Bosch 1617EVS vs Bosch MRF23EVS Fixed-Base Router

Depending on what you need to handle, sometimes you just need a powerful router tool. There are many options in the market, but they might not live up to your needs. It is why we have to sift through the multiple options to help you identify the best options.

For this guide, we will focus on the Bosch 1617EVS and the Bosch MRF23EVS models to see why they are so popular among professionals.

Quick Summary

The Bosch 1617EVS is one of the top choices for any professional. Its power is enough to cut through tough workpieces such as metal. It is also easy to use and thus appealing to many users.

The Bosch MRF23EVS has slightly more power and costs more too. However, it stands out for its new features. It is still good for a professional or DIYer who has multiple types of workpieces to handle.

The Comparison

Bosch 1617EVS 2.25 HP Electronic Fixed Base Router

Bosch 1617EVS 2.25 HP Electronic Fixed-Base Router

The 1617EVS is a powerful router that features a powerful motor and impressive speed control. That is not all as it also comes with many other important features anyone would want. Below are some of the things to expect with the router.

The Power Delivery

It is always nice to know that the router you have can deliver the best performance all the time. For this one, it comes with a heavy-duty motor delivering up to 2.25HP. This amount of power is good for handling the different materials in the workshop.

The motor coil is covered with ABS plastic layers. As such, it will remain solid and durable for years to come. Well, the cover also has vents for air circulation. This is important for keeping the motor cool even while under a heavy load.

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Speed Performance

The variable speed options should be one of the important attractions for any person looking for the best router. The speed can be adjusted from 8,000 to 25,000RPM. As such, you can fine tune it to run at the right speed depending on your needs.

We all know that some materials need low RPMs while others need high RPMs. A high RPM is good for smooth and polished finish while the low RPM is for removing a lot of material faster, but will leave you with a coarser finish.

Bosch 1617EVS 2.25 HP Electronic Fixed-Base Router


Like any other router, we also have to consider its usability. Well, this one has some of the best usability options. You can make any adjustments to suit the router to the application.

There is a micro-fine adjustment knob for changing the bit depth. You can now tune it to handle the cutting depth accurately. It has an accuracy of 1/64”.

You will also find that router bits are easy to fit and remove from the collect. You will not need special tools to do this. If you need to replace the collet, use the provided collet wrenches.


With Bosch quality, it is easy to see that this model would have the best construction. The first thing you will note is the rugged motor housing.

Such a housing provides the best durability for your tool. Still, it weighs 11.2 pounds to make it lightweight for what it is.

What We Like

  • It is powerful at 2.25 HP
  • The unit has a variable speed option
  • It delivers the best accuracy

What We Don’t Like

  • It lacks a plunge base

The Solution: Its versatility might slightly suffer for lacking a plunge base, but the fixed base is still good for many applications.

Bosch MRF23EVS 2.3HP Electronic VS Fixed Base Router

Bosch MRF23EVS 2.3 HP Electronic VS Fixed-Base Router with Trigger Control

This is another top choice from Bosch. We find it having a bit more power and many other good features any professional would want. Let us see what it is all about below.

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The Motor Performance

If you are going to get the best router, the motor performance is a critical consideration. This one churns out 2.3HP in terms of power. Such power is good even for those working on tough materials such as metal.

To make it easier to use the unit, it comes with a trigger to control the power. The trigger is in the base handle. It should be easy to reach the trigger rather than other models which require using a switch at the top of the unit.

Bosch MRF23EVS 2.3 HP Electronic VS Fixed-Base Router with Trigger Control


The versatility of this model is worth checking out. We find that it does come with an impressive speed control that anyone would need.

It is to change the speed from 10,000 to 25,000RPM. So, depending on which cut you want to achieve, simply change the speed of the model.

There is also a one-piece armature shaft that helps to improve the accuracy. You will now find that even with the changes in speed, you can always end up with accurate cuts.


Being a newer model, it does come with some new features such as LED lights. Having these lights helps a lot with illumination. You will now have a clear view of the cutline. The last thing you want is to shave off too much material while routing.

Setting Up

For many, they find that the overall set up process is easier. You can attach and remove the bits faster than what you get with some other models. Also, it has a quick clamp system that makes all this possible.

It also has the fixed base. This base has a versatile depth adjustment system. Depending on what design you need to achieve, it is easier to do so with such adjustment options.

What We Like

  • It comes with the best durability
  • Controlling the power is easy
  • The impressive power output makes it more versatile
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What We Don’t Like

  • Some feel it could use more accessories

The Solution: The kit lacks accessories such as the centering guide and large opening sub base. You can always get these accessories from Bosch at an affordable price.

Which is Better?

When you look at the power of these two units, they are almost the same. One has 2.25HP while the other has 2.3HP. Not much of a difference there. Still on similarities, you will find both being easier to use even for those new to routers.

If you are looking to get the best of the two, consider the Bosch MRF23EVS model. It has better power control than the 1617EVS model.

Also, you will find it having the LED lights to help improve illumination. Sometimes you might be working in a poorly lit workshop and you need better cutline visibility.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who has to handle the tough applications such as routing through metal, then the two models mentioned above are the best you can get.

There is no doubt you will always have a good time working with a tool that delivers great performance. If you want to enjoy new features a router tool has to offer, then go for the Bosch MRF23EVS model. It is worth spending a few more bucks to get it.