious about the costs of hiring someone to work under them. The 2407-22 M12 is a power tool you can buy to jumpstart right into becoming a do-it-yourself home enthusiast. You’ll also find out that it proves useful for experts and beginners alike.

Furthermore, this power tool comes with ergonomically designed grips, so even if you spend tons of hours holding this power tool while working, you won’t feel any discomfort at all. In addition to that, it only weighs 2.1 pounds which is relatively light, particularly with the power it packs. It doesn’t matter who you are; whether you’re a woman or a man, old or young, not skilled or skilled, this cordless drill will surely suit perfectly in your hands.

This cordless drill from Milwaukee is also on the inexpensive side of the spectrum, which makes it very budget-friendly for those who are just starting to expand their power tool arsenal. In relation to the best cordless drills out there, this particular product is as good as it can get, especially that it packs convenient, power, ease of use, and affordability.

Easy to Work With Whenever, Wherever

There are not many convenient places where work needs to be done. With this cordless drill from Milwaukee, these particular places won’t be an issue at all.

This power tool is cordless and battery-powered, which implies that it is incredibly mobile. For the most part, corded drills are a hassle to work with. You’ll keep getting anxious about tangled cords and available power outlets. With this cordless power tool, you can do you work wherever you want, even in hard to access spots. It is relatively small with a length of 7 3/8 inches and can fit where other drills can’t.

On the side note, one of the main disadvantages of this cordless drill is that it can’t handle truly heavy-duty work. If you prefer a faster and much heavier unit, corded drills may be a good pick for your needs.

Cordless and corded drills have long been a debate in the maintenance industry. Nevertheless, it’s merely a matter of convenience vs. power. It is advisable to get both a cordless and corded drill so you can use the unit that fits the situation at hand. Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 is one prime example.

Aside from being cordless, this unit also comes with unique features that improve its functionality no matter where your workplace is. One of which is its integrated LED lighting system. You don’t have to get anxious about poorly-lit or dark spaces anymore. This cordless drill is incorporated with a light that illuminates your line of sight.


  • Operates on li-ion technology
  • Comes with a built-in LED lighting technology
  • Includes an onboard battery fuel gauge
  • Installed with a Metal Ratcheting Chuck
  • Engineered with an ergonomic handle


  • Not really ideal for heavy-duty projects or tasks

2. DEWALT DCD791B 20V MAX XR Li-Ion 1/2″ Brushless Compact Drill/Driver (Tool Only)

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drill/Driver, Compact - Bare Tool (DCD791B)

This cordless drill from DEWALT comes with a few enhancements over the DCD 790 and DCD 780.

First of all, it’s the smallest of these 3 models at just about 6.9 inches long. The next thing is, the light at the foot now comes with 3 LEDs for extra-bright illumination of your workspace. This particular light comes with a twenty-minute shut-off so it can serve as a highlight.

If it is in use as a flashlight, and its battery gets low on charge, then the light will flash twice to indicate and dim itself. That indicates that you need about 2 minutes left before the battery is empty. Similar to the DCD790B, this model comes with a brushless motor for maximum power, top efficiency, and longest life. You may also notice that it is quieter compared to a drill that comes with a brushed motor.

In addition, similar to the other two mentioned drills, it comes with a 2-speed transmission. For a certain reason, the top speed of its low gear is now just 550 revolutions per minute. However, the top speed of high gear is still 2000 revolution per minute. It is rated for 460W out of power and comes with 15 clutch settings for accurate work. The higher the number on its setting equals the higher amount of torque.

And lastly, similar to the other two drills we mentioned, the DCD791B can handle up to 2 inches in wood and 1-3/8 inches in metal with a hole saw. DEWALT doesn’t state its capacity in terms of masonry. Even though it didn’t come with a battery, it is still compatible with all DEWALT 20V MAX li-ion batteries.


  • Has an excellent battery life
  • Comes with an all-metal and good ratcheting chuck
  • Comes with three built-in LED lights
  • 460 UWO or around 600 inch per pounds of maximum torque
  • Brushless motor which can deliver up to 57% more operation time


  • Drill bits tend to fall off
  • LED lights cast shadows

What Are the Differences between Milwaukee and DEWALT Cordless Drill

With Milwaukee, you’ll be able to save energy, effort, and time. It comes with no-load RPM feature that makes it easy to fasten and drill objects without any disruption or hassle. This tool from Milwaukee is said to be 35% faster compared to most power tools in its price range and class. It even comes with a Metal Ratcheting Chuck that enhances the power tool’s overall sturdiness.

In addition this particular tool doesn’t disappoint in the power category as well. It comes with 275 inch per pounds of torque, enough for light duty projects and fixes. Also, it comes with a maximum of 1,500 RPM with two available speed settings.

Now, when it comes to the DEWALT DCD791D2, it certainly boasts lightness. Weighing at just 3.4 lbs. and measuring 6.9 inches from back to front, this is a very convenient and small drill that can fit comfortably in the user’s hand. Additionally, it is well-balanced that its center of gravity is right above its grip, thus it will stay balance while you’re doing your job.

And lastly, this cordless drill from DEWALT utilizes a brushless motor making it works twice the amount of time on just a single charge and more efficient. It also operates smoother and cooler compared to regular brushed motor. It comes with 2-speed transmission settings that give you a high speed of up to 2,000 revolution per minute and low speed of up to 550 revolution per minute.


Keep in mind that before picking any of these two drills; it is smart for you to consider first your needs of why you’re going to purchase these tools first.

The DEWALT drill is pretty impressive in terms of its weight and size; however, it loses out to the Milwaukee cordless drill in terms of the pricing. Now, when it comes to warranty, then surely the Milwaukee cordless drill is a much better option since it covers five years while the DEWALT drill is only covered for a period of 3 years.

Both of these cordless drills provide impressive power, which implies that you can get the project done with just short time. Also, their grip and other handle features are built almost to perfection. So, it’s worth noting that both of these cordless drills from two prominent brands are able to live up to the hype that they’re well given.