How Thick Of a Branch Can A Pole Saw Cut?

Have we ever come to know how thick of a branch can a pole saw cut and how we can prune it accordingly?

Well, the common answer would be the pole saw variably cut the branch in between 3 to 8 inches in diameter. But we believe nobody tells you why this variation occurs. The simple answer is the variation from 3 to 8 inches lies in the diversified pole saw we are using.

In this guide, we will talk about a number of pole saws and how it cuts in a different manner. After reading between the lines, you will come to know the different measurement of cutting different height, weight and power choices. That being said, you can easily pick up your essential tool for your gardening tasks based on cutting results.

Why do we need to cut thicker branches?

We should jumpstart with the idea of how we can manage to cut thicker branches using a pole saw, right? Previously we said the obvious answer that a pole saw can cut in between 3 to 8-inches of thick branches.

But what happens, if you pick up the best pole saw ever but unable to cut that maximum level? That being said, it is not only important to know the maximum threshold of a pole saw to cut thicker branches, but also, we must know how do we utilize it accordingly.

Apart from that, the cutting depth would be okay in between 3 inches only starting from 1.5 inches for the homeowner. But when we think about professional usage then the cutting depth should be more at least 5 inches. By the way, there is no relation between maximum reach and the cutting depth so don’t get confused here.

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Does Different Types of Pole Saw Responsible For Variable Cutting?

As we are talking about a pole saw then let not forget to define there are three types of saw, they are: manual, gas-powered and electrical pole saw. Among them, the fastest and furious is a gas-powered one. It unleashes the maximum power and an unforgiving chainsaw fixed on the neck of it. Here is why such a kind of pole saw can cut following by the maximum depths.

Cordless pole saw and corded pole saw are the least powerful which is used not for  digging deep rather for portability. With the variable extension of it, you may cut your backyard’s tiny tree junks, not a thicker one.

On the other hand, the manual saw is now old-fashioned, however, they still perform great. By enforcing more effort and manpower a big sized chainsaw is enough to cut any types of thicker branches. Are you looking for a tree care company in the Sacramento, CA area? This Sacramento tree pruning company can handle all of your tree service and stump removal needs.

Tips on How to Cut Thick Branches Using a Pole Saw?

Well, there is no rocket science while cutting or digging deep inside a branch. All you need to have a perfect pole saw (gas-powered would be nice!) and then you will need to exert the force. By the way here are some of the tips given to you which you may follow to get amazing cutting results:

  1. The first basic is to cut from the upper side of the limb. Because if you follow this way then gravity will help you. Once you are done then you may start with the underside of any thicker branch then it will become easier.
  2. Well, number two hacks is the old saying “practice more and more” Most of the professional can even crack the cutting techniques even though they don’t have the amazing pruning tools. But how? Well, this is because they know and learned the way to cut thicker branches.
  3. Wear some good stuff like capped boots and gloves as it will help you to cut and trim to the finest order.
  4. If you have battery-powered pole sawsthen this would  be applicable only when you apply to prune and trimming. To perform so, you may bring a pruning machine first, unless it won’t work out.

Final Words:

Hopefully, you get to know the common hacks on cutting thicker branches. Since there are no pre-requisite tools or hacks for it to perform a successful operation, so we have just given you the basics. The heck with cutting deeper branch is to learn how to use a right tool, so practice more and use a powerful tool.