Ryobi P271 vs P205G Review

If you want to replace your old drill or just want to add one to your power tool collection, then we’ll share this perfect opportunity.

Ryobi manufactures and sells bare tool versions of their drill kits. These two particular drill/drivers don’t come with chargers or batteries. However, they’re compatible with the 18V ONE+ series. With this, you can now expand your tool choices without really spending a huge amount of bucks on extras.

Well, let’s take a look at both drills in order to see which one is the best for your needs. 

Ryobi P271 vs. P205G Review

Ryobi P271 18 Volt 1/2 in. 2-Speed Drill-Driver (Bare Tool Only. Battery and Charger not included.)

Ryobi P271 One+ 18 Volt Lithium Ion 1/2 Inch 2-Speed Drill Driver (Batteries Not Included / Power Tool Only)If  you are seeking for a cordless drill-driver with great reliability, power, and budget-friendly price range, then the Ryobi P271 18 Volt 1/2 in. 2-Speed Drill-Driver possesses all these traits to a great extent. This particular drill comes with a compact design as well as decent power in order to help you with your small and daunting tasks around your house or workstation.

As the product tile suggest, this drill-driver don’t come with chargers or batteries, hence it’s a bare tool. However, they’re compatible with the 18V ONE+ series. But what’s even great is that it got a good review from verified purchasers.

The Ryobi P271 18 Volt 1/2 in. 2-Speed Drill-Driver is the main power tool you must have in your tool collection. For the most part, it is a necessity for most renovation or construction projects.

For homeowners or DIYers, this drill-driver is one of the absolute tools they must have at hand. Also, you can adjust this drill’s torque to fit the job as it is incorporated with 24-position clutch. In addition, thanks to its keyless chuck, you can effortlessly change bits without the need for any extra tools.

The Ryobi P271 18 Volt 1/2 in. 2-Speed Drill-Driver is a solid cordless drill that comes with a lot of value for your hard-earned money. Again, this drill-driver comes with a ½” keyless chuck so you’ll be able to use a broader variety of bits compared to a 3/8 inch drill.

Again, this power tool comes with a compact and light weight design. It is also very easy to carry around without feeling arm fatigue. Also, in order to promote precise driving and drilling, it is incorporated with a mounted bubble on top of it so you’d be able to keep an eye on the bubble to aid you keep the drill stable.

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Aside from that, it also comes with a MagTray magnetic holder for convenient placement of bits and screws. Its ½ inch single sleeve keyless chuck which is incorporated with automatic spindle lock is engineered to make the process of changing bits more convenient. In fact, you can lock it with a single hand.

In addition, this power tool comes with 24 clutch settings, a 2-speed transmission, and a variable-speed-reversible trigger for the best accuracy possible. To promote price driving and drilling, the Ryobi brand included a bubble on the top of this drill. For the most part, that’s very convenient when you are using a pistol-grip drill such as this one since they are quite difficult to balance. By doing this, you can keep an eye on the bubble in order to help you keep the drill steady.

Furthermore, its two-speed transmission comes with a low gear speed of up to 440 RPM as well as a high gear of up to 1600 RPM. Of course, those are top speeds without a load. Its top torque is 340 inch per pounds. In terms of sound, it’s has a low one. However, certain verified user reviews are full of comments about how this drill-driver comes with loads of power for their needs.

And lastly, the Ryobi brand included a couple of other handy features. Its foot has a magnetic tray for built-in screwdriver and screws bit holder.

Overall, the Ryobi P271 18V drill-driver is absolutely one of the most efficient drill/driver. With a very reasonable price, this cordless drill-driver is among the best in its price range. Moreover, this drill comes with more speed and power than it looks. It packs great power and very portable in order to help you get screw driving and drilling jobs done effortlessly.

This particular tool is definitely recommended for those who often have to deal small tasks around the house from time to time. However, remember that his drill-driver is again, bare tool only. It doesn’t come with any bits, charger, and batteries. Also, if it has any integrated LED light, that would be even greater.

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Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7-CRPGxCSc


  • Comes with exclusive MagTray and on-board bit storage
  • Top-mounted bubble level
  • Comes with 2-speed gear box
  • Equipped with 24-position clutch
  • Comes with ½ inch single sleeve and keyless chuck
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Its manual comes in Spanish, French, and English
  • Reverse/forward switch serves as a safety lock-off in the middle position
  • Comes with excellent warranty offer
  • Easy bit switching
  • Easy to control torque
  • Convenient storage
  • Easy handling


  • Doesn’t come with LED light
  • No included charger and battery

Ryobi P205G 18 Volt 3/8″ Drill/driver (Drill only, battery and charger not included)

Ryobi P205G 18 Volt 3/8" Drill/driver (Drill only, battery and charger not included)The Ryobi P205G 18 Volt 3/8″ Drill/driver comes with 3/8 inch keyless chuck, thus it is a bit versatile compared to the P271 model discussed above. This size drill is also compatible with a smaller range of bits. However, it also comes with 24 clutch settings, a variable-speed trigger, and a two-speed transmission. With all of these controls, you’d be able to drill and sink fasteners with more accuracy.

In fact, let’s try to go over on what the manufacturer recommends for these particular clutch settings. The number 1-4 are for small screws. The 5-8 are for driving screws into soft material. The 9-12 work for setting screws in either hard or soft material. You can use 13-16 to handle hardwood and the number 17-20 for larger screws. And lastly, the settings 21 and up is perfect for heavy drilling.

If you’re drilling metal, the manufacturer says to lubricate the bit first with oil and begin at low speed. If the bit binds, it’s recommended to release the trigger. Its electric brake will stop the chuck when the trigger is released. Keep in mind that you may see sparks inside the housing if the electric brake engages.

Now, when it comes to the other convenient features of this drill-driver, its standard bubble level is placed on top of it similar to the previous drill discussed. It also comes with a magnetic tray at the foot to hold loose screws, however there’s no on-board bit holder.

Overall, it’s a very good drill. In fact, one verified purchaser and user mentioned that it has good speed, torque, and very easy to use, not to mention that it is very comfortable to hold. He also added that the reverse and forward switches are easily used with just one finger on each side and it comes with a variable speed in both the number 1 or 2 speed/torque selector switch on top. The same verified user also mentioned that it has instant stop on which it will stop spinning from a high-speed to a dead-stop in just a mere split second.

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He also said that he would actually give it a 5 star rating. However, he doesn’t like the fact that it has a barely noticeable wobble in its spin, but can’t be beat for its features and price.


  • The manufacturer offers great warranty deal
  • Compatible with all ONE+ 18V batteries
  • The user manual is in Spanish, French, and English
  • The reverse and forward switches serve as asafety lock-off in the middle position
  • The chuck is removable, if necessary
  • Drill weighs 2.7 lbs. as a bare tool without battery


  • Doesn’t come with any charger, bits or batteries


Remember that both of the featured drills in this review are bare tools only. Both of them don’t come with bits, chargers, or batteries.

If you are driving and drilling requirements are restricted to the occasional household woodworking project and repair, then the Ryobi P205G with the 3/8 inch chuck is an ideal all-purpose drill.

On the other hand, if you’ve got much larger or harder projects to complete, then you might consider the ½ inch P271. You can make larger holes with larger accessories and bits. This particular drill comes with more speed and power, so you’d be able to drive larger bolts and screws much faster.

Well, that sums it up. If you have any questions, feedback, opinion, or suggestion on your own, please feel free to comment below. Also, please share to us if you have already used one of the two drill-drivers we featured in this article so we can discuss things further. We will make sure to response as fast as possible.

Happy shopping!