ACDelco ARW1207 vs ARW1208 Cordless Ratchet Wrench

Cordless ratchets are becoming more popular than air impact wrenches among professional maintenance workers, mechanics, repairers, and DIY enthusiasts.

It is because cordless ratchet tools are smaller, more compact, and lightweight. Plus, there is no air hose that you should worry about getting in the way.

This cordless tool is ideal for working in narrow spaces, like an engine. It is better than a standard ratchet since you just have to hold still the handle, and the head will automatically turn to loosen a bolt.

Hence, there is less accidental bumping of your knuckles on hard and sharp surfaces, causing blisters and wounds. Also, it saves you time from wearing and taking off your working gloves.

Quick Summary

ACDelco is one of the leading automotive parts companies around the world. Its commitment to quality is present in two of their dependable ratchet tools, the ARW1207, and ARW1208. Both ratchets run on a 12V lithium-ion battery pack.

However, the ARW1208 provides more torque than the ARW1207. The ARW1207, on the other hand, is more compact and convenient to use, especially in tiny spaces with its lightweight design and 10-inch size.

Try to find out more about these two ergonomically designed ratchet tools and find out which one will you prefer.

Let’s Compare ACDelco ARW1207 12V & ARW1208 Ratchet Wrench

You have to remember that even though ratchets are made for the same purpose of working on nuts and bolts, each model has pros and cons.

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It also holds that each model will have specific features, even if the manufacturer is the same. Hence, choosing between the ARW1207 and ARW1208 ratchet tools from ACDelco may be challenging.

Thus, we made comparative specification details of these two sturdy and functional ratchets. We hope that this information can help you decide which one is more appropriate for your work.

ACDelco ARW1207 12V Cordless Ratchet Wrench

G12 Cordless 1/4" Ratchet Wrench 30 ft-lbs 240 Rpm Tool Set with 1 Li-ion Batteries - Regular Charger, ARW1207

The G12 cordless ratchet is a set that includes the tool, lithium-ion battery pack, regular charger, and a carrying case. It boasts of a 30 foot-pounds maximum torque at 240 RPM speed.

The 12V battery is compatible with other G12 tools. It is the perfect tool for professional workers who have to finish numerous jobs every day, with its anti-fatigue rubber handle and angled head.

User-Friendly Mechanism

One can easily adjust the direction of the tool by a simple push of the trigger. You can choose between forward and reverse to loosen and tighten bolts quickly and smoothly.

Ergonomic Design

It is a lightweight tool weighing only 1.87 pounds. This ratchet measures 10 inches with an angled compact head and can easily fit into constricted spaces making your work faster.

The device has an anti-slip and anti-fatigue rubber cover for better handling and added protection and convenience.

G12 Cordless 1/4" Ratchet Wrench 30 ft-lbs 240 Rpm Tool Set with 1 Li-ion Batteries - Regular Charger, ARW1207

Built-in LED Light for Better Illumination

If you regularly work in dark spaces, then the radiant LED light of this ratchet tool will be a big help. It illuminates a car engine or any DIY projects for you to see what you are working on and giving a safer workplace.

G12 Series Battery

You can quickly charge and discharge the battery without any adverse effect on its capacity. The G12 series platform provides overload protection.

It is made possible by the total system communication between tool, battery, and charger for optimum performance. The slim 12V lithium-ion battery can be used for other G12 devices, like the drill driver, polisher, impact wrench, and driver.

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What We Like

  • Total communication system to prevent overload
  • Angled compact head design for working in tight spaces
  • Forward and reverse lever for better control
  • Variable speed with electric brake switch

What We Don’t Like

  • The 30 foot-pounds torque may not be enough for large jobs.

This 12V cordless ¼-inch ratchet wrench can deliver up to 30 foot-pounds of power. You can easily control this tool to a maximum speed of 240 RPM using the large paddle switch.

This ACDelco G12 series has an excellent fastening rate that is ideal for multiple works in tight spaces.

ACDelco ARW1208 12V Cordless Ratchet Wrench

ACDelco Cordless 3/8" Ratchet Wrench 12V Angled 55 ft-lb Tool Set with 1 Batteries - Regular Charger - Carrying Case ,ARW1208

The G12 tools were designed for compactness and strength. You can feel the power in your hands while using this robust ratchet with its 12V lithium-ion battery and 55 foot-pounds torque.

With a durable metal gearbox and variable speed trigger, this machine will make your toughest jobs seem easy.

Heavy-Duty Application

The ARW1208 G12 series is a professional grade tool perfect for heavy-duty work. You can consistently depend on its 55 foot-pounds max torque with a speed trigger control of up to 170 RPM.

Higher and Efficient Performance

The forward and reverse lever is conveniently placed for smooth and easy transition from loosening to tightening of bolts. The more extended metal structure and angled head allow workers to use it with ease in the most challenging projects.

Finally, the soft grip and ergonomic design of this tool ensure fatigue-free hands even if you use it under a more extended period.

ACDelco Cordless 3/8" Ratchet Wrench 12V Angled 55 ft-lb Tool Set with 1 Batteries - Regular Charger - Carrying Case ,ARW1208

Universal Battery

The G12 series battery pack provides optimum performance while protecting your device from overload. The 12V lithium-ion battery is compatible with other G12 series tools.

Further, this toolset comes with a charger, a carrying case, and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty in materials and workmanship.

What We Like

  • Anti-fatigue and ergonomic design for extended use
  • Heavy-performance at 55 foot-pounds of maximum torque
  • Variable speed trigger to handle different jobs
  • Blow-molded carrying case for portability from the garage to workshop
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What We Don’t Like

  • It might be a bit heavy for some users weighing a little over three pounds.

A robust tool, the ARW1208, easily fits in your hand with its ergonomic built and anti-slip soft grip. You got the power in your hands with its 55 foot-pounds torque, and you can quickly finish multiple jobs in a day without tiring your wrists. Plus, the carrying case ensures that your tool is securely and neatly stored after a day’s work.

ACDelco ARW1207 12V Cordless Ratchet Wrench vs. ARW1208: Which is Better?

Although the ARW1208 is longer and weighs a bit heavier than the ARW1207, both tools can still navigate through tiny spaces of any engine or project.

If you have small hands, the 10-inch long ARW1207, weighing only less than two pounds, will be perfect for you. But if you need more power to loosen and tighten more nuts and bolts, then the ARW1208 with a maximum torque of 55 foot-pounds will be your best choice.

Nonetheless, both compact tools offer durability, ease of use, and better control for your job requirements day in and day out.


The ARW1207 and ARW1208 from ACDelco are cordless ratchets that will measure up to your expectations.

These tools take pride in providing innovative solutions for your mechanical and repair needs. Delivering quality tools that bring top-performance has always been the focus of ACDelco since it started in 1908. And, you can be sure that it will remain as their commitment in the future.