Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Cordless Lithium-Ion Drill Driver Review

A good gadget that has the necessary features is the perfect way to modernize the workshop from the hustle of hand cordless drills. This implies the need for those seeking to buy a new model or purchase a backup one to consider a power drill that has the latest additional features, to make their projects any drilling task. One such drill is the Bosch gadget that has been applauded for the additional, revolutionized features that are essential in today’s workshop needs. The product is lesser in weight than other contemporaries, therefore, does not put undue stress on the person holding it. More also, It has the additional features of led light to illuminate the working area. We also need more convenience with space in the workshop, and therefore the need for a cordless, battery powered drill is no longer optional. The driver amalgam of speed, power, and top notch performance is a unique combination that is unmatched to contemporaries.

Bosch cordless drill has been applauded for its lighter weight, led light feature and slim line body, coupled with two gears, multiple torques as well as the assurance that the buyer gets from the company regarding the warranty.

Led Light to illuminate Working Area and Boost Visibility

The feature of led light is perfect for a neo-modern workshop that is mobile. Today customer wants services of workshop taken a right to their doorstep. These areas can be dark, or less illuminated making the project working visibility very difficult. Led light, therefore, provides the solution to a versatile working environment. It’s imaginable that in many instances the handymen want a continuous view of the drilling spot which could not be provided previously by hand drivers. Integrating led light illuminates those less light areas, making the spots more visible and clear ensuring the quality and accuracy of the drilling exercise.

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Convenient Power Control Gear

To control power usage, the power gauge is located conveniently to ensure that one is in total control of the fuel. This is particularly essential because it helps the handy man to be speedy in determining when to use the Led- light, therefore, ensuring longer battery life.

Powerful and Thus Speedy

The driller is also more powerful thus enhancing better has variable speed triggers thus enhances on speed regulation.Bosch drill can perform at speeds of up to 15 percent faster than before. Such a powerful drill at a low price enhances the speed of task completion and therefore is an ideal partner for the drilling exercise.

Portability Since It’s Cordless

The fact that the drill is cordless is another feature that can go a long way in enhancing its portability and thus convenience. The Bosch drill is also lightweight which ensures that the machine is ideal and therefore the desirable tool for overhead work as well as the tight working areas. A very heavy drill would be difficult to work with in areas that are above a person, and therefore this feature is handy and pertinent. With a seven-inch head length, and two-pound body, the Bosch drill is the lightest drill, and this is elevated by the fact that it has a streamlined body. The drill also has a single sleeve chunk of 3/8 inches making it suitable for working continuously without prompt, delays and rest in overhead projects and thus ensuring the handymen are not overly exhausted in work.

Multiple Torque Adjustment

With a two speed with 20+ one torque adjustment, the drill is incredibly easy to handle as well as very versatile. The sleeveless drill chuck can accommodate 90 % of common applications. The torque helps in accurate drilling and screw driving. This torque has 265 inches per pounds of torque. The dual gear mode, located on top of the machine, makes it uniquely possible to raise or drop speed without affecting or losing power and dropping the torque.

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Lithium Battery Thus Long Battery Life

Powered by a lithium battery, Bosch drill has one of the best and long life battery.The fact that the batteries are two makes it have the required power life for outdoor jobs. In any case, it is this feature that ensures portability of the gadget besides making it reliable as lithium batteries have a longer usage life as well as better power retention when properly recharged, stored and regularly used.

Guarantee and Warranty

The machine also comes with a warranty and guarantee, therefore, is a great assurance. A warrant is a simple way of determining whether the company is keen on the quality of materials it has used and Bosch drill has ensured that it gives its customer this chance to prove them right. The machine also does download its application quickly and comes with the convenient packaging.


It is important to note that this machine is not ideal for cumbersome and compact tasks which require a stronger hammering drill with a cord for more power. However, based on the power capacity and the speed, the Bosch drill is a perfect home tool that every worker should always consider not to lack.

Why We Recommend It?

The Bosch cordless drill is therefore commendable to purchase owing to its superior features compared to many rival gadgets. The power options, tow gear modes make it one of the easiest to handle noting that this is enhanced further by its streamlined body that makes it lighter to use for overhead works. The drill amalgam of good features is also enhanced further by led light that makes visibility very possible in dark and fewer light areas. The Bosch drive also uses less power compared to rivals because of the ability to control power usage noting that the fuel gauge is located in a convenient location whereby controlling is made easy. Buying the Bosch drill is advantageous also because of the multiple Torques that makes it a versatile gadget for use. The power drill is, therefore, the most ideal gadget that one should consider buying noting it has a warranty and also is cheaper than most of its contemporaries.

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