Black and Decker BDCDD220C Vs. LDX220C Vs. BDCDMT120C

Out of all the most gainful power tools presently available in the market these days, presumably the tool that is in everybody’s combo unit is the sledge drill-driver.

Back before, cordless drill-driver was not a most loved pick for anyone, since they didn’t accompany a huge amount of power, and consistently appeared to close down right in the center of the work. Sledge drill-drivers were the most inclined to such issue, in all probability in light of the fact that the abnormal state of torque expected to complete the assignment put a ton of stain on the vitality stores.

Readily, every one of that has changed in most recent years, because of a great deal of leaps forward in battery advancement. Presently, you can go out and buy a sledge drill-driver for any sort of undertaking, from basic home improvement errands to the most overwhelming assignments that require an enormous sums power supported for an extensive stretch of time.

Sledge drill-drivers can do a ton of things, and regardless of anything else, the level of convenience that mallet drills can bring to the table is absolutely advantageous. All things considered, we need to share you our top picks for the best cordless drill-drivers in the market today. Let’s dive in!

Black and Decker BDCDD220C vs. LDX220C vs. BDCMT120C

1. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver Variable Speed (BDCDD220C)

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver Variable Speed (BDCDD220C)
What You Will Get With This Product?

The BLACK+DECKER BDCDD220C 20V MAX* Lithium 2-Speed Drill/Driver is compact yet powerful and can handle both regular assignments and extreme occupations like drilling through studs. The compact structure, 30% littler than the GC1801 Drill/Driver, enables you to fit in more tightly spaces (behind machines, inside cupboards, inside storerooms, and so on.).

Weight and Compactness

This drill is lightweight at 2.64 lbs. which offers less weariness and makes it simple to move from space to room. A 2-speed transmission enables you to handle both regular assignments and extreme applications. The keyless hurl takes into account simple piece changes and an 11 position grip anticipates stripping screws or harming material. This drill includes a LED light which enlightens the venture surface. The mid-handle configuration helps make the drill agreeable to utilize.

Black and Decker make probably the best cordless drill/drivers to look over. The Black and Decker BDCDD220C 20V MAX Drill/Driver is an extraordinary decision for first-time purchasers and even proficient laborers who need a solid medium-obligation drill/driver for less demanding errands at home and at expert places of work. Allows jump to right and see what makes this power tool a phenomenal purchase.


Black and Decker takes into account the need of DIY-venture laborers who need a solitary speed drill/driver for basic assignments. This single-speed cordless drill/driver conveys up to 115 inch-pounds of torque and twists up to 650 RPM. Plainly it isn’t the most powerful of tools out there, notwithstanding for DIY-explicit power tools, however it takes care of business exceedingly well. The low torque and moderately low speed for all intents and purposes ensure a without overdriving and stripping knowledge when driving delicate material screws into resplendent clasp.

Speed and Power

One regular grumbling that clients give this item is its absence of speed and power, viably making it inconsistent for all the more demanding errands. In spite of the fact that this is valid, it’s not actually a shock since this model is intended to finish light employments proficiently as opposed to hard core occupations adequately. Purchasers, pay heed that the BDCDD220C isn’t worked to be the principle cordless drill/driver answer for expert work settings.

11 Grasp Positions

Despite the fact that this unit is a solitary speed drill/driver, clients can use the 11 grip positions to decide how much power to convey for every revolution. This gives this restricted unit somewhat more prominent adaptability for taking a shot at light-to medium-obligation assignments in the workshop and at home, just as the capacity to counteract the stripping and overdriving of screws.

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3/8-inch Keyless Toss

The moderately little toss size ought to be obvious that this unit isn’t intended to be the most powerful drill/driver available. The 3/8-inch throw clutches bits as wide as 3/8 crawls in distance across, impressively littler than the ½-inch standard that rock solid drills accompany.

Talking about the hurl, it’s a keyless form which requires no wrenches or keys to expel and append bits. Simply turn the toss, include a piece, fix the toss, and you’re prepared to go. A typical issue that power drills have with respect to their keyless toss framework is their tools’ powerlessness to get a handle on onto drill and driver bits. Luckily, as a result of the 1-speed setting (just up to 650 RPM), clients don’t have this issue. Nonetheless, the main issue is that this unit just accompanies a solitary twofold sided bit – Philips and flathead – so you’ll either need to buy more bits or utilize any 3/8-inch bits you have in your toolbox.


  • Delivers speeds of up to 1,400 RPM
  • With a built-in LED light
  • Comes with an 11 position clutch
  • Has a two-speed transmission
  • Weighs just 2.64 pounds 


  • Doesn’t come with a belt attachment hook
  • Can hold only one drill bit 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: What’s the difference between LDX220C and BDCDD220C?

A: The size is the basic difference. BDCDD is a smaller version of the same thing.

Q: This drill comes with a 1.5, can I use a 2.0 and could it be charged on the same charger?

A: You can use the 1.5, 2.0, or even 4.0 and they all can use the standard charger.

Q: Does it support 220V charging?

A: Yes, it does. 

What Take on This Product:

The BDCDD220C is exceptionally prescribed for your straightforward ordinary fix or home improvement employments. This one is an advantageous tool to have around the home for those little DIY ventures, interests, planting, and numerous different applications.

The BDCDD220C is a little and compact drill driver that joins moderateness with power, speed, and unwavering quality. It is pressed with highlights that will make it a significant take with its sensible cost.

Its compact size and light weight are this current drill’s best includes as it gives you a chance to take a shot at the inner parts of a cupboard and storage room, or behind overwhelming machines.

2. BLACK+DECKER LDX220C 20V MAX 2-Speed Cordless Drill Driver (Includes Battery and Charger)

BLACK+DECKER LDX220C 20V MAX 2-Speed Cordless Drill Driver (Includes Battery and Charger)

What You Will Get With This Product?

The LDX220C is a stage up from the LDX120C depicted previously. It’s fundamentally the same as the other drill, yet it has a two-speed transmission alongside the 11 grip settings. The double range equipping gives more command over drilling and driving. More control implies less shot of stripping screws.

Like the other two drills in this audit, this one has a 3/8″ keyless hurl and a variable-speed trigger. The forward and turn around selector likewise fills in as a security highlight to bolt off the tool.

LED Lighting

There is a LED work-light incorporated with the barrel over the trigger. The drill accompanies one 20V MAX Lithium-Particle battery and a charger. There is a spot at the foot of the drill to store a screw-driving piece.

On the off chance that you’ve never worked with Li-Particle batteries, you’ll be intrigued at the extra runtime. They function admirably even in frosty temperatures. They hold their charge for a considerable length of time notwithstanding when not left on the charger. You can energize them without running them dry first.


  • Comes with a 20V Max li-ion battery and charger
  • It has a 3/8 inch chuck
  • This drill also comes with an LED light for those dark work areas
  • It also comes with 2-speed settings
  • The drill-driver has an 11 position clutch 


  • Doesn’t come with a belt attachment hook
  • Can hold only one drill bit 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Is this drill reversible?

A: Yes it is.

Q: How about the charger, is it 110V or 220V supply?

A: This model supports 110V/120V and would need a step-down transformer for any other voltage.

Q: What battery works on this model?

A: Any of the manufacturer’s batteries would be able to work on this unit. 

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What Take on This Product:

The LDX220C has a two-speed transmission alongside 11 grasp settings. The double speed equipping gives included adaptability and control when drilling, driving and expelling those screws. More slow speeds for screwing lessen the odds of burring screw heads. These drills will handle drilling and crashing into wood, metal, and plastic. You can work with light stone work; anyway make certain to utilize the right drill bits with carbide tips.

All tools are good with the Network Associate connection framework. You can change it into a saw, a sander, a switch, and significantly more. As a drill, it has power enough for family unit undertakings and ventures.

On the off chance that you need a modest cordless drill with 2 rates for light-obligation ventures I’d go for the LDX220C. It has a two-speed transmission and 11 grip settings, which are helpful highlights, particularly for bigger things you may amass. These augmentations bump it in front of the BDCDMT120C.


3. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Matrix Cordless Drill/Driver (BDCDMT120C)

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Matrix Cordless Drill/Driver (BDCDMT120C)

What You Will Get With This Product?

The Black and Decker BDCDMT120 is cordless, highlights the Framework Speedy Associate Framework, and is powered by a 20-volt lithium Particle battery. The entire pack incorporates the Black and Decker BDCDMT120 20-volt max Network lithium-particle drill-driver with one 20-volt max base power unit, one drill-driver connection, one 20-volt max lithium-particle battery, one 20-volt max charger, and one twofold finished piece tip.

In case you’re searching for a light, in a hurry drill, the Black and Decker BDCDMT120 might be an ideal choice for you. How about we investigate its highlights and see whether this tool is that one you were searching for this entire time.

Presenting the Network Speedy Interface Framework

The Black and Decker BDCDMT120 is a piece of the organization’s Network Speedy Interface Framework, which enables you to blend and match perfect connections however you see fit the assistance of any tools. Your tool can adjust to the idea of your work in minor seconds; you simply pop the head off and append your ideal connection – bother free. You’ll have a drill; however a trim saw head, impact driver, jigsaw, sander, and switch, if you purchase your ideal head. In any case, it’s a simple method to expand your power tools.

The Grid Speedy Interface Framework is a colossal cash and help, particularly for individuals new to the upkeep scene. Regardless of whether you’re working with wood, metal, or plastic, the Black and Decker BDCDMT120 can adjust to your needs in as meager time as could be allowed.

Portability and Accommodation

The Black and Decker BDCDMT120 is light at 4.3 lbs. and cordless for most extreme accommodation. Fixes around the house are made simpler even in tight, difficult to arrive at spaces. You don’t have to stress if your work territory is not even close to a power outlet in light of the fact that the Black and Decker BDCDMT120 is battery-powered and carries out the responsibility without the weakness of wires.

Black and Decker are pioneers in the power tool industry, and won’t take into consideration damaged items, guaranteeing you with quality power tools appropriate for your work needs. It’s thus that the Black and Decker BDCDMT120 accompanies a 2-year constrained guarantee, gave that the tool was utilized in a home situation.

The Black and Decker BDCDMT120 is a pleasant expansion to any DIY-enthusiasts toolbox. For simply extremely focused value, you can get a cordless drill that drills and drives as well as can change into different tools without the battle. You get a decent quality drill and all the more for a sensible cost.


  • 20V Max li-ion battery which holds a charge for up to 18 months
  • Allows for tool-free changes of up to six attachments
  • High-performance motor with 0-800 RPM
  • Comes with an excellent warranty offer
  • Light and compact 


  • May overheat with continuous heavy usage
  • Heavy duty work drains battery quick 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Does it come with any charger?

A: Yes, it does come with a charger.

Q: Does this item work at 220V?

A: Yes, and it also works for 110V.

Q: What are the difference between this and the LDX220SB/LDX120C?

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A: This new version put a light on it and added a magnetic catch on the top for a second bit to work. 

What Take on This Product:

The Black and Decker BDCDMT120 is advantageous; it is light, carries out the responsibility, and facilitates us with the weight of continually agonizing over harming or overstretching the rope. Its destruction lies with its battery. At the point when utilized in basic, family unit fixes, the Black and Decker BDCDMT120 will hold up well, yet whenever utilized in more power substantial occupations, the battery depletes snappier and will in general overheat the drill.

Corded and cordless drills involve power versus accommodation. It’s therefore that it is prescribed to have both corded and cordless drills in your toolbox, and utilize whichever is appropriate for the circumstance at hand. 

What is the Difference between Black and Decker BDCDD220C vs. LDX220C vs. BDCMT120C?


The BDCDD220C is incredibly lightweight, tipping the scales at just 2.5 pounds including the battery-powered 20V Li-Particle battery, which is far from the weight of both LDX220C and BDCMT120C. Regardless of its light form, it feels great in the hand, and there’s not really any descending opposition when working the BDCDD220C above eye-level. 

Torque and Speed

The Black and Decker BDCDD220C 20V MAX Lithium Single Speed Drill/Driver is unquestionably a commendable buy for administrators who need a low-to medium-obligation power drill/driver for less testing undertakings – this is the reason why both LDX220C and BDCMT120C is less chosen when it comes to torque and speed. The restricted torque and speed of this model guarantee that clients have more noteworthy control when driving screws or drilling openings into delicate or medium-thickness materials. In spite of the fact that the main piece you get upon buy is a twofold sided bit. 

Customer Satisfaction

Different DIY-enthusiasts have selected to purchase another 20-volt Lithium-particle battery as extra, on the off chance that the one they’re utilizing suddenly runs out. Lithium-particle batteries are prescribed since they are battery-powered, proficient and practical. Without a doubt, compared to BDCDD220C and LDX220C, the Black and Decker BDCDMT120 is a new elective for your old, battered drill. Its Framework Brisk Interface Framework is sufficient purpose behind DIY-enthusiasts to search this tool out. Easily finish your tasks rapidly, and with less problem as well! 


Extended periods at work won’t cause your hands any mischief; the handle is secured with easy to use material. The drill, being lightweight, additionally diminishes your weariness at work contrasted with heavier drills. Also, compared to BDCDD220C and LDX220C, the Black and Decker BDCDMT120 is caused compact with the goal that you too can without much of a stretch work it outside your standard safe place. You don’t have to stress over tiptoeing around this item – it can withstand most falls, as it’s produced using rock solid plastic, metal, and elastic.


So, all of the hammer driver-drills above are impressively good. Acquiring one of them can actually go a long way when regards to changing your current combo kit. We chose to provide you with a genuine review of the cordless driver-drill that is best for your needs, and we’ve come to a decision that the best cordless combo kit in this post is the Black and Decker BDCDD220C.

The power tool is very unique and features a lot of advantages that none of the other hammer driver-drills listed in this article can provide. On the other hand, if you don’t really have the budget for the said hammer driver-drill, then you can resort between LDX220C vs. BDCMT120C. They are both quality cordless driver-drill units.

If you have any feedback or suggestions about our topic, please comment down below.