Best 90 Degree Angle Drill Reviews [Must-Read Comparison]

Best 90 Degree Angle Drill

In this post, we reviewed the 5 best 90-degree angle drills for you.

Compared to power drills and impact drivers, 90-degree or right-angle drills are not commonly found in a man’s tool box. Yet, although usually unappreciated, right angle drills are pretty powerful especially in tight spaces. explained that right-angle drills are practically the same as regular drills and drivers. Its primary difference is the form. Right-angle drills come with long handles and short heads set at a 90-degree angle instead of short handles and long heads.

Yet, when it comes to using, they work practically the same – drilling holes and inserting screws.

So, for this post, we have the five best right-angle drills starting with our top pick: the DeWalt DCD740C1. This great, durable tool may not be the most affordable model you’d find but you can find a more affordable choice in Amazon, depending on which seller you’d make your purchase.

Top 5 Best 90 Degree Angle Drill Reviews

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Right Angle Cordless Drill/Driver Kit (DCD740C1)

DeWalt DCD740C1 is unmistakably one of the popular choices for right-angle drills. This 20V drill features a compact head and ergonomic handle so you can comfortably work even in tight spaces. To add comfort and better grip, the handle also has a rubber over-mold.

The DeWalt DCD740C1 is a cordless right-angle drill that weighs only 3.8 pounds and is only 4 inches from front to back. It also features a keyless 3/8” chuck and a deep 1/4” hex pocket at the back. This hex pocket can accommodate up to a 2-inch hex.

Its speed can go up to 2,000 RPM and can be controlled with a two-speed transmission switch and a large trigger. It has a power of up to 310 in/lbs torque.

It comes with a 20V lithium-ion battery back and also features an LED light so you can also work even in the dark.

It’s also a low risk product because of the brand’s 90-day money back guarantee. In addition, it offers a one-year free service and a three-year limited warranty.

Youtube Review:


  • Great design
  • Has a two-speed transmission switch
  • Keyless 3/8”  chuck


  • High price

2. Makita DA3010F 4 Amp 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill with LED Light

The DA3010F right angle drill from Makita boasts a powerful 4.0 AMP motor that has a maximum speed of 2,400 RPM. With such speed and power, it can easily drill through wood and metal.

It also features a built-in clutch that will automatically disengage the gears when a bit bends so you won’t destroy your tool or your work. It also features a ball-bearing construction that allows smooth operation and a longer lifespan for your tool.

Yet, the head height is only 2-5/8” and the weight is only 3.1 lbs. These measurements make a great combination so you can work even in tight spaces. To make it even better is the built-in LED light.

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Also, it is covered by Makita one-year limited warranty.


  • Great design for tight spaces
  • High performance motor
  • Built-in clutch that prevents tool damage
  • LED light


  • Paddle trigger is sensitive
  • Short warranty period 

3. Milwaukee 2615-20 Cordless M18 Right Angle Drill, Tool only

The Milwaukee 2615-20 is one of the best choices you’d make if you are looking for a right-angle drill at a mid-range price.

It boasts of 125 in/lbs of torque and a maximum of 1,500 RPM. Even more, it is manufactured with the company’s signature REDLINK technology.

The REDLINK technology provides a communication system among all the components of the tool. Meaning, it can do optimum performance and will prevent the tool from being overloaded.

In addition, you can choose from 12 settings, allowing you to do various tasks at home or in your work site.

The Milwaukee 2615-20 is a 4.25 lbs tool yet compact and ergonomic in design. It also comes with a long paddle switch so you can easily turn on the tool anywhere you press. It also has a rubber over-mold for a better grip.

Youtube Review:


  • Great design for tight spaces
  • Long paddle switch
  • Feature REDLINK technology
  • 12 clutch settings to choose from


  • Battery not included
  • Might encounter problems with the chuck

4. Bosch PS11BN 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill/Driver with L-BOXX Exact-Fit Tool Insert Tray

If you need a right angle drill on a budget, this is the one for you. This 12V Bosch PS11BN has a keyless auto-load 3/8” chuck and a torque of 115 in/lbs. Its no-load RPM can go up to 1,300.

This right angle drill stands out by having a pivoting head can take five different positions. With this feature, you can easily control your tool even at different angles and positions. IT also has a soft grip for better handling. And, to make your task more convenient, it weighs only 2.12 lbs.

It has a variable speed trigger for speed regulation and a battery fuel gauge for battery management. It also comes with two LED lights to help you work even in dark areas.

Youtube Review:


  • Highly affordable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Pivoting head
  • With battery gauge


  • Low power compared to other models
  • Does not include a battery

5. Bosch Bare-Tool ADS181B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Right Angle Drill

Bosch ADS181B is an affordable 18V tool that could help you do the job. It has a torque of up to 160 in/lbs and a no-load RPM of up to 1,150. This 4.31 lb-right angle drill has a 1/2” auto-lock chuck that may be used for both drilling and driving.

It has an ergonomic, slim, soft grip that makes handling and control convenient and pretty comfortable. Its head is practically compact so you can also use it even in tight spaces. This right angle drill also features a DuraShield housing that is tough enough for whatever job site you might be working in.

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The Bosch ADS181B also boasts EMP and ECP intelligent electronics that prevent the tool or the battery from overloading, overheating and self-discharge. Such features you would surely appreciate if you’re paying extra attention to your safety and on the lifespan of your tool.

More so, it also has a metal gearbox that provides maximum durability and increased performance. It also has an LED lighting system to illuminate your work area.

Youtube Review:


  • Highly affordable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • With intelligent electronics system
  • Tough construction


  • Quite heavy compared to other models
  • Does not include battery

Buying Guide (Features to Consider)

Here are a few aspects of right angle drills that you might want to check before choosing which to purchase.

Grip and Feel

This may seem like a minor aspect but the grip and feel can either help you accomplish your job or make it more difficult for you.

Since most of the woodwork and other handiwork already require much effort and can be pretty physically straining, it would be best to find tools that will no longer require that much effort from you – whether in their weight or how you should hold them.

Reverse Switch

Once your bit is already binds up, you surely want to back out of the hole. This is possible with the reverse switch.

A reverse switch is also useful when you need to remove the screw from any surface.

Speed Selector

Drills don’t always have to be on a fast speed. Sometimes, you need to drill slowly to preserve the smooth surface and to not break the hole you’re making.

Opting for low speed when possible is also great for prolonging the lifespan of the motors of your tool.


Typically heavy-duty drills are also designed with clutches for low-speed operation. It is a safety feature that will prolong the life of your drill and will keep you safe as well.

Extra Features

Some right angle drills have extra features that you would also surely appreciate. One example from the models above is the head that can take five various positions. You can rotate the head to adjust to the perfect angle you need to work on.

Others, on the other hand have a trigger handle that can be rotated to the left or right so it won’t be too hard for you to turn on the trigger.


With extensions, you can make your reach further. With the right angle drill to fit tight spaces, extensions make you reach the surface without using additional platform or ladder. As such, you can be safer with both feet on the ground.

Advantages of Using a Right Angle Drill

Despite being almost similar to regular drills and drivers, right angle drills are specially made for handymen with peculiar needs or are facing special tasks. So here are few advantages of using a right angle drill as mentioned in

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Tight Spaces

Right angle drills are particularly designed to access and work in spaces that are normally unreachable by regular drills. This is the most common reason why people would buy one.

Plumbers, electricians, and even carpenters find right angle drills as particularly helpful because the such tool allows them to work in different spaces without being uncomfortable.


Most right angle drills have two- or three-speed motors. They have much torque to drill fast, yet also allow slow drilling with the speed transmission switch when necessary.

With this, motors usually last longer. Since you’ll use the motors at different speeds, it’s less likely to burn the motor immediately. You can even use it to drill through heavy and thick woods.


You’ll find that the side handle of right angle drills is more comfortable when held. Some models even have grips and triggers that can be twisted, so you can easily adjust them according to your position. There are also some that has a long paddle switch so you can turn on the tool regardless of whichever part of the switch you press.

You must also know that, unlike the regular drills that can be used with only one hand, right angle drills are to be used with both hands so you can spread the weight and control the drill even in tight spaces.


Some models of right angle drills have a removable heads. Its chuck can then be used as a regular drill. This kind of right angle drill is found to be more versatile and more useful in different kinds of work.


You can always add extensions to your drill bit. These extensions can be as long as 30 inches. With a such length and the form of the right angle drills, you can already drill almost anywhere around your house.

Closing Words

Although right-angle drills are not quite a popular tool to have in a toolbox, they sure can do the job easier for you. These drills also allow you to work on more spaces comfortably and conveniently.

90-degree/right angle drills may also cost a little more than regular drills but they are surely worth the amount given their functionality.

So grab your right-angle drill and keep safe as you work.


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