Husqvarna 455 vs. Echo CS 590 Gas Chainsaw

Having the right chainsaw for the job can help you achieve the best cutting experience. Depending on any woodworking project, you always need a reliable chainsaw so that you can handle it better.

The most common question would be, what are the options in the market right now?

Well, some of the top considerations would be using the Husqvarna 455 rancher or the Echo CS 590 gas chainsaws. They are both competitively priced with some subtle similarities between them. Let us see what they can offer the user below.

Quick Summary

The power and quality construction make the Husqvarna 455 rancher a top consideration for many professionals. Also, the brand reputation will appeal to many users, even those who have not used a chainsaw before.

The Echo CS 590 unit easily appeals to various professionals for having more power output and ease of controlling. Also, its maintenance costs are low just as the initial price of the unit.

The Comparison

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 455 unit is seen as a true workhorse for many to enjoy using for various applications. It might be the reason you find it common among professionals and landowners. What makes it special? That is what we look at below.

The 455 Power

Being a professional and premium chainsaw, we do expect it to deliver more in terms of the power output. One of the things that makes it power better should be its 55.5cc motor. This beefy motor churns out 3.49HP.

For this kind of horsepower, the chainsaw should have an easy time cutting through different materials. It does not matter the material; it can be hardwood or softwood and the chainsaw will cut through it easily.

Fuel Use

Any gas chainsaw will always try to use less fuel if it wants to appeal to more users. The last thing many people want is to spend so much on fuel when working on a big project.

Like many other Husqvarna chainsaws, the 455 Rancher comes with the X-Torq technology. This type of technology will make it use less fuel while at the same time maintaining a higher performance. Also, the unit will emit fewer fumes compared to other units.

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The additional air injection system is also good for the motor and air filters. Its work is to catch as much dust and debris before it can get to the air filter or the engine.

The Guide Bar

To make it a versatile chainsaw, it features a guide bar. With this guide bar, you can adjust it from a maximum of 20 inches to a minimum of 13 inches. It is easy to see that it can be tailored to the application so that you can work better.

The chain bar is also built for durability. You are likely to use it for years to come without worrying about its overall durability.

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

User-friendly Unit

In terms of being user-friendly, you will find this unit being easy to start. We all know that sometimes gas chainsaws are not the easiest to start. However, this one is easy.

The design also keeps the vibrations to a minimum. This is thanks to their technology called LowVib, which should stand out for many users.

What We Like

  • It comes with a very powerful motor
  • The air injection system will extend the air filter and motor life
  • The unit has less vibrations when in use

What We Don’t Like

  • It has a small fuel tank

The Solution: This is mostly notable if you have to work on a large project the whole day. However, if you have a small project, then it should still have enough fuel to handle it without refueling.

Echo CS 590 Gas Chainsaw

Echo CS-590-20AA 20 in. 59.8 cc Gas Chainsaw

The Echo CS-590 gas chainsaw stands out among high performance chainsaws. The best part is that the chainsaw remains pocket friendly for most users. It is why it remains a game changer too. Here are some notable features of the chainsaw.

Handling and Performance

Powering this chainsaw is a 59.8cc engine. For this type of engine, you expect it to have more cutting power. Well, it does not disappoint. It is why the unit is a favorite among landowners, ranchers, farmers, or any professional woodcutters.

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The digital ignition system also helps to optimize the engine performance and still extend its longevity. This system improves the engine performance by automatically adjusting the engine timing so that its best thermal-efficiency is achieved.

A Rugged Build

There is no doubt that this one stands out for having a quality build and reliability for the money. Most of its core components are made of magnesium. This material is lightweight while at the same time remains durable.

The bumper spikes fitted on the tool will enhance its handling and control over the tool. There is no doubt you would always want a better control over a chainsaw. The best part is that the spikes are replaceable when they get worn out for a better performance.

Having a translucent fuel tank helps you to monitor the fuel level easily. You can always refill when the fuel gets to the minimum level.

Impressive Cutting Capacity

The long 20-inch bar makes it a good model in terms of cutting capacity. The guide bar is also versatile as it can accept the 18-inch and the 24-inch versions. You can now use the same machine for handling various projects.

If you decide to work with the 20-inch bar, you can easily cut wood up to 40 inches in diameters. As you can see, it will be an ideal chainsaw to fell the larger trees in your place.


Echo CS-590-20AA 20 in. 59.8 cc Gas Chainsaw

The Noise Level

Being a chainsaw, we expect it to give off some noise. Well, it seems to be loud, but still within the acceptable levels. For many who might feel it is too loud, we recommend that you use earmuffs for ear protection.

What We Like

  • It features a 59.8cc high performance engine
  • The 20-inch bar is heavy duty
  • The unit has a reliable lubrication system

What We Don’t Like

  • It lacks an automatic chain tensioning system

The Solution: As much as it lacks the automatic chain tensioning system, we still find it being easy to adjust the chain tension if you have the right tools. It should not take long before you are back to work.

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Which is Better?

Looking at these two models, we see that they are both good in terms of engine performance. They will always have enough power and cutting capacity for any project. The two still have systems that remove the dust and debris to keep them from reaching the engine.

The Echo CS 590 is the better deal between these two. You will pay less for more. It is an affordable unit with a lot more features like any other premium unit. It might be why more people opt for it. Also, it comes with a larger fuel tank to avoid refilling more often.

Final Thoughts

As much as we chose the Echo CS 590 as the better option, the Husqvarna 455 rancher is still a top tier machine you should consider. It might have a few drawbacks, but on overall it is a good model for the money too.

Whichever model that you decide to pick, just know that it will live up to your needs for cutting wood. The two models also have amazing capacities to make it easier to work on large pieces of wood.