Porter-Cable PC60THP 6-Amp Portable Electric Hand Planer

Do you want that planer that gets any shaving job done and aren’t planning to break the bank for it? Well, Porter-cable got you covered as long as you keep a keen eye on the motor and the blades.

Porter-cable manufactures more than 25 different models of electric planers all designed for heavy-duty projects by professionals and homeowners. Porter-cable has been manufacturing motors since 1906, improving them over the years to what we can call the most powerful four-pole motors in the market.

The hardest task in choosing a reliable electric hand planer in the modern market is getting a powerful motor that matches with powerful blades. The task of having to get durable carbide blades to replace low-quality HSS blades by many manufacturers can be a daunting task. Porter-cable matches blades to motor power delivering both HSS and durable carbide blades on 6-Amp planers for a versatile applications.

The greatest advantage of getting a porter cable is that the price matches what you get. They focus more on the professional user, although their designs have changed significantly in to accommodate beginners and homeowners. This is why their best seller corded hand planer PC60THP has become famous among workshop owners, homeowners, and DIYers alike.

PC60THP is one of porter cable`s latest market models with powerful features that have made it a very competitive choice. It is a robust planer featuring a rubberized ergonomic handle, hardened body and an aluminum-cast shoe. The attraction here is the 6-Amp four-pole motor with a no-load speed of 16,500RPM. It can be used indoors or outdoors on tough lumber shaving projects. Its straight forward design means anyone, including first-timers.

In-Depth Review of Porter cable PC60THP electric hand planer

PORTER-CABLE PC60THP 6-Amp Hand Planer

This is a heavy-duty one-handed application planer that can be used on nearly any type of lumber. It is fitted with sharpenable HSS blades which makes it a one-time purchase. It has a powerful four-pole motor with a 16,500RPM no-load speed. Its boosted motor power combines with the powerful blades to remove wooden chips with ease. Porter-cable also included a durable poly-V drive belt to match the high power need.

PC60THP is primarily designed for high-quality finishing applications featuring three multiple-size chamfer grooves to give you options for edge chamfers. It allows you to make different sizes of bevel cuts for accurate high-precision planning. It has a sleek design with a streamlined 11.5inch aluminum shoe which makes it easy to roll over the board. It also has a kickstand that launches automatically when the planer is rested to protect the blades.

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The cutting depth capacity is 5/64 (over 1/16 inches) inches higher than other standard planers which help in quick, aggressive planning. The extra depth allowance allows you to cut deeper on extra-rugged lumber. It comes with two carbide blades which don’t wear out quickly even with regular use on sanding projects. The package also includes a set of HSS blades which you can use for aggressive planning on the roughest lumber where paint or nails may be involved.

The depth adjustment knob is strategically located on top of the front shoe for easy access. It has 11 positive stops that allow you to set the cut depth at 1/128 inches with each turn. The other advantage of handling on this planer is the rubberized ergonomic handle. It comes with a parallel fence and a rabbeting guide to help with high precision sanding jobs. A safety button is also included to prevent accidental triggering.

This planer has dual-side chaff emission allowing you to collect the chaff according to your position. It also comes with a sizeable dust bag to collect the chaff although you may have to empty it every now and then because it fills up quickly. The best option would be attaching it to a dust hose to collet into a vacuum.

Key Features

  • 120V 6-Amp motor with a speed of 16,500RPM
  • Poly-V drive belt
  • Three different-sized chamfer grooves
  • It weighs 8.5lbs
  • Cut depth is 5/64-Inches
  • Rabbeting depth 0.47-Inches
  • Comes with both carbide and HSS blades
  • The motor has replaceable carbon brushes
  • 6-inch power cord
  • Blow-molded carrying case

What you get with this planer

  • PC60THP electric hand planer
  • Two replacement Carbide blades
  • T-shaped hex wrench
  • Dust bag
  • Plastic carrying case
  • Edge guide


  • It has a lock-on button that allows you to work for long without having to press the trigger
  • Two-way dust emission for location convenience
  • It comes with both carbide and HSS blades
  • Long power cord
  • Three different-sized chamfer grooves for variety in edge chamfering
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  • The attached dust bag fills up quickly
  • It doesn`t have an auxiliary handle

Top FAQs

Q: Is this a single or double blade planer?

A: It is a dual-blade hand planer

Q: What is the voltage on this planer?

A: 120V

Q: What is the blade width?

A: The blade width is 3-1/4 inches

Q: Can I use this planer to renew painted fence posts?

A: Sure. Consider sanding off the paint to prevent poisoning the blades though.

What to look for when buying a portable electric hand planer


The most important thing on a hand planer is the power the motor carries. The expert recommendation for light sanding projects is at least a 5-Amp motor. 6-8 Amp motors are the best motors to go for when you need to handle tough shaving projects where aggressive shaving may be involved. 6-7Amp motors are preferable for indoor projects.

The motor speed also determines how well your planer delivers on-site, which is why the higher the speed, the faster you will finish planning. 15,000-18,000RPM no-load speed allows the blades to handle deeper cuts which give you the finish you need with fewer passes than smaller motors.


With hand planers, you will either use High-speed steel (HSS) blades or carbide blades. In most cases, you will need both blades for both sanding and finishing. HSS blades are the best for aggressive sanding on old or rugged timber which may have jammers such as nails and paint. Carbide blades are designed for finishing. Getting a planer with both options like the PC60THP is an advantage. If both blades are not an option, consider getting HSS blades instead.

Chamfer grooves

Edge chamfering is one of the most important tasks in hand planing. Most planers will come with only one chamfering groove at the front shoe, which limits your options. It means you need a keen eye and a reliable depth adjustment to get the edges correct on different sizes of lumber. Porter-cable and other manufacturers now give you options, including two to three different-sized grooves which make your work easier.

Cut depth and width

These two are the determinants of how many passes you will have to make before your lumber achieves its final finish. The typical Cut depth capacity on most hand planers is 1/8-inches which allows you to retain standard value on your lumber and also protect the blades.

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It is advisable to set multiple shallow shaves than going for one deep cut. Large blade width also reduces the number of passes you need to make on the board. You will either find a 3-1/4 inch or 4-1/8 inch planer.

Dust collection

Most planers in the market now allow you to collect chaff both on the left and right-hand side. Being able to collect the chaff on both sides of the planer will enable you to set the dust collection to your convenience.

You also need to consider getting a large dust bag because electric hand planers emit lots of it. Sometimes, changing a brand simply because of a dust bag may not be an option which is why you can attach a dust hose and collect into a vacuum.

Final note

Getting the best electric hand planer is a lifesaving decision for any modern workshop or home. It reduces the costs of renewing lumber and repairing wooden fixtures. This is why we did an independent analysis of porter Cable PC60THP evaluating the ability of its features and how it can work for you on-site. This planer has proved itself to DIYers and professional woodworkers as an investment worth the money.