How to Use a Tile Saw

You may not be able to trap the time or get your work done by the twist of your fingers but, when you have a tile saw, you can make it almost happen! Are you out of your mind? No, dear, I’m not. Okay, no more mysteries, let me explain.

A tile saw is a magnificent tool that can boost up your work progress significantly. Also, let you accomplish your tasks such as cutting ceramic tile, stone tile, or porcelain tile with great finishing.

But first and foremost, you need to know how to use a tile saw correctly. It may seem easy at first impression but let’s not forget, “a little learning can be a dangerous thing.”

How Does a Tile Saw Operate?

At first glance, you might confuse it with an electric saw or miter saw as they look quite-alike. What makes it different is its special-ability to cut stone tiles and ceramic. A tile saw has a diamond-encrusted blade that is specially designed to cut tiles without breaking them.

Most tile saws come with a jet that works as a water spryer over the blade during the cutting process. This supply of water keeps the blade lubricated and cool. And also avoid it from catching dust. To know more about tile saws, you may visit Gear Huts.

Safety Tips of Using a Tile Saw

Don’t come to underestimate the power of a tile saw. If you fail to operate it correctly, it may cause you serious harm. Here are some safety procurations you must follow:

  • Keep a close eye on the power cord and water hose location. Don’t go to place your tile saw nearby any of these two.
  • Don’t let the power cord come in contact with water. Otherwise, it may cause a dangerous situation.
  • Always wear the required safety gears to keep yourself away from the dust. Don’t forget to wear safety gogglesand protective gloves.
  • Don’t let the hand come in close contact with the blade.
  • Keep the place clean with water when cutting a lot of tiles at a go.

Always remember, your safety comes first. A little bit of carelessness can lead you to something dangerous. So, our advice is to read the user manual carefully before you get started. Especially, if you have never worked with a tile saw before.

Required Equipment’s

  • A tile saw
  • GFIC extension cord
  • Safety Goggles
  • Hearing Protector
  • Grease Pencil
  • Water

The Cutting Process

Before getting started, here’s a piece of important advice, start the process from an area that is well lit and obstructions free. Use the saw only on a flat and stable surface. And put plastic sheets or something on the floor to keep it safe from water damage. So, let’s get started with the process:

  1. Prepare the Saw

Place your tile saw on a level; it should be a plain and sturdy surface. Remember, the saw will spray water during the cutting process, so you might want to find a room where you can work independently with such a scenario.

And ensure you have placed the saw at your comfortable height so you can have good control over it. Once you are done with all that, open its reservoir and fill it up with water.

  1. Mark the Cut

You need to measure your targeted cut using a pencil on the tile you are working on. Bring the fence to a level where it perfectly aligns with the drawn marks. To do that, just drag and squeeze your pencil until it’s in the correct position.

  1. Time to Saw

Now you need to put the widest part of your tile in the middle of the blade and fence. This will help you to keep your hands at a safe distance from the blade. Find the guard over the blade and press it; this will turn on your saw. Wait for the blade to reach the max speed and ensure the water is spraying properly.

  1. Cut the Tile as You Want

Use both your hand and push the tile slowly into the blade. Don’t let it go faster, as it may fracture, break or chip your beautiful tile. Once you are done cutting as planned turn, the saw off and wait for it to stop completely. Congratulations! Mission accomplished. Go, give yourself a pat on the back.

Final Words

A tile saw is an effective and efficient tool that can save you from a lot of trouble when working with tiles. If you know how to use a tile saw, you won’t need any experts-help to install the tile on your floor.

And you know, it feels great when you can fix and build your things on your own. Having this power tool will allow you to do that. But always remember to go through the safety rules first before starting with the tile saw especially, as a beginner.