DEWALT DCD785C2 vs DCD796D2 Review

Perhaps it is time for you to get a new hammer drill. However, deciding between which models to choose can be a daunting task. But, no worries as we’ll be covering and sharing you two quality products from DEWALT that will surely be worth of your hard-earned money.

We will help you pick the one that’s best for you, so stay tuned!

DEWALT DCD785C2 vs DCD796D2 Review

DEWALT DCD785C2 20V MAX Lithium Ion Compact 1.5 Ah Hammer Drill/Driver Kit


DEWALT 20V MAX Hammer Drill, Compact, 1.5-Amp Hour (DCD785C2)This hammer drill-driver kit is incorporated with innovative features and advanced technology that make it perfect for residential and commercial builders, plumbers, electricians, woodworkers, carpenters, and remodelers. Its comfort, performance, and durability let the users to match the tool with the task at hand. It also comes with improved flexibility for a number of applications regardless of power, torque, or speed.

Now in terms of speed and strength, this hammer drill’s high-efficiency and high-power motor delivers 350 unit watts out of optimal power for superior operation in light and medium drilling tasks. It’s two speed transmission lets the users to pick the right speed for a certain task at hand and is up to 30% faster compared to the current hammer drill-drivers in the market as of the moment.

When it comes to convenience and comfort, its design comes with a slim handle with contoured grip that extends the user’s comfort for long-hours of jobs. In addition, the DEWALT’s design and engineering team adjusted the product weight allocation and product footprint for an excellent balance and a lightweight feel, making this 3.5 lbs. tool easy to use in tight spots. Also, its bright integrated LED work light above its trigger comes with a 20-second delay that enhances visibility in poor-lit spaces.

In terms of battery platform, this hammer drill comes with 20V MAX battery platform in order to give optimal life for the tool by protecting it from overloading, overheating, and deep discharge during operation. Its 20V’s li-ion batteries can provide up to 35% more performance compared to the existing 18V li-ion battery technology. In addition, the included charger comes with dual voltage capabilities, and it is compatible with both 20V MAX and 12V MAX DEWALT li-ion batteries. Aside from that, it is also compatible with the 3.0Ah li-ion batteries that are available as replacement packs or those that come with the premium tools.

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Furthermore, this hammer drill is made in USA. The DEWALT company which is the leading manufacturer of high-quality professional power tools is proud in a commitment to build and contribute to America, They’re proud to expand their product and service offerings made in the USA using global materials to include more than 600 different accessories, hand tools, and power tools. For all we know, DeWalt began manufacturing of its American-built cordless power tools in its 75,000 square foot Charlotte Manufacturing Operations facility in early 2013 of October. Those same tools manufactured prior to the opening of the factory were produced internationally and imported. However, DeWalt won’t totally guarantee the tool you receive to be made in the USA since some retailers may have items that were built prior to October of year 2013. Only tools produced after October 2013 are actually made in the USA using global materials.

This hammer drill is specially engineered to drill and fasten in wood, metal, and masonry. With its 350 unit watts out of power, it can easily handle hole saw that sizes of up to 2 inches in wood, a twist bit up to ¼ inches in masonry, and 1-3/8 inches in metal.

Also, its two-speed transmission as well as its 15 clutch settings can give accurate control over the work you need to do. In addition, out of the 15 settings, one is a drill option that locks the clutch for tough tasks. Its hammer setting can make it pound out 10,200 BPM on low speed, and up to 34,000 BPM on high speed. It is a nice thing that all-metal ratcheting chuck comes with carbide inserts in order to effectively grip the bits.

Furthermore, even with all this power, this hammer drill only weighs 3.5 lbs. which is less than the DCD 796D we’ll tackle below. In addition, it only measures just 7.95 inches from front to back. In terms of weight, it has a balanced one so that it can stand even if it’s unsupported once its battery pack is in place. But aside from that, it comes with an ergonomic, rubber over-moulded grip. It also comes with a LED work light embedded just below its chuck above the trigger. You can also find a bit holder at the bottom of its handle.


  • Comes with hard plastic carrying case and belt hook
  • Comes with 30-minute Energy Star chargerand two 1.5Ah li-ion batteries
  • Comes with a good warranty offer
  • Vibration while hammer drilling concrete 15 m/s2
  • Top sound power of 100 decibels and optimal sound pressure of 89 decibel
  • Equipped with two-speed transmissiongears
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Ergonomic handle delivers great control and comfort
  • Equipped with an on-board bit holder
  • Comes with 20V MAX 1.5 Ah li-ion batteries
  • Compact and lightweight design that can fit into tight spots
  • Tight chuck grips
  • Plenty of torque and power
  • Excellent clutch system
  • Overall balance and ergonomics
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  • Chuck tend to wobble
  • The LED light should probably better positioned

DEWALT DCD796D2 20V Max Bl Hammer Drill

DEWALT DCD796D2 20V Max Bl Hammer DrillThis hammer drill kit features a brushless motor rated for up to 460 unit-watts-out. Meaning, it is much more efficient, cooler, quieter, durable, and more powerful. It will not need maintenance, and it gets the most runtime out of its two included 2.0 Ah li-ion batteries. Professional workers who use power tools every single day prefer brushless motors for these certain reasons.

Even though the DCD 796 weighs a bit more compared to the DCD785, it measures 7.5 inches from front to back. Like other drills, it comes with 15 clutch settings in total. That includes 13 levels of torque for accurate fastening, one for hammer drilling, and one setting to lock the clutch when drilling. Its two-speed transmission also governs the number of impacts this hammer drill makes.

For instance, the lower gear speed ranges from 0-550 RPM with 0-9350 blows per minute in its hammer mode. Its high gear ranges from 0-2000 RPM with 0-34,000 BPM. Also, you don’t need to use its hammer mode for normal drilling into metal or wood. It is made to use up to ½ inch bit in masonry, making it much more powerful compared to the DCD785 as discussed above.

Aside from its power output, the DCD796 comes with a new feature to light up your work area. It comes with 3 LEDs embedded into the foot. These particular lights can be programmed in order to operate on low, medium, or high with a twenty-minute shutoff. This implies that you’ll be able to use the drill similar to a spotlight, and you don’t have to hold the trigger for it to work like that.

Overall, the DeWalt DCD796D2 20V Max Bi Hammer drill is widely regarded as one of the best cordless drills on the market today, especially that it features a smooth running brushless motor. In addition, this cordless drill is powered by XR li-ion batteries that can charge faster compared to most other cordless drills in the same price range and calibre. Now in terms of performance, this cordless hammer drill comes with excellent two-speed settings so you’d be able to control the torque and speed of it to your desired level, on which it gives you extra precision.

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It also includes a carrying case that can hold the cordless hammer drill, which makes it very portable. Nevertheless, the biggest draw back here is that its battery tend to fail to hold the charge for a long period of time, thus you’d need to charge it constantly. But regardless of that little issue, the DEWALT DCD796D2 is definitely one of the best 20V cordless hammer drill in the market nowadays.


  • Comes with hard plastic carrying case and belt hook
  • Comes with Energy star charger and two 2.0Ah li-ion batteries with fuel gauge
  • Comes with great warranty offer
  • Maximum sound power 100 decibels and sound pressure 89 decibels
  • Quite performance
  • Smooth drilling
  • Powerful output
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Durable materials
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Can be applied to a wide range of construction tasks


  • The forward/reverse button is so close to a natural hold
  • Tend to vibrate too much


If you’re a professional, a DYIer, or a homeowner who frequently needs a hammer drill, then the DCD785 might be the answer for your needs as it comes with smaller capacity batteries, but it is compatible with any of DeWalt’s 20V MAX XR li-ion packs. Remember that the optimal bit size it can handle in masonry is just ¼ inch.

On the other hand, if you’re a professional who regularly uses a hammer drill or a DIYer who wants the best of power tools, then you should consider getting the DCD796 as it comes with a brushless motor. In short, your batteries will tend to last longer on a charge and the drill will last longer. In fact, it is also considerably more powerful compared to the DCD785 model. In addition, its 3-LED spotlight feature is a really great addition too.